How to Find a Trail Camera Set

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Trail cameras aren’t only used with enthusiasm by hunters and conservationists but by hobbyists too. They come with these passive infrared motion detectors that set off the shutter when an animal or person walks into its field of view. A trail camera set can cover acres of hunting land.

These trail cameras aren’t all made equal, and if you’re going to buy a set, you need to make the right choice. There’s no point in buying a set of duds. So where can I get a good trail camera set? On as they are the leading online e-commerce site and with good reason.

You get competitive prices on a product in every brand, great customer service, and fast shipping of your product right to your door.

My Pick of the Best Trail Camera Sets at Amazon

1. 24MP BlazeVideo 4-pack

When you read customer reviews of the 24MP BlazeVideo 4-pack game & deer trail cameras you see that they come as highly recommended. People describe them as nice cameras that can be used for security and for the monitoring of wildlife.

The 4 game cameras from Blazevideo are described as easy to use. They produce high-quality pictures, they have exceptional battery life and they work in all kinds of weather. They capture max 16MP images and 1080P videos when motion detected

There are some other features you can expect from this 4-pack trail camera set from BlazeVideo.

  • The camera captures max 16MP images and 1080P videos
  • Camo design
  • SD card supports up to 512GB – the card isn’t included.
  • Quick trigger time of 0.3s. Night vision up to 75 feet.
  • Takes 8 AA batteries
  • Time Lapse feature
    Password set and Serial Number function
  • 2.4 inch LCD screen

Check the price of the BlazeVideo Trail Camera 4-Pack at Amazon

2. Agitato 5-Pack Game Trail Deer Cameras 24MP

These trail cameras are described as being able to capture all the wonderful moments of wildlife. The Agitato 5-pack trail cameras will give you 1080P 30fps video. The Agitato trail camera adopts SONY Starvis CMOS sensor and nighthawk technology to ensure clear day images and clear night vision up to 100ft.

The IP66 waterproof camera has a 0.1s trigger speed and a recovery time of 0.5s. You’ll require 8 AA batteries to get this camera going. Such easy operation from these cameras.

It’s a case of inserting the SD card and the batteries and getting into action. The 2.4 inch LCD color screen makes it easy to play back and review all photos or videos you have taken. (You can check out our Agitato review here.)

Check the price of the Agitato 5-Pack Trail Cam Set at Amazon

3. BlazeVideo 4-Pack Stealth Camo Game Trail Cameras

With a Sony Starvis image sensor built-in, you’ll find that the BlazeVideo 4-pack Stealth Camo trail cameras can take color photos by day. It also takes crystal clear black and white images in low light and complete darkness. The IP66 waterproof, camo design 24MP camera records HD video clips – 2304×1296P – and saves them to your SD card.

Trigger speed is 0.1s with a recovery time of 0.5s. With this easy-to-use trail camera from BlazeVideo, it’s a case of inserting the SD card, the 8 batteries and putting it into operation. Another outstanding feature is the 2.4-inch color screen for you to playback all the pics you have taken.

Check the price of the BlazeVideo Stealth Cam Set at Amazon

Have-More Trail Cameras

Trail cameras have improved in leaps and bounds and with advanced technology, they come with better battery life and essential features. When you get a pack of good trail cameras, you enjoy so much more animal monitoring success.

Successful monitoring and hunting of animals involve so much more than just buying any trail camera. If you have a large property, and you’ve found a trail camera brand you love, then buying a trail camera set makes perfect sense.

You simply mount them up to remotely monitor animals or even your home. Bought from Amazon you also get to benefit from the lowest prices, great customer services, and the cameras delivered straight to your door.

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