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With dozens of trail cameras available to buy on Amazon alone it can be hard to find the best trail camera for whatever you need it - hunting, wildlife observation, bird watching, security or surveillance. Here at Trail Camera World Stewart McAllan will help you’ll find everything you need to choose the perfect trail camera for any application.

Top 10 Trail Cameras in 2022

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Are Trail Cameras Waterproof

Are Trail Cameras Waterproof Completely?

Trail cameras are water resistant, not waterproof. They can withstand snow and rain but they cannot be submerged in water for more than a few seconds. However, game cameras are constructed to be robust. They are manufactured to absorb Mother Nature’s lashings of fog, heat, rain, snow, dust and other forms of debris. They manage…

Bushnell Trail Cameras

Stewart’s Pick of the Top 4 Bushnell Trail Cameras

Bushnell is a leading maker of trail cameras, with thousands of users relying on their game cameras every day for a variety of uses. The four best Bushnell trail cameras are the Bushnell Core DS No Glow, the Bushnell Core DS Low Glow, the Bushnell Prime and the Bushnell Trophy Essential E3. Also known as…

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Kufa Mini Trail Camera

Introducing the Cute, Affordable KUFA Mini Trail Camera

The Kufa Mini trail camera is a small, revised version of Kufa’s most popular trail camera with even more features for any outdoor wildlife expedition. They’ve reworked the lens and added two zoom settings to get you closer to what’s actually happening in your target-rich hunting habitat. The Kufa Mini trail camera features 1080P HD…

Trail Camera Nestled Among Pine Leaves

Everything You Need to Know About Trail Cameras

Trail cameras are still unknown to many people who aren’t hunters. Even hunters may be unaware that they can be used for more than hunting. Not only can they detect animals, but they can assist in protecting homes and businesses. These cameras are capable of high-quality photography for a professional. Trail cameras can help zoologists…

How does a Bluetooth Camera Work

Why Trail Cameras with Bluetooth are the Best

If you want to view wildlife images from your smartphone you want to make sure you have a decent Bluetooth trail camera. The best Bluetooth trail camera always comes with quality images and a decent IR range. But how does a Bluetooth camera work? What does Bluetooth do? Bluetooth, a wireless technology, allows for the…

Stop Condensation in a Trail Camera

How to Stop Condensation From Forming Inside a Trail Camera

Heavy-rainfall areas and rainy seasons increase the risk of moisture inside trail cameras. So you might need to know how to stop condensation in a trail camera. Despite high-quality seals, it’s very hard to stop humidity entering in some situations. When the current from the batteries contacts water, you have the recipe for short-circuits. All…

Common Myths About Trail Cameras

What Are Some Common Myths About Trail Cameras?

I’m going to explode some common myths about trail cameras. When people frequently ask the following questions, we understand what they’re worrying about. Here we will correct your misunderstanding and set matters right. Myth #1: You Must Be Technically Trained to Operate a Trail Camera This is absolutely untrue. The programming of most cameras is…

Aibast Trail Cameras

What Makes AiBast Trail Cameras a Great Choice?

You can’t see what’s happening beyond your home, but with a set of state-of-the- AiBast trail cameras you’ll be able to capture every last inch in stills or video. Take a walk on the wild side remotely with these discreet, affordable mini trail cameras. Versatile and Small Aibast Trail Cameras The AiBast trail camera is…