What are the best trail cameras for the price?

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When considering getting a good trail camera with a fair price tag, there are some features that you want to take into account . That way you know what to look for the best trail cameras for the price: 

  • Photo, video or both
  • Trigger time
  • Detection range
  • Recovery time
  • Image quality
  • Flash or infrared
  • Memory
  • Viewing screen
  • Battery life

My Selection of 3 Affordable Trail Cameras

1. Moultrie A900i

I think the Moultrie A900i Night Vision Trail Camera is the best trail camera for the price. Firstly, it’s seriously affordable, In addition, the invisible flash camera ensures it is undetected at night with a range of 60 feet.

The camera takes 8 AA lithium batteries. It features a 30-megapixel camera has a one-second trigger speed. Significantly, this assures you get decent images night and day. The no-glow flash technology allows you to get crisp images of animals in total darkness, also up to 60 feet away.

The A-900i also comes with wireless mobile compatibility. With a Micro USB connection, this phone also provides useful additional data. These include time, date, moon phase, and temperature printed on each image.

Check the price of the Moultrie A900i trail camera at Amazon

2. Foxelli 14MP

Take a look at the price of the amazing Foxelli 14MP. Often dealers marked it down to make it a truly affordable trail camera. Therefore it can come in well below the $100 mark. Importantly, the Foxelli gives superb 14MP bright photos and videos with sound.

The Foxelli has a 120° wide-angle lens to ensure a big shooting scope. And this superb trail camera also comes with a 2.4” LCD color monitor for viewing photos and videos. As a low-glow camera, it has 42 low-glow IR LEDs with a 0.5-second trigger time.

It takes 4 or 8 AA batteries and a 32GB MicroSD card, which aren’t included. With an IP65 water-resistant case, you can be sure your camera is well protected from dust and moisture.

With such outstanding features and 65 feet detection range, you can include the Foxelli among the best trail cameras for the price. You can use it for monitoring wildlife, hunting, and home security.

Check the price of the Foxtelli 14MP trail camera at Amazon

3. Browning Command Ops Elite

With the Browning Command Ops Elite, you can expect a wildlife camera packed full of useful features usually found in more expensive makes. The camera uses low glow LEDs to ensure a good flash range and good battery life.

Trigger speed with the Elite is good too, more so when you check it against the price. The trigger speed is 0.3 seconds for vids and photos. It will take 6 AA lithium batteries and is quite simple to set up too. The case is strong camo plastic and you also get an LCD screen.

People who have used this 18MP trail camera with 720p HD video with sound say it’s a big performance camera in a small package.

With its 80 ft. Infrared flash range and 70-foot detection range, it’s just a case of splashing out on this excellent trail camera and being immensely satisfied with its performance.

Check the price of the Browning Command Ops Elite at Amazon

Nice clear image quality counts a lot

Nothing is set in absolute stone when it comes to deciding what the best trail camera for the price is because everyone has different requirements.

These 3 trail cameras are worth taking a good look at as they offer nice clear image quality, fast trigger speeds, and other unique features to ensure reliable coverage of your property.

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