How to Find Cheap Trail Cameras that Work Well

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My budget trail camera buying guide will help you pick the best and most affordable trail cameras with proven reliability that you can purchase today – cheap trail cameras that work.

I’ll  also provide handy Amazon links to purchasing these fantastic trail cameras easily and delivered directly to your doorstep.

Trail cameras have become increasingly affordable, with all the top specs filtering down to the cheaper models. But the process of finding and deciding on which are the best cheap trail cameras that work can be time consuming. I’m here to cut that research down by highlighting the top trail cameras that work reliably always.

This review will include trail cameras you can use in various situations and uses, ranging from bird watchers to deer scouts and from nature lovers to home security purposes.

With that said, below is my choice of top low-cost game cameras that work.

1. Vikeri E2 – A Best Seller That’s Versatile and Reliable

This popular game camera is especially ideal for trail camera beginners.

The Vikeri E2 features specifications of a much pricier trail camera, including 1520P video, where most other trail cameras in its price range shoot at 1080P or less.

Scroll through its menus using its 2.4-inch LCD display while its lens shoots at wide angles of 120 degrees, meaning you won’t miss much this impressively-specced trail camera.

This trail camera comes bundled with a bracket swivel mount made of metal, a strap made of nylon for easy attachment to trees and fence posts and an AA battery set.

On the whole, users like this camera for several reasons: exhaustive number of extras, video recording of very high quality and quick trigger speed. And, of course, it’s inexpensive.

  • Trail camera comes with useful extras
  • Ideal beginner trail camera
  • Supplied AA batteries are alkaline

Press to check the price of the Vikeri E2 now at Amazon.

2. Foxelli 14 MP Trail Camera – Best Overall for Amateurs and Pros

Foxelli are a renowned outdoor specialist equipment manufacturer whose maiden trail camera has become a hit with trail camera enthusiasts, and it is easy to see why.

Firstly, this is a fantastic trail camera value proposition. Video is accomplished in 1080P Full HD while images are shot in 14MP. After dark photos are lighted using 42 No Glow Infrared LEDs, meaning humans or animals will not be aware of the presence of this trail camera.

The Foxelli viewing screen measures 2.4 inches, allowing for previews of footage or pictures captured, out in the field.

Its 120-degree wide angle lens covers large open areas with ease, capturing all that trigger its motion sensitivity.

This is an outstanding trail camera for the money, with excellent picture quality and sharp video footage. Its housing is resistant to all kinds of weather, especially snow and rain.

  • High Spec and feature-rich
  • High quality video and images
  • For its price – none

Press here to check the price of this Foxelli model at Amazon.

3. Wosports Mini – Excellent Value Mini Trail Camera that Works

The feature of this trail camera that makes it stand out is its physical size: it is tiny.

The first advantage of the Wosport Mini’s smaller size is how well it can remain unseen, making it a perfect home security or deer scouting trail camera.

While it is a compact trail camera, it still gets the job done. 12MP images and 1080P video should be expected.

This is far and away the best cheap mini trail camera that works.

  • High quality video and photos
  • Very compact size
  • Slow trigger speed

Press here to check the price of the Worport Mni at Amazon.

4. Usogood Trail Camera – Best No-Frills Camera that Works

For those looking for a trail camera that is basic and no-frills, the Usogood trail camera is the trail camera that works for you.

Its various menus are displayed using a 2.4-inch color LCD display and it is powered by eight AA batteries. It is not uncommon to hear this trail camera being in active use for 6 months or more on a set of batteries!

While not exciting, it is decent and gets the job done.

  • Outstanding battery life
  • Only uses micro SD cards

Press here to check the price of the Usogood trail cam at Amazon.

5. Tidewe Trail Camera – Rated Best for High Quality Video

Finally, I’m going to tell you about have the best cheap trail camera for high-quality video and photos, the Tidewe trail camera.

The Tidewe is my only trail camera recommendation that can shot 4K video and 32MP photos, which are sharp and clear for a cheap trail camera that works.

The rugged housing ensures this trail camera can operate flawlessly in the harshest environments, as it is also waterproof.

Subjects will not be spooked when the sun goes down, due to its no glow infrared LEDs.

Its wide angle lens and quick trigger response are further positives, as its massive SD card capacity (512 GB) support for storing larger files of 4K video footage.

Trail camera accessories include a nylon strap, a swivel mount and SD card of 32 GBs.

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  • Quick trigger action
  • 4K video
  • Video recorded in AVI file format

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