The Amazing Wildgame Innovations Switch

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The Wildgame Innovations Switch game camera’s main point of being is its simplicity of use. With easy toggle switches, and limited options, this trail camera’s main attraction is set it and run it.

That said, it lacks many features found in other similarly-priced game cameras, such as quality and settings that make this device, while easy to use, somewhat frustrating to any user, even beginners.

New Favorite of Hunters – the Wildgame Innovations Switch

Main Specs

  • 16MP photos
  • 720P video
  • 60-ft flash range
  • 1 second trigger speed
  • 8 AA batteries
  • Time Stamp: Photo Count, Moon Phase, Date, Time

Are Wildgame innovations cameras good?

Many experienced trail camera users have remarked about how easy this product is to use. The entirety of its operation begins and ends with three toggle switches.

The first toggle switch is for time zone settings, while the second sets how much of a delay you would like between shots. The third? An on and off switch.

This camera is dead simple to use, which works in its favor with beginners.

The other side of its simplicity is the housing door removal process. It simply does not slide off, which means you have to dismount it in order to take the door off. This is highly inconvenient.

Are Wildgame trail cameras waterproof?

The Wildgame Innovation Switch is not waterproof. A consistent shower of rain will allow water to accumulate towards the bottom of the lens. Water is also seen at the housing door.

This may not result in the camera not working, but some functions may become impaired.

Wildgame Innovations Housing Door

Trail cameras come in a variety of housing doors. These include side hinges, bottom hinges, double clasps, single clasps and a range of climate-sealing gaskets.

This device’s housing door simply slides off.

This may lead to losing the door, but fortunately there is a string it dangles off of. Better hope you don’t break the string.

Wildgame Innovations Features

As seen elsewhere, the simpler a trail camera is to use, the less features it contains.

The Wildgame Innovations Switch trail camera offers a single photo mode. It consists of 16MP image resolution. A trigger also produces one photo.

The single video choice is 720P @ fifteen frames per minute. The only mode that has more than one choice is delay at five, ten and fifteen seconds.

This camera’s one standout feature is its time zone option. The camera changes automatically during daylight savings periods.

What is the Wildgame Innovations Switch Lightsout?

The Wildgame Innovations Switch Lightsout is a new camera introduced recently. It is another in their line of highly affordable trail cameras From Wildgame Innovations.

The new Switch Lightsout is compact, extremely easy to configure and features a very compelling price.

Its set up process is a series of three buttons. That’s it. This means this camera can be operated by even the most new to tech person.

This bare bones, simple camera does not have any frills. The dummy-proof nature of this device will appeal to some users. On top of being easy to set up, it is also simple to mount and begin shooting.

The Wildgame Innovations Switch Lightsout works well with the Wildgame Innovations Huntsman App. This free app uses artificial intelligence to manage your images. It also displays them over a map.

This is done to show you what animals have been photographed and where. The app is a great way to manage inflow of photos if you are running multiple cameras.

There are definitely more advanced trail cameras with higher grade features. The charm of this device is its simplicity and affordability.

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