What Are the 5 Top Bluetooth Trail Camera FAQ?

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What is a bluetooth trail camera?

Bluetooth trail cameras (also called game or scouting cameras, or cams) transmit photos and video remotely to your cell phone via Verizon or AT&T. The camera records images and video only when movement in the vicinity (animal or human) triggers the cam.

Why have a remote wildlife monitoring camera?

A bluetooth monitoring camera directly connects to a smartphone for the easy viewing of footage. Without bluetooth capability you have to visit the camera itself and remove the SD memory card to view the images and footage.

How do my phone and the Bluetooth game camera connect?

A Bluetooth game camera connects to your phone via the Bluetooth function on the phone. Once the Bluetooth mode is turned on your phone, search for nearby devices and tap on your Bluetooth camera’s name when it is found.

Are these wildlife cameras better than traditional trail cameras?

Bluetooth capability is convenient but these models are more  expensive than conventional trail cams.

What game cameras come with bluetooth?

There are a number of trail camera models that offer Bluetooth wireless connectivity, like the

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