Spartan Trail Cameras

Spartan Trail Cameras: the Beautiful Spartan GoCam

Looking for the top wireless game camera for the money? You should seriously consider the Spartan GoCam from Spartan Trail Cameras. It is a balancing act to shop for a wireless game camera. On one hand you are looking for a camera trap that can reliably send you pictures and video to your device or […]

GardePro A3

Why You Need to Check Out the GardePro A3 Cam

Continuing its tradition, GardePro has introduced its latest version in trail camera innovation, the GardePro A3. This trail cam reaches above and beyond with specs like waterproofing to protect it from rain or snow showers as well as ruggedizing protection making it remarkably tough. And this comes on top of an expansive detection range and […]

Bluetooth Trail Cameras

What Are the 5 Top Bluetooth Trail Camera FAQ?

What is a bluetooth trail camera? Bluetooth trail cameras (also called game or scouting cameras, or cams) transmit photos and video remotely to your cell phone via Verizon or AT&T. The camera records images and video only when movement in the vicinity (animal or human) triggers the cam. Why have a remote wildlife monitoring camera? […]

Expert on Trail Camera Flash Technology (The 3 Types)

Should you go for a black flash, infrared (IR) or  white trail camera flash when buying a trail camera? It’s important to differentiate when you’re buying a new camera. These are the different kinds of flash modules available: white-light flash, infra-red and so-called black flash. There are pros and cons in each case. To make […]

Cell Phone and Trail Camera

How to Link Trail Camera to a Cell Phone

From seasoned vets to enthusiastic newbies, people often ask: do all trail cameras work with any cell phone? No. cellular trail cameras are a relatively new addition to trail camera types, where before their introduction, all that was available were traditional game cameras. In this article, I’ll discuss the difference between cellular trail scouting cameras […]

Basics of Using a Trail Camera

Expert Discusses Using Trail Cameras for Watching Wildlife

Using trail cameras, also called remote cameras or camera-traps, help observers greatly. They are a valuable addition to the traditional tracking methods, and have become more affordable. Conservationists, scientists and landowners all have reasons to want to monitor wild animals. Perhaps management, controlling problem species, or scientific research. Importantly, some animals are shy, uncommon or […]

Find the Best Trail Camera

Finding the Best Trail Camera

Choosing the right equipment is one of a hunter’s keys to success. To find the best trail camera for your target is especially important. The animals hunted or observed are not the same in different parts of the world. However, a trail camera is an amazing help wherever you live. Whatever their target is, trail […]

Which is the Best Trail Camera

Which Trail Cameras Are the Best?

From the scent you give off to the noises you make, almost all you do when hunting can scare an animal. If you want to see animals such as deer in their natural habitat, you will require a device to monitor their movements in your absence. You will require a trail camera. One of the […]

SD Cards for Trail Cameras

Figuring Out SD Cards for Trail Cameras: Full Monty

Buying new or extra SD cards for Trail Cameras needs careful thinking. The cheapest or most readily available ones might not be right for a given camera. We will show you why the manufacturer’s recommendations are important. SD cards come in different types and different classes. Read on to get an idea of what these […]

Trail Camera Taking Pink Pictures

How to Stop a Trail Camera From Taking Pink Photos

Suddenly, with one camera, all or some daylight photographs come out in pink tones. It can occur with many models. But why do trail camera taking pink photos? What is happening here, why, and how can it be stopped? The reason is quite straightforward: the night-time Infra-Red filter is staying down. The camera is supposed […]