Why You Need to Check Out the GardePro A3 Cam

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Continuing its tradition, GardePro has introduced its latest version in trail camera innovation, the GardePro A3. This trail cam reaches above and beyond with specs like waterproofing to protect it from rain or snow showers as well as ruggedizing protection making it remarkably tough.

And this comes on top of an expansive detection range and video capability that enables you to capture the whole scene. These conveniences coupled with other unassuming qualities (wireless connectivity, excellent battery life) make for a better hunt – so order a set today.

Uses of the GardePro A3

The new Gardepro A3 trail camera is a world-class high-resolution camera designed for professional wildlife and plant monitoring.

It features an ultra-sensitive motion sensor that detects animals at distances up to 100ft, and it can take pictures in either color or black & white with a resolution of 20 MP.

Armed with an infrared flash for nighttime use, this camera has already proven itself as the global standard of excellence among such researchers at Yale University’s Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

The GardePro A3

GardePro A3 Features

The GardePro A3 trail camera is a top-of-the-line, easy to use trail camera from the manufacturer of several top models, including the Gardepro E6. The A3 sports features like:

  • a long detection range for deer or coyotes, short detection ranges for birds and other small animals
  • wireless signal projects away from the digital receiver up to 100 ft.
  • surveillance of your property may take on new boundaries with this ruggedized device by GardePro.
  • photos are limitless when paired with snapshot feature–20 consecutive photos or 60 seconds.
  • video capability captures high quality footage in 28K pixels per frame at rates of 30 frames per second in day and low light which will let you study images as you record them without interrupting movement
  • fully waterproof casing protects against dirt, sand dust while performing surveillance tasks such as on safari.
  • waterproof case can withstand extreme temperatures between -10°F (-23°C) and 130 °F (54 °C), so it’s ideal year-round for hunters who want to keep tabs on their prey with minimal drama.
GardePro A3 Night Shot


The Gardepro A3 trail camera is an versatile, wireless hide, stealth, surveillance and hunting tool.

With high definition infrared night vision and a detection range up to 100 ft, this covert field camera will help you catch game without scaring it away or attracting attention from predators with the sound of your footsteps.

It features an extended battery life for days in one charge through the use of AA batteries (not included) and a battery-saving mode that reduces operation time.

The Gardepro A3 is the newest in a line of high-performance trail cameras, combining wildlife viewing and hunting technology. Rugged, water-resistant and able to withstand extreme temperatures from -40 degrees Celsius to +60 degrees Celsius, this camera provides hunters with  affordable scouting capability anywhere.

Bottom Line

For the world traveler who loves to go deep into nature, the Gardepro A3 trail camera is very functional and small enough to fit in your pocket. Its detection range is perfect when out on safari because if animal approaches you will capture it at its most unguarded moments, revealing their true selves before they are spooked

You  can also attach the motion-sensing monitor which can be left behind as it constantly monitors your surroundings for wildlife activity – or there may even be signs of intruders.

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