What Bestselling Trail Cam is the Easiest to Use?

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What trail cam is the easiest to use and yet efficient? In my view, it’s the Primos Bullet Proof 2 trail camera. It combines simplicity and quality as it is easy to use for detecting wildlife movement. 

The Exodus Trek is another trail camera without all the bells and whistles, but the Primos Bullet Proof 2 from Primos Hunting is simpler and in a more affordable price range. It is a good answer to the question what trail cam is the easiest to use.

What Trail Camera is Easy to Use

Image: Primos Hunting

The Primos Bullet Proof 2 literally wins hand down. It’s got a single toggle switch with 2 settings – one for video and one for still pics. Its dimensions are simple too, being just 8 x 6 x 3 inches. Simple it may be, but if you need it, you can download the Primos owner’s manual from the Primos website.

The weatherproof camera takes 4 lithium AA batteries and a standard size SD card up to 32Gb. You really can’t expect any fancy features with this trail camera, and that is precisely what some people are looking for. A camera that does just what it must – nothing more, nothing less.

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The Primos Bullet Proof 2 – Simplicity at its best

The 1-second trigger speed camera is a perfect example of this – simplicity at its best. Its video clips are just 10 seconds long maximum. If it detects movement, it will record further video clips.

When it comes to picture quality, the Primus Bullet Proof 2 comes with an 8MP sensor and records HD video at 720p resolution.

At the back of the camera, you’ll find a loop and that is to thread a python lock, plus there is an adjustable tree strap with a buckle for attaching to a tree.

It’s very easy to set up and use. It doesn’t have a screen on the back and you will need a PC to set the time and date with first-time use.

Doubles as a security camera

The Primos Bullet Proof 2 is also a good outdoor security recorder, and well-positioned, it can record any movement from trespassers.

The Primus really is about the simplest piece of camera tech you can get. It comes with a year warranty and is an excellent choice for someone just starting out with trail cams. All Primos Trail Cameras also come with a 1-year limited warranty from the date of purchase.

However, be warned, as some users point out that the camera is good for small creatures that come close to the camera, but that if you need the camera for clear color photos of night animals, you should select another trail camera.

You get good daylight photos and videos in clear color. In terms of features, price, quality, and ease of use. You’ll have to look far and wide to get something as basic and user-friendly as this trail camera.

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