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You may have a trail camera packed full of features, but if it’s not a camo camera, the animals will know what your motives are. Manufacturers of trail cameras know that an old trick of camouflage is to use natural foliage as a pattern.

They paint images of twigs, leaves, bark, and grass to give a camera a certain look. The question is where does one get these camo cameras? It makes sense that a camouflage-patterned trail camera is part of the deal for getting the wildlife shots you want. stocks these camo cameras, and from every manufacturer. You will find lots of trail cameras with camo patterns in every price range. The cameras have been painted in different earthy shades – browns, greens, and different shades of grey. All of them have been selected to match the environments they find themselves in.

My Pick of the Best Camo Cameras at Amazon

1. The XTU wifi, 24MP Trail Camera

This is a perfect example of a well-camougflaged hunting camera. You could say that the dominant colors on the XTU 24MP trail camera are brown. The trail camera from Amazon, has brown bark markings with brown colored leaves. It will remain hidden and unobtrusive when strapped against a tree.

The 120° wide-angle camera which is also an IP65 waterproof level camera means that in rain and dust it will still perform well. Its camo casing still manages to blends into all kinds of extreme weather conditions.

Check the price of the XTU 24MP Trail Camera at Amazon

2. Blazevideo 4-pack Stealth Camo Game Trail Cameras

The 4-pack Stealth Camo Game Trail Cameras are 24MP camo deer and wildlife cameras. They are IP66 waterproof and their camo design ensures they remain unobtrusive wherever they are placed.

Their brownish camouflaged color makes them ideal for the outdoors for monitoring animals or for home surveillance purposes. The camouflage digital trail cameras from BlazeVideo come with built-in 36pcs of no-glow LEDs.

This ensures that their unobtrusive position allows them to take clear photos during the daytime and clear black and white pics at night. Their 2.4″ color LCD allows the user to view photos directly on the trail camera.

Check the price of the BlazeVideo 4-Pack Camo Cams at Amazon

3. Wildgame Innovations 16MP Shadow Micro Cam

This little camera does superbly well when it comes to concealment. It’s a tiny camera for starters, with its dimensions being just 3″ x 3″ X 2″ so this helps to keep the camera well hidden.

The Wildgame Innovations 16MP small hunting trail camera from Amazon with its Trubark green, black, and grey camo moss-look case blends in easily with its surroundings when strapped on trees. From its position there it is able to capture high-quality images and videos.

To help with keeping the camera well hidden it also comes with Silent Shield, a feature that quietens all camera operations. Also, its Lightsout technology feature illuminates subjects with an invisible flash. The 16MP Shadow Micro Cam delivers its 16-megapixel images together with HD 720p videos, and behind its camo case, there is plenty more that this little camera can do.

Check the price of the Wildgame Innovations Cam at Amazon

Camo Patterns Ensure Cameras are Always Inconspicuous

The only way to ensure your wildlife cameras are out of sight while being used in the great outdoors is to ensure they are camouflaged. This is to avoid disturbing animals and ensuring the camera is inconspicuous and doesn’t attract any attention.

When manufacturers design these cameras, they consider the camera’s height and factor in the background. Sometimes they choose to use a plain, single-color such as green or brown. Other times they use a mix of colors that produce a foliage kind of camouflage that blends in with nature and keeps the camera concealed.

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