What is the Best Inexpensive Trail Camera?

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You can get a high-end camera for under $100 if you’re smart. The best inexpensive trail cameras come with great features such as image quality, great battery life, and are waterproof or weather resistant. But what is the best inexpensive trail camera you ask?

The Usogood trail camera is the best inexpensive trail camera because it’s built with rugged plastic materials and camouflaged to blend in unobtrusively with any background. It also takes great photos and videos, even on the darkest of nights thanks to the 44 LED IR no-glow lights installed.

Usogood is a brand that comes standard and stamped with excellence. They’re a professional outdoor items brand, offering high-end outdoor items at affordable prices.

When you buy the Usogood 20MP 1080P trail camera, you get their warranty and return commitment, and good after-sales online support.

Features of The Usogood – My Choice of the Best Inexpensive Trail Camera

  • The camera can take images up to 65 feet away.
  • Images are stored on a 32gb micro SD card. The SD card comes with the camera but it will first need to be formatted.
  • The camera comes with instructions on how to use it. In fact, when you get the camera in its box, it comes with the actual camera, the user manual, the 32gb micro SD card, the mounting belt, wall mount and USB cable.
  • The Usogood Game Camera is one of the best inexpensive trail cameras that you can get, coming in at well below the $100 mark.
  • This game camera with videos taken in 20MP Full HD quality, guarantees consistently good results. The lens, too, is able to take 120° angle widescreen images. It has a fast lens speed of 0.2. With the advanced image sensor, every small movement can be captured.
  • The game camera comes with a 2.4 inch LCD viewing screen.
  • The stylish waterproof Usogood Trail Camera isn’t restricted to being a hunting and game camera. It can also be used for home security purposes.
  • The trail camera is waterproof and its green color allows it to blend into the surrounding vegetation. The camera comes with a socket at the bottom so you can mount it on a tripod, pole or tree. For your interest, the package of this trail camera comes with a UNC 1/4-20 thread screw, mounting plate, screws and threaded tripod.
  • It requires 8 lithium AA batteries.
  • Another remarkable aspect with this low-cost trail camera is that it is a low glow camera, so it doesn’t give off any light to frighten animals or startle trespassers. Towards evening, as it darkens, it changes to black and white and then a small blue LED light flickers on.
  • It’s a 1080P camera, capturing quality images and videos.

For this game camera’s excellent features and superb price, there really isn’t a much better trail camera for you to capture the movement of animals and humans on your property. In summary, a game camera from Usogood that is regarded as a jolly good deal.

Check the price of the Usogood 20MP 1080P at Amazon

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