Moutlrie Game Camera App

All About the Moultrie Game Camera App

The first thing you want to know about Moultrie game camera app is how to download it – and then you want to know how to connect the camera to your phone. This is the article for you.

The Moultrie App offers users a simple-to-use, convenient app to help in the management of your Moultrie Mobile account.

If you would like to successfully download the Moultrie Mobile App on to your smartphone, please follow the below instructions:

  • Search and choose Moultrie Mobile from the app store
  • Choose install
  • Choose open
  • Use your Moultrie Mobile username as well as password to sign in
  • Search and choose Moultrie Mobile App for Android from the Android app store
  • Choose install
  • Choose open
  • Use your Moultrie Mobile username as well as password to sign in.

Step 1: Moultrie Mobile Coverage Check

Every Moultrie cellular trail camera works with either Verizon or AT&T, using the signal from either one of these providers in order to transmit images. It is important to note that it makes no difference who your cell phone provider is on your personal phone.

Ahead of buying a device compatible with Moultrie Mobile, ensure first that the area you intend to hang your Moultrie game cameras is covered by either Verizon or AT&T. Your Moultrie Mobile wildlife camera or modem will use either cell signal to send photos.

Step 2: Moultrie Mobile Account Creation

Once you have purchased your new Moultrie Mobile Cellular Camera Trap (or Field Modem + Trail Camera), you will be ready to create your new account.

Using the App:

  • Download the Moultrie Mobile App on to your phone
  • Towards the bottom, click on Sign Up
  • Follow the instructions, step-by-step
  • Use the Moultrie mobile app login to enter

Using the Moultrie app for PC:

  • Enter into your browser and hit enter
  • Towards the top right-hand corner, click on Create an Account
  • Follow the instructions, step-by-step

Verification Email

Once your account is registered, you will receive a verification email from Moultrie mobile customer service through clicking on a link.

Step 3: Device Activation

Once your account on Moultrie Mobile is active, the next step involves activating your game camera, connect it to the cellular network and begin receiving photos.

Activating Via the App

Open your Moultrie Mobile App and if requested, sign in with your username and password
On the screen’s top left corner, click on the icon for Account
Click on Activate Device, which should lead you to choosing a plan

Activating Via the Website

  • Through, log in
  • Click on My Account
  • Click on Activate Device, follow instructions for choosing a plan

Once a data plan is selected, you will be ready to connect and begin viewing pictures.

Cellular trail camera and data plan integration ensures photos taken by your trail camera are stored safely and easily accessible. Game cameras that transmit pictures to your smartphone carry certain benefits, such as:

  • Accessing wildlife camera output from wherever a cell signal is available, irrespective to how close you are to the game cameras themselves. This is made possible by the Moultrie mobile app. Photos are also reviewable via the website.
  • You have the choice to store your trail camera images on the cloud, adding an extra layer of safety should something unfortunate happen to your phone.
  • The option of tailoring the data plan to your particular needs, including number of cameras and how often they are used.
  • Additional features and perks such as image filtering, remote settings alterations, sorting options and push alerts when images are delivered.

You can receive all you need to successfully hunt from your hunting ground, from the comfort of your home. Through the use of advanced technology, your hunting process will be more strategic, all on your smartphone. Receive all your photos and videos, alerts in real time and chart wildlife activity.