What’s the Best Safari Camera for Beginners?

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The best safari camera for beginners is a Point-and-Shoot Camera: the Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III.

It weighs less than 300g making it very portable. It is a favored camera of YouTube travel vloggers.

It is the third iteration of the Canon G7X series, and differs minimally from the Mark II, which works in much the same way.

Check the price of the Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III at Amazon.

Why a Point-and-Shoot Safari Camera for Beginners is Best

Point and shoot cameras for safari tend to be compact and pocket-sized. That limits their settings. Also, they do not offer interchangeable lenses.

Admittedly you can take only limited types of shot, but point-and-shoots are nonetheless affordable, lightweight and highly portable.

Point and shoot safari cameras are highly recommended for those beginners that have never interacted with a dedicated camera in the past.

More Great Safari Cameras

Best Mirrorless Safari Camera for BeginnersBest DSLR Safari Camera for Beginners
Canon PowerShot G7X Mark IIICanon EOS 4000D
• Image stabilization
• 20 frames per second burst shooting speed
• 4K
• Hi-Def video recording
• 18MP
• Nine-point autofocus optical viewfinder

About the Fujifilm Camera Mentioned in the Table Above

The Fujifilm camera as a beginner mirrorless camera for safari lies somewhere between a DSLR and a point and shoot camera. The model is increasingly popular.

Similar to a DSLRs, mirrorless cameras offer the flexibility of interchanging lenses. Unlike a DSLR though, mirrorless cameras are less bulky with smaller bodies.

Also, mirrorless camera shutter speeds are generally higher when compared to DSLR camera. That is due to less internal processes when photographing images.

While DSLRs have been the go-to safari camera for novices for a long time, mirrorless cameras for beginners while on safari are gaining popularity exponentially.

Fujifilm are camera industry stalwarts, so it should not come as any surprise they manufacture the best mirrorless safari camera for beginners.

Reasons for this is first and foremost its price. It is much cheaper in comparison to comparable Sony or Nikon beginner-friendly safari camera models. That makes it perfect for those on their maiden safari on a strict budget.

4K video, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are all present, as is an OLED viewfinder and touch-sensitive LCD display.

This modern-day safari camera is the most expensive type of safari camera, but its video and photographic results are more than worth it.

While bulky, and requiring several accessories to bring out the best results, it is the safari camera that takes the best safari photos.

More About the Canon EOS 4000D (also in the Table)

This Canon safari camera is one of the best value safari cameras currently on sale.

While that also means it lacks some features that are found on more expensive safari DSLRs, it is still a fantastic option for beginners.

Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity make this 18MP camera transfer images quickly from camera to smartphone, on-the-go.
Its sensor and associated optical viewfinder make snapping the perfect pics a cinch.

About 500 photos drains this safari DSLR, so packing after charging extra battery packs essential.

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