Here is a Seriously Affordable All-Purpose Trail Camera!

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You can hunt, watch, or spy with the Tidewe Trail Camera. This water-resistant camera captures everything on both a still photograph as well as video footage for easy playback. This trail camera is the perfect way to explore your property or public land to learn about its wild inhabitants. Tidewe trail camera reviews confirm: it’s wireless, waterproof, and has a detection range that extends up to 65 feet.

What Tidewe Trail Camera Reviews Say

LED flash light and digital zoom features let you get the perfect shot from far away without scaring off your subject. You won’t be disappointed by this sleek trail camera which is not only ruggedized but also features IPX6 waterproof technology too (so dustproof). The Tidewe scouting camera is powered by 6 AA batteries.

Outdoors are great, but the world can be a rainy place. No worries – your Tidewe has got you covered. This camera stays up high in your favorite spots and provide all the excitement of wildlife chasers. Want to see who visits? We’ll take care of that too! With wireless capability, this little camera is perfect for those moments when you’re creeping around in your most secret places.

This camera has a sleek, hidden design that easily mounts on trees to provide hours of surveillance and video recording. It even takes photos in varying lighting conditions so you will never miss anything. This is the perfect assistant for hunting trips.

Tidewe Game Camera

You can adjust settings for motion detection and distance range depending on what’s necessary for your activity, whether hunting or bird watching. The wireless camera has a GPS tracking feature so if someone is messing with it without permission they will be found out by this little gadget. Surprisingly small in size but packs a punch when it comes to features.

This is the perfect addition to any outdoor lover’s arsenal. The Tidewe Trail Camera will make an excellent hunting companion or it can also be used for watching all that goes on around your property and providing evidence if needed. It’s helpful, reliable, and tough – giving you peace of mind year round.

Tidewe Features Roundup

  • Trigger Speed: < 0.2 seconds 
  • Sensors: Three
  • Stills: 32 MP
  • Video: 4K
  • Flash:  45 x Infrared LEDs
  • Detection range: 65 feet
  • Wide angle range: 120 degrees
  • Waterproof: IP66 rating
  • Onboard Recording:  32 SD card with SD cable
  • Included:  USB cable, mounting rope and 3 screws

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