How to Fix Trail Camera SD Card Issues

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Memory cards can play up by locking, stop writing pictures after inspection, or become corrupted. Here I will tell you how to avoid or fix issues with trail camera SD cards.

Overcoming an SD card issued for your trail camera could be as easy as re-formatting the card.

You need formatting to work so that errors don’t happen and the camera is faster. When it’s done right, the camera will store more images, and you won’t lose them.

It is not a slow or difficult process, unless you start swapping cards. Then you must re-format an SD card every time it goes in a different camera.

The big trail camera SD card problem is when you swap and don’t do that.

Label SD Cards Individually and Format for Each Camera

One tip is to buy the right make of card for the right camera. Then, learn formatting and do it separately for each trail camera, labeling its card(s).

First of all, buy two new cards when you buy a new camera. Format them in THAT camera and label them 1 and 2, with its name. Don’t use them with another trail camera, and keep one in, one spare at home.

In the woods, you won’t mix them up because each one will have a label. You won’t need to try formatting a card when you’re standing outside. If one SD card is too faulty or fails, you know which one to replace.

Buy the right trail camera SD card the model you have

It sounds obvious, but make sure you buy the correct SD card for the trail camera you have.

Many game camera models come bundled with an SD card so to make sure maybe buy a camera that comes bundled, such as this Browning bundle.

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