What is the Best Value Trail Camera?

When people look for a value trail camera there are still a few things about the best value trail camera they refuse to compromise on. It’s no good buying a cheap trail camera from the so-called bargain counter and then sitting with a camera that falls below par.

A cheap camera is good and well but then it must offer you value, Speed still counts as most important with the best value trail camera. This is because when an animal walks into the detection zone, the camera has to react in time, otherwise you just get the rear end of the animal leaving the detection zone.

Some Good Value Trail Cameras at Amazon

1. The Wosoda Trail Camera (2 Pack) 16MP

For a camera that comes under $100, the Wosoda Trail Camera (2 Pack) comes with plenty of features and a well-written user guide. It is quite likely one of the least expensive cameras on the market. This best value trail camera is waterproof, has a 65 ft range, captures 16 MP images, LED night vision, and 1080p video resolution.

  • People like the small, compact size
  • Wide detection angle
  • Affordable prices
  • Comes with IP54 waterproof certification
  • Low glow flash that animals may notice

2. Wildgame Innovations Terra Extreme Megapixel IR Trail Camera 14MP

This is another best value trail camera with an assortment of amazing features. The Wildgame Innovations Terra Extreme is a good overall value-for-money trail camera. The video camera can record in HD quality with excellent night vision capabilities.

The camera detects moving objects up to 65 feet. Comes with 21 infrared LEDs for capturing images and video without frightening game off. Comes with bungee cords for attaching to a tree.

  • Clear pictures, easily triggered
  • Energy efficient
  • The manual doesn’t give direct steps as to how to set it up

3. Vikeri E2

With its 2.4” color LCD screen, the Vikeri E2 comes with a no glow flash and plenty of high-end features. No wireless connectivity keeps the price down with this budget trail camera with its photo resolution of 20 MP. The camera is also able to record 1520p resolution videos complete with audio.

  • Good resolution on pics and videos
  • Fast trigger speed of 0.2 seconds
  • Wide-angle camera
  • Wide detection angle
  • No wireless connectivity

4. KUFA Mini Trail Camera 20MP

Such a small camera is always easy to conceal. Small it may be but the KUFA Mini trail camera is IP65 waterproof and has lots of features to ensure top performance. The 32gb memory card can hold many pictures. The 120° wide-angle detection range ensures superb images and the IR motion sensor has a detection range of 65ft.

  • Clear audio/video quality
  • Only requires 4 AA batteries
  • Easy to understand user manual
  • None worth mentioning

Do Trail Cameras Really Spook Deer – or Not?

If you want to invest in a trail camera to monitor wildlife, you’ll want an answer to the question ‘do trail cameras spook deer?’ If a trail camera has an incandescent flash, will it frighten animals such as timid deer?

Deer are spooked by CERTAIN trail cameras. If a trail camera has an incandescent flash, will it frighten animals such as timid deer? Leading trail camera manufacturers agree: ‘Yes, no question about it – trail cameras that do not have a no-glow feature do spook deer’.

Some leading trail camera manufacturers tell us ‘Yes’ no question about it – trail cameras do spook deer’.

Animals and birds can be heard and seen easily while others are quiet and secretive. Others are nocturnal, only coming out at night under the cover of darkness.

Deer aren’t all the same and each one reacts differently. It’s the same with trail cameras – you want to know which brand and model spooks deer the least.

There are –

  • white flash cameras
  • red flash cameras
  • no- glow cameras

No-glow cameras  are the best option for a trail camera as they are undetected at night. This is the solid opinion of most hunting experts.

Proper Placement of Trail Cam

However, there are still some no-glow cameras that will spook a deer. This means you need to look beyond just the camera and also look at its placement.

If you think that deer aren’t only spooked from the infrared flash, you can look at placing your camera 6 foot up in a tree.

It’s also time to get rid of big bulky trail cams and to look at smaller, quieter models. You can say that they key takeaways of reducing the risk of spooking deer is to –

  • place the trail camera where it is well hidden
  • elevate your camera
  • make use of no-glow cameras

Some people say the wrong trail camera is the one that is noisy or the one where the deer can see the infrared flash. Certainly, some of the newer model trail cameras will snap an image without any sound.

Spend a bit more money and buy one of the newer, better quality trail-cameras. Go for no-glow brands from the likes of –

These models have special no glow technology built-in so that the cameras don’t spook deer and their presence isn’t at all obvious.

In low-light conditions, a flash triggers to illuminate the field of view, but this creates problems when animals see that flash. They scatter and are so spooked, they never return to the area.

Some cameras use low-frequency red lights, which isn’t good enough as they are still noticeable by many species. Only a no-glow infrared trail camera will do.

The main, sought after feature of these no-glow trail cameras is that you can use it at night without it producing a visible flash. This means it won’t spook any wildlife.  A trespasser snooping around on your property won’t notice it either.

Experts opinion is always black flash

Nothing is set in stone when it comes to saying what the best trail camera is to not spook deer. When you do research however, you’ll find that the most serious of deer hunters will recommend black flash- or no-glow cameras.

What is the Best Trail Camera for Deer Hunting?

A best trail camera for deer hunting buyer’s guide

The Bushnell Prime Low Glow trail camera is the deer hunting trail camera you should buy due to its storage capacity, battery life, advanced flash technology and image quality.

See further down the page for details.

Here are the aspects to look at when buying a trail camera:

Storage capacity: The more the storage capacity, the more photos your trail camera can shoot. This is not much of an issue if you check daily but for those that are going to leave it out longer, the higher the storage capacity the better. Trail cameras that support memory cards are an even better option – the camera can be left in place while you swap out the memory cards.

Battery Life: The length of time your trail camera will be operational depends on its battery life. AA batteries are the most commonly used, with others supporting external sources of power. A 12-volt battery can last weeks.

Image Quality: Sometimes, raw figures such as megapixel counts do not tell the entire story, as factors such as lens quality also play a major part in image quality. You should read reviews and perhaps test cameras personally to make the decision as to the best trail camera for deer hunting.

Most trail cameras require a computer connection for image viewing, or using a memory card reader to view the pictures on a memory card. Direct camera image viewing is possible on trail cameras that offer in-built viewing screens.

The ultimate trail camera is internet-ready, allowing for remote image viewing, though you will pay a price for the convenience.

Flash Technology: every recent trail camera employs LED Flash modules, to different levels. White flash is the simplest and cheapest, though wildlife are easily spooked by them.

The red glow of invisible flash units is the best application, as fewer animals notice it and its less power-intensive, though image quality suffers somewhat.

Finally, white flashes respond much slower, as they take some time to get primed while infrared response times are quicker.

Other Features: trail cameras nowadays are bought with a wide range of choices. Digital trail cameras support both still photography and video recording, with various data inputs available added extra such as air pressure and temperature being the most common, not to mention date and time stamps.

This is excellent for those that want to analyze wildlife behavior data.

How Many Trail Cameras are Necessary?

Once you choose a suitable camera, next you need to figure out how many you require. Wild animal experts believe a single camera is one data point. Patterns can only be discerned from several data points, making game prediction that much easier.

Deers are both habitual creatures and territorial by nature. Several trail cameras that are well positioned around a hunting area will quickly reveal a lot of information on the deer within it and their behavior. And the best trail cameras will not spook the deer.

How to deploy your game and trail camera

Firstly, pick the right places to locate them. Begin with local wildlife trails. Once found, decide on spots that show signs of animal presence such as deer feeding grounds, or water sources.

Try and find spots that are approachable from the rear; where memory cards and batteries can be swapped out without much fuss. Ensure the cameras are clearly sighted, clearing out any foliage or twigs that may obscure the lens.

The cameras should be aimed across the deer trail. Digital cameras come with a slight delay between being triggered and snapping the picture, leading to a lot of useless shots. About 45 degrees aimed towards the direction from which the deer are coming is ideal, which should produce great head-on shots.

Ahead of setting them out at your favorite deer trail, try them out, to experience how they operate. Good shots are usually obtained by setting the cameras up at waist height.

With that, the best deer hunting trail cameras are:

Our pick of the best:

Bushnell Prime Low Glow Trail Camera• Video in high resolution
• Quick trigger speed
Spypoint Solar Dark Trail Camera• Solar powered
• Extended video recording times
Spypoint Force-20 Trail Camera• Low cost
• High resolution photos

More About These Models

  1. Bushnell Prime Low Glow Trail Camera

This budget trail camera is a fantastic value game camera for tracking deer from the Bushnell brand. It provides 24MP photos and full HD 1080P video capturing. Recording commences from 80 feet or less, in addition to flash lighting for night shooting.

This is a perfect no-frills, reliable and cheap trail camera for beginners and novices.

Click to check the price for the Bushnell Low Glow at Amazon.

  1. Skypoint Solar Dark Trail Camera

If you are looking for a wildlife camera that can be left out for extended periods of time, the Skypoint Solar Dark is the trail camera for you. It operates using its lithium ion battery, which is rechargeable, which is itself powered by the device’s in-built solar panel. it can also use 6 AA batteries.

Its trigger speed is decent at 0.07 seconds while nighttime subjects are photographed using 42 low-glow LEDs. Video recording can be sustained for one and a half minutes although in 720P. still images are captured in 12MP.

Click to check the price for the Skypoint Solar Dark at Amazon.

  1. Spypoint Force-20 Trail Camera

This inexpensive trail camera has several interesting features. It is ultra-compact, at a height of just five inches. It captures stills at 20MP, is triggered from 0.7 seconds, and features an 80-foot illumination range while photographing in wide temperature ranges.

Click to check the price of the Spypoint Force-20 at Amazon.

Here is the Best Trail Camera under $50

I have worked with trail cameras for the last decade and I would NOT recommend any trail camera selling for less than $50. In my experience these are (understandably) unreliable – generally a cheap import.

Can I Get a Trail Camera Under $50?

There are several trail cameras available for under $50, but make sure it is a new trail camera with a warranty or some other type of guarantee.

Beware of  pre-owned trail cameras. They could be out of date, be a faulty clearance trail camera, have missing parts or functions. Or they could even be stolen and that applies particularly you buy it on classifieds website. Tip: if there is no warranty then be sure that you are buying a lemon.

Another tip: the more information there is online about any given make or model, the more likely you are buying a tough, reliable and long-lasting trail camera.

If you absolutely can’t afford a trail camera above $50 then take a look at these models at Amazon. At least they are new and you have some kind of recourse if they turn out to fall short on promise:

UsogoodWosports MiniWildgame Innovations SuntekcamBZK

Best Trail Camera Under $100

Having said that, you should rather go for the best low cost wildlife camera for game hunting or security for less than $100.

I suggest the following makes at Amazon to find the best cheap wildlife camera on a budget between $50 and $100:


Buyer’s Checklist

Ten features to check when choosing a trail camera:

  • Image resolution
  • Video capability
  • Response speed
  • Is the camera body waterproof
  • How is the camera powered? (Usually AA batteries but sometimes solar)
  • How long do the batteries last?
  • Is the manufacturer well-known and reputable?
  • Do you get a warranty with the camera
  • Are the online reviews favorable?
  • Does is come with a user manual?
  • Price, compared to similar models

Shop Affordable Trail Cameras at Amazon Now!

What are the best Bushnell trail cameras?

The best game cameras allow for the capture of spectacular wildlife shots. Also known as hunting cameras or home security cameras, trail cameras are designed specifically for remote use by hunters or wildlife photographers.

The best Bushnell trail cameras are the Bushnell Core DS No Glow, the Bushnell Prime Low Glow and the Bushnell Trophy.

Who uses trail cameras?

While trail cameras are mostly used by hunters and naturalists to capture images of wildlife and other animals, they are also commonly used for outdoor security and surveillance. The typical trail camera shoots both still images and video, and is durable and weatherproof.

Additionally, game cameras are typically colored in plain earth hues or camouflaged, which allows them to remain unnoticed by potential subjects or blend into natural backgrounds.

Below is our comprehensive Bushnell Trail Camera Review

Best Bushnell Game Camera Models

1. Bushnell Core DS No Glow– Best Overall Bushnell Trail Camera Review

Photo resolution: 30MP

Video resolution: 1080P

Video length: 1 minute

Data storage: up to 32GB SDHC or SD

Night vision:  up to 80 feet

Audio recording: yes

LCD: yes

Power: eight AA batteries

Among the challenges associated with the remote recording using trail cameras is capturing decent footage in both pitch night darkness and bright daylight. Bushnell’s solution is to offer this game camera with 2 photo sensors. The first one is designed for night use while the other for use during the day.

These sensors, allied to its LED lights, which are nearly invisible, make this Bushnell trail camera a perfect choice for photographing especially timid animals.

The still images captured by this Bushnell wildlife camera contain stunning detail, with video being displayed at Full HD and shot at 60fps. Its trigger is blindingly quick at 0.2 seconds, ensuring shots are taken at the moment the opportunity arises.

Construction is solid, which withstands cold and hot temperatures equally well. It remains well hidden due to its no glow flash, keeping it safe from thieves as well as taking pictures unnoticed by its subjects.

  • Almost invisible lighting
  • 2 image sensors
  • Waterproof body
  • No wireless connection
  • Only powered by AA batteries

Click here to check the price for the Bushnell Core DS at Amazon.

2. Bushnell Prime Low Glow Trail Camera – Solid Bushnell Trail Camera for Those on a Budget

Photo resolution: 30MP

Video resolution: 1080P

Video length: 1 minute

Data storage: up to 32GB SDHC or SD

Night vision:  up to 80 feet

Audio recording: yes

LCD: yes

Power: six AA batteries

For those on a limited budget, the Bushnell Prime 24MP Low-Glow Trail Camera is an outstanding model from Bushnell. It provides 24MP photos and 1080P video. When augmented with the flash lighting, this wildlife camera can from up to 80 feet away.

Several features have been left out in order to keep the price at an affordable level. For photographers looking for a less pricey but reliable game camera, this dependable and no frills choice will do very nicely indeed.

  • Cheapest Bushnell trail camera model
  • Quick trigger
  • Clear video
  • Lack of wireless connectivity
  • Recovery time of 1 second

Click to check the price for the Bushnell Low Glow at Amazon.

3. Bushnell Trophy Trail Camera – Best Beginner Bushnell Nature Camera

Photo resolution: 8MP

Video resolution: 720P

Video length: 1 minute

Data storage: up to 32GB SDHC or SD

Night vision:  up to 45 feet

Audio recording: yes

Power: eight AA batteries

The Trophy trail camera model from Bushnell allows for wildlife watching by registering motion at distances of up to 45 feet.

Its hard and weatherproof shell allows for comfortable night and day shooting without interference from the elements.

It comes with a strong mounting strap for easy installation as well as being camo brown in color for maximum camouflage.

  • Price
  • Easy to operate
  • Lower resolution
  • Lack of wireless connectivity

What Muddy Cellular Trail Camera is Best?

Whatever kind of hunter or animal observer you are, you need to think about the different camera types there are. It’s why Muddy trail camera reviews are of such value. They give you an insight into what you can expect from cellular trail cameras.

Cellular trail cameras are also known as wireless trail cameras. They make use of wireless networks to transmit data and information from the camera.

They’re great for hunters, photographers and conservationists who love being able to view and download their footage. If you want to get the best camera, you need to check out the best cellular trail camera today. In these reviews you’ll find brands such as BigFoot, Covert, Creative, and Muddy.

Entry-level Muddy Pro-Cam Trail Camera Bundle

If you’re a beginner, you’ll discover that Muddy cellular trail cameras have become hugely popular tools for viewing wildlife. The entry-level Muddy Pro-Cam Trail Camera Bundle is easy to set up and is also cheaper in price.

It promises super crystal clear video and still imagery and comes with 6 AA batteries and an 8gb SD card. You’ll get superb 14MP full-color daytime photos and 2MP monochrome nighttime photos.

The trail camera is robust in different weather conditions with its molded ABS waterproof housing. It stays well hidden and unobtrusive with its non-reflective camouflage finish.

Just like a cell phone, these cameras use radio waves to communicate to the closest cell tower. When this camera takes a picture, it sends it to your phone.

Before you set your cellular trail camera up in the forest, you need to activate your camera and choose the Muddy cellular trail cellular plan you like and your payment option.

The benefit of cellular trail cameras over your traditional phone is that you can expect high-quality images in fast motion. Another cool aspect is that while other trail cameras are vulnerable to adverse conditions, trail cameras have features that protect them as they’re built with robust materials.

To start using a trail camera and to store your pics and video, you’ll need an SD card and additional batteries. AA cells are the standard.

We’re going to look at a couple of other Muddy Cellular Trail Cameras – the Muddy Pro Cam 18 Megapixel and the Muddy Pro Cam 10 Trail Camera Bundle.

Two most popular Muddy models compared

Muddy Pro Cam 18 Megapixel W/SdMuddy Pro-Cam 10 Trail Camera Bundle
• Molded ABS Finish, Non-reflective brown
• 8 GB memory card
• Detection sensor also reaches out to 70'.
• 1 Second trigger speed
• Backlit LCD screen
• Low glow flash
• Adjustable strap plus a buckle
• Up to 32 GB SD Card
• Takes 18 MP photos and videos
• Images are stamped with the date, time, temperature, camera ID, and moon phase.
• Non-reflective brown color ensures superb camouflage
• 8 GB SD Card
• Detection range reaches 50'
• 1.5 Second trigger speed
• Backlit LCD screen
• Low glow flash
• Adjustable strap and buckle included
• Requires Secure Digital Card - to 32GB
• 10MP color photos during the day and 2MP black and white nighttime photos
• Images stamped with camera ID, date, time, temperature and moon phase

There are those trail cameras that come with wireless connectivity which means they have wifi or Bluetooth capabilities. True cellular game cameras link up by means of the same broadband network technology used by your 4G smartphone. 

Most of these amazing cellular trail cameras can be accessed through most devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones and most of them are are available to buy online.

Muddy has expanded its line to include the likes of ladder stands, tripods and a line of accessories. Their goal is simply to ensure that their customers receive great products and services because satisfaction is key for them

Why the Wildgame Innovations Terra Extreme is an Outstanding Buy

The Wildgame Innovations Terra Extreme isn’t the newest kid on the block – but it’s still one of the best. With a 14 MP camera, supersensitive motion detectors, and enough infra-red light to illuminate the darkest night, this is the only camera you need.

Features of the Wildgame Innovations Terra Extreme

  • 14 MP Camera
  • Image and video capabilities
  • Detection range of up to 65 ft
  • Energy efficient
    Has 21 infrared LEDS to provide light without interfering with
  • Snappy design in camo blends well with surroundings
  • The Wildgame Innovations Terra Extreme comes with bungee cords to secure it to the tree
  • Affordable
  • Surprisingly good image quality day and night
  • Fast recovery time
  • Range of up to 65 ft
  • Durable and good-looking
  • Motion detector a little too sensitive
  • Instructions are unclear

Check today’s price of the Wildgame Innovations Terra Extreme

What I Like About It

What I particularly like is the design. The textured surface looks like the bark of a tree. Instead of straight up and down edges, it features curves and irregular corners.

The texturing and footprint help it blend better. After all, straight lines in nature are the exception rather than the rule.

When in place, it’s hardly even noticeable to animals or humans. It blends into its surroundings perfectly. You’d be hard-pressed to see it if you weren’t looking for it.

While there are newer models, the Terra Extreme earns a special place in my heart. It delivers clear pictures even under low light conditions. As a result, you see every inch of detail in the daytime pictures.

The videos are clear and don’t blur easily. So it doesn’t matter how fast that critter scampers away, your camera will catch it.

The price is reasonable too.

What I Didn’t Like

I’ve seen bad instructions before, but these were worse. Having had more than one trail cam in my life, I was able to work it out. An absolute beginner, however, might struggle here.

Fortunately, some videos on YouTube will guide the newbie. I’ve linked to one of them in the closing paragraph of this review.

That said, Wildgame, if you’re reading this, you need to up your instructions game. Fortunately you can resort to Wildgame Innovations hard set if necessary.

Another thing that could be bad is the sensitivity of the motion sensor. The flutter of leaves will set it off. To overcome this, I set my camera up in a clearing away from the foliage. Now I make sure that there are no leaves right in front of the sensors.

That solved the issue for me. You may, however, have to play around a bit to find your sweet spot.

Wrapping Up My Wildgame Innovations Terra Extreme Review

Am I a little biased here? Possibly – I must admit to falling in love with this model as soon as I took it out of the box. Was I frustrated about the lack of instructions? Yes, again, but not enough to call it a dealbreaker.

To give you a headstart, below is a video on how to use your new Terra Extreme.

Overall, when you stack up this model’s price, image quality, and overall durability, it’s a winner.

Check today’s price of the Wildgame Innovations Terra Extreme

Why the Browning Dark Ops Apex is a Great Choice

The small, unobtrusive Browning Dark Ops Apex with a camo finish is a high-tech way to game wildlife. The Apex provides users unbelievable control and visibility in the field up to 80 feet away – a detection range that’s outdone only by its incredible user-friendliness.

The Browning Dark Ops Apex hunting camera has a solid 18 MP resolution perfect for taking photos while you’re on the prowl or reviewing footage later on at home. Complete with Up to 8 Multi-Shot Images, up to Up to 8 Rapid Fire Images and “Smart IR” Video Detection System this powerful camera is truly unmatched in its class.

With the Apex you everything hunters need for tracking and ranging prey in darkness. This camera is the ultimate in covert surveillance.

Armed with infrared night-time capability, camera is perfect for capturing all of your secret ops without anyone knowing it’s there, day or night. (To see more about Browning trail cameras go here.

Check price of this Browning Dark Ops Apex Bundle Amazon

Features Roundup

  • Detection Range: 80 ft
  • Flash Range: 120 ft
  • Operation: LCD settings screen
  • Display options: Picture “Data Strip” Displays: Time, Date, Temperature, Moon Phase, & Camera ID
  • Trigger Speed: 0.2 seconds and 0.8 seconds recovery time
    Photo Resolution: 18MP
  • Video: 1600 x 900p Full HD videos with audio (Daytime Settings Range from 5 Seconds – 2 Minutes in Length; Nighttime Videos are Limited to 20 Seconds)
  • Flash: Infrared No-Glow LED Illumination at Night with Adjustable IR Flash (Power Save, Long Range)
  • Waterproof: IPP66 rating
  • Onboard Recording: Supports up to a 512GB SDXC Card. Has an SD Card “Memory Management” Option
  • Power: 6 AA batteries with 12 Volt External Power Jack
  • Mounting: Threaded Insert Size of 1/4” – 20 on Bottom of Camera for Mounting Purposes
  • Warranty: 1 year

Special Features of the Browning Dark Ops Apex Game Camera

  • Response time quicker than most trail cameras
  • Timelapse Plus Camera Mode with Infrared Triggered Pictures (Delay Settings Range from 5 Seconds – 60 Minutes). Compatible with Browning “BuckWatch Timelapse Viewer” Software
  • Up to 8 Multi-Shot Images
  • Up to 8 Rapid Fire Images

Check price of this Browning Dark Ops Apex Bundle Amazon

Can Deer See Trail Cameras?

Trail cameras are arguably one of the best hunting tools for sale today. They work in the wind, snow and rain to scout deer movements. Additionally, they can help you learn a lot about deer and their environment. But can deer see trail cameras?

Some trail cameras emit a buzzing sound, which can spook deer. In other cases, trail camera infrared flashes are visible by deer. A good quality game camera eliminates all these issues.

I always place your trail cameras up high, at a height of at least 6 or 7 feet. Whitetails don’t normally look skywards, making a flash coming from that height less noticeable.

What Do Bucks See?

Whitetails can primarily distinguish two colors, green and blue, particularly in dim lighting. Unlike humans, they can’t tell orange and red, making them dichromatic. Deer may see the white light of a flash, but will not be necessarily be spooked.

Do Bucks Get Spooked By Trail Cameras?

As a scouting tool, trail cameras are great. While effective at getting candid photos of deer, they can ruin your hunt too. If the camera itself will not spook them, you will, in the following ways:

Hanging around the Camera

Retrieving footage from your trail camera often might seem like a good idea. This not only ruins the surprise factor, but puts the buck on high alert. Not just the commotion you will cause, but by your scent.

You Throw Off a Scent

In areas with little traffic, bucks cannot distinguish hunting and off-season. Their sense of smell is better than their eyesight. No matter the season, every trip to your trail camera should be cautious.

Your trail Camera Is Mounted Too close To Your Target Buck

Most mature bucks don’t stray far from their safety zone or bedding area. Therefore do not hang your trail camera within this area or zone. Hang your trail camera on the outskirts, identifying favored travel directions into and out of these locations.

Your Trail Camera Flash Has Been Seen

Just to be on the safe side, only buy no-flash or infrared trail cameras. Not only do the deer find them harder to see, fellow hunters will not either. Trail camera hanging location is key, try to point them away from their direct eye line.

White Flash vs. Infrared Trail Cameras

It is known that white flash game deer hunting cameras produce superior image quality. Black flash or infrared scouting cameras reduce light emitted while photographing. Additionally, their battery performance is greatly enhanced, especially for months-long duty.

Maybe the Deer HEARD the Camera…

Newer trail cameras take photos silently, while some older models do not. While the older trail cameras may be reliable, they often emit noises when triggered. Once you realize your older device makes sounds, swap it out with a newer one.


By avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes, you will increase your chances of landing that prize buck. Trail cameras revolutionized deer hunting on their conception, and they continue to be improved all the time. How and where you hang your trail camera determines your success as much as a buck seeing your trail camera.

Read about how to save battery power on your trail cam

How to Set up a Trail Camera Properly

Trail cameras are your remote field eyes, helping you strategize for your next hunting season. When correctly deployed, trail cameras inform you what animals were about, what they were doing and which way they went. Here are the basics of setting up and maintaining your trail camera.

Trail Camera Setup

It is not hard to set up trail cameras to capture images of various game, such as whitetail deer. Whether mounting one or multiple, both height and orientation must be correct. Pictures taken from a higher vantage point are better than those taken at eye level.

Trail camera placement on a tree should be done on a sturdy example, at the very least at a height of 3’ to 4’ above ground. This makes it level eye to eye with the deer when photographing so higher would be better. Avoid false triggers by clearing debris in its field of view.

However, at that height, there is a possibility of your trail camera being stolen. To mitigate this, attaching it to the tree with a safe lock is one way. The other is mounting it to a climbing rod and elevating it higher, say ten feet.

What Hanging Height Works Best For Trail Cameras?

Game camera setup height is determined by where you intend to hang them, be it public or private land. Trail cameras intended for private property can be mounted chest high. Those intended for public lands will need to be either better disguised or elevated higher.

Once placement is sorted, next is ensuring the best possible image quality. Firstly, account for lens flare due to the sun. Don’t aim your wildlife camera due west or east, due to sunset and sunrise glare.

South is also not ideal, again due to the sun. Best direction for trail camera setup is north. Review the photos produced and tweak any of the above setup procedures where necessary.

Best Trail Camera Locations

The most ideal trail camera locations are natural travel paths, where deer regularly and freely move. Areas where they are comfortable and are not overtly afraid. Trail cameras are at their most exciting when scrapes are being laid down.

Configuring Your Trail Camera

Game camera settings are very important to your overall hunting success. Spend some time learning the camera’s capabilities and how to fully exploit them.

Game Camera Settings Guide

  • Pick the best capture mode for the right situation. Video or still images? Some scenarios call for one over the other, select the best one.
  • Date and time should be correctly set. Other than the photos themselves, this is the most critical factor for employing trail cameras. It lets you know when and at what time that large buck passed by.
  • Decide the number of images to be captured per trigger, and the delay time as well. For mineral lick or bait trail camera setups, image taking frequency should be lowered. Conversely, over a deer trail, increase frequency and decrease delay.

What Is Trail Camera Sensitivity? How Is It Set?

A trail camera’s PIR sensor alerts the camera to photograph, depending upon motion sensing and temperature variances. During warmer times, sensitivity should be set higher. In cooler periods, lower sensitivity is better suited.

When the camera is being triggered by movements from sources other than game, adjust sensitivity lower. Where distances may be further between game and camera, crank up the sensitivity.

Other Trail Camera Setup Considerations

  1. Reformat your trail camera’s SD card. Trail and digital cameras write and read data differently.
  2. Accept only the best trail camera batteries. AA batteries are used in most trail camera models. Lithium batteries work better in cooler weather, compared to the alkaline alternatives. They also last longer.

Visiting the Trail Camera

Ahead of fetching your game cameras, do some planning. Going to camera locations too often is a common mistake among rookie hunters. Camera location should be your guide as to the frequency of checking on them.

When and How to Visit Trail Camera Sites

  • If the forecast calls for rain, that would be an ideal time. Your scent will be washed away by the rain.
  • Most game are out and about in the evenings and early mornings. Going to fetch SD cards at noon time would work best.
  • Make the wind advantageous to your SD card fetching. Ensure it is blowing away from deer bedding areas. If it is not, abandon mission for that day.

Checking on Trail Cameras: Other Considerations

  • Make sure your scent is covered. All precautions that are applicable during a hunt are just as applicable when checking on wildlife cameras.
  • Don’t make the journey too often. About two weeks between one checkup and another is highly recommended.
  • Locations that are more difficult to access benefit from cellular trail cameras. Non-cellular trail cameras can be set up where access is easier. (Photo: Browning Trail Cameras)

The Most Versatile Suntek Trail Camera Out There

What you’re looking for in a trail camera may not be what the next hunter or conservationist is looking for. The best Suntek trail camera (in my view) might be the solution.

Which trail camera should you buy? Which one has the features you need and comes at a price you can afford?

A Suntek trail camera review will tell you that you can get some good deals on Suntek game cameras. Whichever Suntek trail camera model you settle on, you’ll see they are sturdy and made with robust waterproof, camouflaged materials. You can also follow Suntekl trail camera instructions from the user manual that is included.

Regardless of size, trail cameras from Suntek come with advanced technological inventions that allow them to monitor animal movements on the darkest of nights. The 24MP, 1080P Suntek 801A trail camera with premium optical lens guarantees clear images and clear audible videos.

The above image is from a video taken with a Suntek 801A camera posted at Vimeo by Kalle Pihelgas.

Review of Suntek 801A

While you also get the small, feisty Suntekcam Mini Trail Cameras, I really like the Suntek 801A. Here are the details:

  • The Suntek 801A with its 2.4-inch screen is a no-glow 940nm infrared LED camera and known as a value-for-money trail camera.
  • Its 120°detecting range allows you to catch a wide spectrum of wildlife movement.
  • The camera is IP66 waterproof. Your camera is protected from rain and dust damage in the harshest of environments. Its brown-colored leafy camo pattern assures it can be placed against a tree and barely be seen. It comes with a durable strap for easy mounting to a tree trunk.
  • The camera is easy to operate. Apart from using it as a hunting- and wildlife monitoring camera it can easily be used for home security as well.
  • The color LCD allows you to easily set up the camera and view photos instantly.
  • The camera has a 0.3S trigger speed with 3 PIR sensors. You can be sure that with this camera, you’ll miss nothing. When you check customer reviews of the Suntekcam 24MP, people want to know if the camera can record the activities of quick, flighty birds. It can, but the camera’s position just needs to be adjusted. When the camera is set correctly, it can record anything.
  • Images come marked with the time, date, and temperature.
  • Great night vision – 42pcs no glow 940nm infrared LEDs, making sure animals aren’t frightened off. Black and white nighttime pictures are clear and bright.
  • The Suntek is a 75-foot Infrared Night Vision camera.
  • 4 or 8 lithium AA batteries are required. Batteries are not included.
  • In the Suntek box, you get the Suntek camera, USB cable, bracket, screws, attachment strap, a 16GD card, and user manual.

A Trail Camera Brand That’s Full of Surprises

The best way to make sure that you find the best trail camera for your needs is to check out trail camera reviews. A brand like Suntek comes out with various models.

A Suntek Trail Camera review will provide you with the basics of what you can expect from your trail camera.

You don’t have to sit and wait for your camera to work, it gets down to work according to your settings and will take something to surprise you in your absence.

Check today’s price of the Suntek 801A Trail Camera at Amazon

GardePro E8 Trail Camera Review

Are you in need of a reliable Bluetooth game camera? How about a terrific Wi-Fi trail camera? Are you looking for the top-tier model, the best value trail camera for the money or the best trail camera deal on Amazon?

Does researching the length and breadth of the internet make you anxious?
We get how you are feeling, thus this review. We have combed through all the Bluetooth trail camera choices, Wi-Fi game camera options and have landed on the best Wi-Fi and Bluetooth trail camera combined!

Our game camera recommendation procedures and processes are scientifically vetted, which involve, but are not limited to:

  1. Reliability: Is the trail camera professionally finished? This indicates the product is durable
  2. Field-Tested: Does the game meet standards that are set when put under field testing?
  3. Future Benefits: Was the buying process simple? Were there any hiccups experienced when purchasing the trail camera?
  4. Customer Satisfaction: Is the trail camera well reviewed by fellow users?
  5. Price: Do you think it is a bang-for-your-buck trail camera?
  6. What Does the Trail Camera Come With: Is it feature-rich? Does it meet your trail camera expectations?
  7. Selling Points: Does it do what it says it can do?
  8. Brand Value and Recognition: Do you get a sense of what the trail camera maker is all about through using their product?

While exhaustive, the questions above will probably lead to more Wi-Fi Bluetooth trail camera questions. This recommendation and buying guide will lay out the information you require to buy the best Wi-Fi trail camera on Amazon.

GardePro E8 32MP 1296P Wi-Fi Bluetooth Trail Camera Review

The GardePro E8 is a game camera that features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, allied to an invisible flash. It exhibits excellent picture and video quality, to go along with IP weatherproofing.

  • IP66 weatherproof
  • Wide angle of detection
  • Extremely quick trigger speed
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • High-resolution videos and photos
  • No-Glow flash
  • Field of view could be greater
  • Best video captured at low frame rate

GardePro E8 Game Camera Key Benefits and Features Review


With an image resolution of 32MP, this trail camera is in the upper end of trail camera image resolutions. It photo burst mode allows for the shooting of between one and five pictures once motion is detected.

Similarly, its video resolution is quite high, though is hampered by low frame rates. Better frame rates are experienced at a lower resolution, say 1080P (30 frames per second as opposed to 20 frames per second. Frame rates affect the capture of fast moving subjects.

The E8 trail camera also comes with a photo and video setting, which snaps a picture followed by recording a video, whenever motion is sensed. This setting diversifies your captures, and is widely used by those with trail cameras that offer the feature.

You can connect to the GardePro E8 remotely via the GardePro Mobile App, in a safe way. This will give you access to settings, videos and photos. This is thanks to its in-built Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. It is a free app that can be found on both Android and iOS stores.

Let us clear some misconceptions regarding Wi-Fi and Bluetooth cameras like the GardePro E8. It cannot connect to existing Wi-Fi networks. It creates its own, to which other devices connect. Secondly, it cannot send videos and photos to your phone.

Since it cannot connect to the internet, because it is not designed to. For a trail camera that can send photos to your phone, you would need a cellular game camera, such as the SpyPoint Link-Micro-LTE-V Cellular Game Camera (the camouflage camera pictured here).

The E8’s listed connection range is about 45 and 33 feet for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, respectively. This however can change depending on other factors.
Connecting to the GardePro E8 trail camera is a simple and quick process:

  1. Use the camera’s Bluetooth signal to connect to it: firstly, connect to the trail camera via Bluetooth
  2. Activate the E8: once established, the Bluetooth will allow for the activation of the Wi-Fi signal
  3. Locate the Wi-Fi signal using your device: once turned on, the E8’s Wi-Fi signal will be searchable from your device
  4. Connect to the E8’s Wi-Fi signal: connect to the camera using its Wi-Fi signal. Once connected, you will have access to the E8’s settings, videos and pictures.

PIR Motion Sensors

The GardePro E8 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth trail camera features three PIR sensors, allowing it to have a combined total of 120 degrees of detection angle.

The main PIR sensor is located centrally with a detection angle of sixty degrees. On each side of it are two secondary sensors of thirty degrees each.

The detection range is ninety feet, farther than most other Wi-Fi Bluetooth game cameras for sale on amazon.

Unwanted triggers are mitigated using adjustable sensitivity modes, using three levels: low, medium and high. The two side sensors have the capability of being turned off, further managing false triggers.

Trigger Speed

This trail camera’s trigger speed is 0.1 seconds, making it one of the leaders in this metric. Combined with its three PIR sensors, which fastens its trigger speed, plus its lengthy detection range, make missing any action close to impossible.

Recovery Time

Recovery time, or recovery rate, is the time it takes for a trail camera to ready itself to take a second picture, following the capture of the first one. Therefore, poor recovery time can lead to many missed photos.

The GardePro E8 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi game camera features a recovery speed of 0.5 seconds, which is really fast.


This wildlife camera has thirty six, 940 nm invisible flash LEDs, which offer fantastic illumination at the same time making sure it cannot be seen at night when taking pictures. Its flash range is at the upper limit of the best trail cameras at 100 feet.


Time lapse is a trail camera feature that allows for image capture at times that are predetermined by you. These times can be between two seconds or twenty four hours or anything in between.

Operating Timer

This feature is becoming more popular. It describes a trail camera monitoring an area at a particular time of the day. On the E8, this feature allows for video and image capture at times of your choosing. This feature both conserves batteries and storage space on your SD card.

LCD Display

The GardePro E8 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi camera trap has an in-built LCD display measuring 2.4 inches. With it you can view videos and photos, as well as toggle camera settings. Initial camera setup is also accomplished using this display.

Memory Card

512 GB is the maximum supported amount of storage space availed by this wildlife camera. We recommend the SanDisk 512GB, 256GB or 128GB Extreme PRO.

Password Protection

This safety feature is certainly a welcome one, especially if your hunting grounds are common ones. Simply create a 4-digit password via the camera’s settings, and enable it. After that, camera settings will only be accessed by punching in the password.


The GardePro gives back excellent battery life, with standby times of up to eight months. On the other hand, battery life is governed by usage, so the higher the usage, the faster they drain.

This wildlife monitoring camera uses eight AA batteries at a time. For best results, we recommend the ACDelco 10-year Shelf Life Super Alkaline AA batteries.

GardePro E8 Trail Camera External Power Options

This feature-rich game camera also comes with an external power supply input. It supports a power supply of 12 volts. We recommend the WingHome Solar Battery Charger Kit and Trail Camera Solar Panel.

Image Stamp

The E8 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi game camera from GardePro images feature image stamps for camera name, moon phase, temperature, time and date. The camera feature stamp is useful if you are running multiple game camera at once.

Final Thoughts

The GardePro E8 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth trail camera is a full-featured and versatile game camera. It is equipped with in-built Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, quick trigger speed, wide angle of detection and invisible nighttime flash.

Browning Strike Force HD Max Review

Browning have increasingly become more popular for their excellent trail camera offerings. They are sold in multiple forms, including traditional, cellular, low glow and no glow.

Below I’m going to look at several Browning trail cameras, including a Browning Strike Force Max Plus review and Browning Strike Force HD Pro X reviews.

What is Browning’s best trail camera?

The best trail camera that Browning makes is the entry level Browning Strike Force HD Max. Together with the Browning Dark Ops HD Max, they form a powerful tandem of entry level trail cameras from Browning.

Browning Strike Force HD Max Review

Similar to other Strike Force Browning trail cameras, the Strike Force HD Max is equipped with visible infrared flash, ensuring night images are slightly more exposed.

Both the detection and flash ranges are adjustable, which is best for photographing animals that are close to the camera, for example when aiming at a bird’s nest or a bait.

Another adjustable aspect of this Browning game camera is its detection speed, between 0.2 and 0.7 seconds.

Using variable features such as these, you can hone in even closer to your desired subject.
Additional Browning Strike Force HD Max specifications include:

  • Multilingual user interface
  • Capture timer
  • Dynamic time lapse and video function
  • 18MP photo resolution / video resolution of 900P
  • 80-ft motion detection range / flash range of 100 feet.

Check the price of the Browning Strike force HD Max at Amazon

Browning Dark Ops HD Max Review

The Browning series of trail cameras released in 2020 is led by the Browning Dark Ops HD Max.

Similar to all other Dark Ops trail camera models from Browning, the Dark Ops HD Max is equipped with very invisible infrared flash, making it less noticeable to both humans and animals when taking videos and photos.

Detection and flash ranges are adjustable, for close up photos, such as using a lure. Detection speed is also adjustable, between 0.2 and 0.7 seconds.

Additional Browning Dark Ops HD Max specifications are:

  • Multilingual user interface
  • Dynamic time lapse and video function
  • 18MP photo resolution / video resolution of 900P
  • 80-ft motion detection range / flash range of 80 feet.

Check the price of the Browning Dark Ops HD Max at Amazon

Other Exceptional Browning Trail Cameras

1. Browning Strike Force Max Plus

The new for 2021 entry level Browning trail camera is the Browning Strike Force MAX PLUS. It comes equipped with visible infrared flash, just like all other Browning Strike Force trail cameras.

This means night photos are slightly more exposed.
Detection and flash ranges are adjustable, as is detection speed, from between 0.135 seconds to 0.7 seconds.

Additional Browning Strike Force Max Plus specifications are:

  • Multilingual user interface
  • Capture timer
  • Dynamic time lapse and video function
  • Video resolution 900P and photo resolution 20MP
  • Compatible with SD cards of up to 512GB

Check the price of the Browning Strike Force Max Plus at Amazon

2. Browning Command Ops Elite

Browning’s cheapest trail camera is the Browning Command Ops Elite. Its low price does not mean it is not effective. Just the opposite. This Browning camera trap is feature-rich for its price, and is the best Browning trail camera for novice wildlife enthusiasts.
It features a low glow or visible infrared flash, and is designed to take both videos and photos.
Additional specs include:

  • Time lapse
  • Video resolution 720P / 18MP photo resolution
  • Compact size
  • Fast trigger

Check the price of the Browning Command Ops Elite at Amazon

3. Browning Recon Force Edge

The Browning Recon Force Edge is a relatively new model, released in 2020. Standout features include an ability to adjust flash and detection ranges. This aids in taking better close-up game photos. Detection time is also adjustable.
Additional features include:

  • Low glow flash
  • Variable detection and flash ranges
  • Time lapse
  • Dynamic video
  • Full HD 1080P video and 20MP photo resolutions

Check the price of the Browning Recon Force Edge at Amazon

4. Browning Patriot

This new for 2020 Browning trail camera model is an addition to Browning’s Dual lens model range. The lens and sensor have been finely combined to deliver razor-sharp and clear images both night and day. This includes military-quality invisible infrared flash or no-glow flash.

This Browning trail camera model is completely silent thanks to its dual lens setup, making it even more inconspicuous.
Additional offerings include:

  • Capture timer
  • Multi-language user interface
  • Time lapse
  • Dynamic video
  • Video resolution 1080P Full HD, 24MP photo resolution

Check the price of the Browning Patriot Trail Camera at Amazon

5. Browning Defender 940 Bluetooth/Wi-Fi

Described as a novel concept in game cameras upon its introduction, the Browning Defender 850 is packed with Browning’s best camera technology and features. This includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity through Browning’s trail cameras app.

You can now download after previewing clear 20MP photos and 1080P videos right to a tablet or phone, without retrieving them from your camera in your hunting area.

You can also adjust camera settings, as well as preview in real time camera images, from a remote location.

The Browning Defender 850 Wi-Fi Bluetooth trail camera can detect movement from a distance of up to 80 feet, while its infrared flash can be set to 3 settings: Fast Motion, Long Range and Power Save.

Check the price of the Browning Defender 940 Bluetooth / Wi-Fi

How to Make Sure Your Trail Camera is Waterproof

Manufacturers design trail cameras  to produce results in all sorts of inclement conditions. The best trail cameras can take photos through fog, heat and rain. While this is clearly impressive, your want to known how to make sure your trail camera is waterproof.

Trail cameras are resistant to water, rather than waterproof. They can work in snow and rain, but you should not submerse a game camera in water. Some models could survive brief immersion but this is not the rule.

Water Resistant Vs. Waterproof

Technically, waterproof means being impermeable by water. Trail cameras are water resistant, meaning they can resist water penetration to a certain level only. The IP rating of a camera determines how much water resistance it has.

What Is an IP Rating?

The Ingress Protection Rating (IPR) measures the resistance by a tool to liquids and dust. It covers a number global standards for electrical equipment and enclosures. Manufacturers use the measure to provide weatherproof ratings of various tools and devices.

Here is the best-selling Vikeri trail camera, which the manufacturers clam is waterproof.

What are IP Ratings for Trail Cameras?

The relationship between trail cameras and IP rating is a complicated one. While some manufacturers voluntarily disclose their product’s IP rating, many do not. Through anecdotal evidence however, many trail cameras tend to be water resistant rather than waterproof.

Trail Camera Housing Seals

Check the rubber seal of your trail camera housing. Most trail cameras employ one of two casket types: round gaskets and C gaskets. C gaskets are more common, as they are more reliable. The round gasket is easily replaceable at home while C gaskets are not, as they are permanently affixed.

Latches on Trail Cameras Should Be Tight

Housing latches and gaskets work together to keep your trail camera dry and working properly. Most trail cameras have either a one or two latching system on the housing doors. Ideally, the latches should tightly pull the door as well as close tightly.

The image here is the Stealth Cam G42NG with the latches clearly visible.


Sure, many trail cameras are water resistant. But when you have mounted the camera, you should ensure it maintains its standard of water tight quality. You can perform a number of simple precautionary maintenance checks.

Trail Camera Maintenance Tips

  1. Visually inspect for rips and wear to the gasket
  2. Ensure latches and hinges are tight, checking for loose clasps or pins, which can restrict latch closing
  3. Protect against gasket dry rot by applying rubber seal silicone-based protector once annually.
  4. Prevent dry rot by storing your trail camera in a cool, dry place over the off season.
  5. Should you notice any sealing problems, immediately contact the manufacturer for repair.

What are Waterproof Trail Cameras Used For?

Wildlife researchers and hunters use trail cameras to scout prey and document wildlife activities. People also use them for surveillance and home security, due to their versatility. In wet conditions such as rainy season, users obviously require a waterproof trail camera.

Watertight and Weather-Resistant Trail Cameras

Watertight and weather-resistant trail cameras are used close to water sources to capture photos of animals. Trail cameras are often mounted and left to capture wildlife for extended periods. They capture wildlife footage undisturbed by human commotion while placed in wilderness.

Are Trail Cameras Legal for Hunting in the USA?

In most US states using trail cameras for hunting is perfectly legal. The exceptions are Arizona and Kansas, which have outright banned their use for hunting. Eight states (Colorado, Delaware, Kentucky, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota and Utah) have institute “limited use” restrictions on the use of game cameras on public land during certain seasons and for various target species. Are trail cameras legal for use in the USA today? Overwhelmingly, yes.

What are the minimum requirements for using a trail camera for hunting?

  • In states that permit the use of game cameras (also called trail or scouting cameras) first check with the county wildlife authorities or the nature reserve managers to ensure that you may go ahead using them.
  • Whether you are hunting on private land or on public land, you should label the camera clearly with your name and contact details.  
  • Never hunt on private land without permission, and inform the owner that you intend using a trail camera or several of them.
  • When attaching the camera to a post or tree, preferable use a strap or cable tie rather than causing damage with a nail or screw. If you must use these then preferably use only one.

The Bushnell Trophy Game Camera – a favorite among hunters

What are hunting regulations in each US State for trail cameras?

Here is a table showing the status in each state with links to the applicable regulations.

NOTE: Please contact me via the contact page on this website if there are omissions, errors or any updates to trail camera regulations in your state. – Stewart McAllan.

AlaskaLIMITED USERegulations
ColoradoLIMITED USERegulations
KentuckyLIMITED USERegulations
MontanaLIMITED USERegulations
NevadaLIMITED USERegulations
New HampshireUNRESTRICTEDRegulations
New JerseyUNRESTRICTEDRegulations
New MexicoLIMITED USERegulations
New YorkUNRESTRICTEDRegulations
North CarolinaUNRESTRICTED Regulations
North DakotaLIMITED USERegulations
Rhode IslandUNRESTRICTEDRegulations
South CarolinaUNRESTRICTEDRegulations
South DakotaUNRESTRICTEDRegulations
UtahLIMITED USERegulations
West VirginiaUNRESTRICTEDRegulations

Guide to Buying a Verizon Deer Camera

Here’s how to pick the best Verizon deer camera. My list of top picks include the best deer trail cameras out there.

Verizon Hunting Cameras – Buying Guide

  1. You will save money with the best Verizon game camera
    Buying the best Verizon wildlife camera is the best way to save money. Items of lower quality will cost more eventually as they are less sturdy and require frequent replacement.
  2. The best Verizon home security cameras are made from the best quality materials
    The materials used in making the best Verizon game cameras are of very high quality. Thoughtful design, durable construction and quality ingredients underpin every Verizon wildlife camera.
  3. Verizon scouting cameras are easy to setup and use
    A product is more likely to be popular the easier it is to use. Finding the best product can be difficult, but if it is easy to use and satisfies your needs, than that is the best product for you.
  4. The best Verizon trail cameras are a worthy investment
    A quality product does not need much advertising. It is seen in its construction and design. While items made of durable materials might have higher up-front costs, they reliability will be worth it when considered against replacement costs.
  5. The best Verizon deer camera is simple to install
    The best Verizon trail camera for security purposes is also simple to install. It does not have to be complicated, just set up and you are ready. Simplifying your life and reducing stress is what the best Verizon game cameras do.
  6. The best Verizon deer scouting cameras provide the best customer service
    The best Verizon game camera makers ally themselves with the best in the business and therefore offer the best services needed to run them. They believe in the products and services and therefore offer guarantees and warranties.
  7. The best Verizon deer hunting cameras come with the best Verizon trail camera plan cost
    The best Verizon plans cost a reasonable amount thereby making Verizon deer scouting cameras worthwhile for the hunt.

The Best Verizon Trail, Game and Wildlife Cameras

1. Yellowstone.ai 4G LTE Wireless Cellular Game Camera with App for Security and Deer Hunting (Verizon)

For me this is the best Verizon trail camera. The Yellowstone 4G LTE Wireless Cell Camera allows you to receive photos on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Experienced users will appreciate its simple four-minute setup and activation process.

Videos are captured in Full HD 1080P, which are transmittable with a strong Verizon 4G connection. It takes between roughly thirty to sixty seconds for your phone to receive photos once captured.

For best results, you require a Yellowstone ai monthly data plan, although you do not need to sign any long-term contracts. Once you receive your cellular camera trap, your data plan will be activated once the simple instructions are followed.

Instructions are shipped with every camera sold.
Videos and images can be received through email and the app on any computer or phone, regardless of your personal dell provider.

2. Spartan 4G LTE GoCam Verizon Wireless Game Camera

The Spartan GoCam 4G/LTE powered by Verizon can be added to your existing Verizon data plan for a low cost as a ‘Connected Device’. No commitment long-term is required.

This Verizon hunting camera is compatible with both the Spartan mobile portal and web portal, the ultimate in photo and cellular trail camera management solutions.

In addition to its extensive Verizon trail camera coverage map, this device features first-time video sending, enhanced battery life and ultra-quick photo transmission.

3. SpyPoint Link Micro S LTE Solar Verizon Game Camera

The best solar cellular trail camera Verizon is the SpyPoint Link Micro S LTE Solar Cellular Verizon Trail Camera.

It offers an integrated solar panel, which directly charges the LIT-10 battery pack. Save money and time with this battery pack.
Human interference is the main negative impact on game and their habitats.

Switching your scouting strategy from traditional trail cameras to a Spypoint cellular trail camera greatly reduces the stress on the animals from frequent visits.

Verizon trail camera plans Spypoint offers the modern hunter the best mobile game scouting solution.

4. TactaCam Reveal X Cellular Verizon Trail Camera

The TactaCam Reveal X is described as the best Verizon remote scouting camera. It is ideally installed in limited access locations.

It is discreet and compact, powerful and durable. It can not only survive extreme weather but trigger quickly day or night with the animals none the wiser.

Its in-built Wi-Fi functionality connects to an app for live viewing and east setup. Instant photo capture operates on Verizon’s Nationwide 4G LTE network. Battery level and signal strength are clearly indicated by LED indicator.

Thumbnail images are uploaded once captured and HD photo requests are welcome. Manage and create photo folders.
No activation fees or contracts, use monthly data plans when you require them.

5. Covert WC Series LTE Cellular Verizon Trail Camera

The Covert WC Series LTE Cellular Trail Cam user-friendly Verizon trail camera boasts dependable performance. It sports premium resolution and convenient features.

Its superior technology and wireless transmission set it apart as a premium Verizon game camera.

Send photos instantly to the Covert Wireless App via the Verizon wireless network.

The app also features real-time camera interaction, guest access, settings changes and image viewing.

6. Moultrie MCG-13476 Delta Verizon Cellular Trail and Game Camera

When connected to Verizon’s coast-to-coast 4G coverage, this Moultrie Verizon wildlife camera can send scouting images toy our phone directly, as well as video with audio.

Equipped with built-in onboard GPS, this device can easily be located in the event of being stolen.

This Verizon trail camera excels at wildlife tracking and property security.

7. Cuddeback CuddeLink Cellular Verizon Hunting Camera

The Cuddeback Verizon Game Camera is compatible to CuddeLink.

CuddeLink is a system whereby up to twenty three additional Cuddeback Verizon remote scouting cameras can be linked together to form a network of twenty four cameras in total under one Verizon data plan.

This wildlife monitoring camera and its CuddeLink system are game changers when considering trail camera and technology usage.

It can be used in one of two cell modes, CuddeLink Cell Home or Solo. Email or text photos from up to twenty three additional CuddeLink Verizon cameras under one Verizon cell plan.

Hunting Cameras with Live Feed

Finally, a trail camera option that live streams exists! Just like regular game cameras, hunting cameras with live feed detect motion, followed by sending an alert to your phone that a picture has been taken.

However, a camera trap with live streaming capabilities also allows its owner to view live video directly on their phone. Game camera with live feed to phone wildlife cameras are a superb option both for monitoring wildlife and for security purposes.

Some Hunting Cameras with Live Feed

Is there a trail camera you can watch live?

The best trail cameras take pictures and record video once motion is detected, allowing for the monitoring of animals and the identification of trespassers. They humbly began with plain memory card storage, evolving into the newly-introduced live streaming trail game cameras.

With the introduction of the Spartan GoLive, which does not require electricity or Wi-Fi, this revolutionary trail camera is the first truly mobile trail camera solution.

Can a game camera be used for security?

In a security use case, home owners will now be able to tell apart actual break-ins from false alarms, responding accordingly.

Trail camera industry-leading data plans and live-feed capability make the Spartan GoLive the best option for serious property managers and hunters. View instant live-feed data. When the live feed feature is turned off, the GoLive operates like a traditional game camera.

Can game cameras send pictures cell phone?

The Spartan GoLive is seen as a technological breakthrough. Hunters are now able to receive an alert on their cell phone the instant motion is detected by their trail camera. Once this happens, the user can log into to the mobile app and watch the real time live feed.

The Spartan GoLive is GPS enabled as well, making it simpler to locate should it be misplaced or stolen.

An additional Spartan GoLive trail camera live stream deer hunting camera feature is its external power jack. Easily affix a portable solar panel and this best live stream trail camera can function indefinitely given sufficient sunlight. Battery life is a perfectly respectable 9 months or so using twelve Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries.

How do I enable Spartan GoLive?

The Spartan GoLive’s live feed capability is enabled via either an AT&T or Verizon data plan that is provided through Spartan. Various data plans are on offer depending on your intended streaming frequency.

Easy reference is provided by the Spartan GoLive’s backlit buttons. The user experience is optimized and simplified through the user friendly mobile app, Spartan Camera Management App.

What are the best cellular game cameras?

The best live feed trail cameras for sale is the Spartan GoLive Cellular Live-Streaming Trail Camera. It is a model with terrific trail camera reviews as being the most innovative cellular hunting game camera.

Its innovative technology allows for the watching of a live feed with the touch of a button. Definitely my choice as the best trail camera for hunting, the camera takes photos and records video on demand while simultaneously capturing and sending for faster video and image delivery.

Paired with the Spartan Camera Management App, its capabilities include remote settings updating and video and photo transmission. Whether for security or land management, this live streaming trail camera is the one for you.

Do trail cameras alert your phone?

The Spartan GoLive live-feed trail camera sends a notification to your phone when motion is detected. You then have the opportunity to log into is associated app to view a live feed of what your camera is shooting, in real time.

Check the price of the Spartan GoLive Trail Camera at Amazon

Cellular Game Camera Reviews

Welcome to my top cellular game camera reviews.

From longevity to quality and reception, there are various factors to consider when choosing best cellular trail camera. Below are our favorite best cellular trail camera for the money recommendations:

What are the Best Cellular Game Cameras?

1. TactaCam Reveal Cellular Trail Camera – Most Reliable


  • 12 AA batteries
  • Trigger speed of less than half a second
  • Over 95 feet of night flash range
  • 24MP photos
  • 4G technology
  • Verizon and AT&T network coverage support

The most reliable trail camera is the TactaCam Reveal. It is best utilized in areas with sub-par access due to its terrific reception.

It is discreet and small but offers powerful performance. It can handle adverse weather conditions, triggers fast and features low-glow IR for non-spooking nighttime photos.

What is the best mobile trail camera?

2. Covert WC Series LTE Cellular Trail Camera – Best Mobile


  • 12 AA batteries
  • 100-foot night flash range
  • 32MP photos
  • 4G technology
  • AT&T and Verizon Network compatibility

The Covert WC Series LTE Cellular trail camera is one among the best cellular game cameras available for sale on Amazon. It’s my favorite among these cellular game camera reviews. Its enhanced LTE technology improves both wireless function speed and battery life.

The Covert Wireless app manages camera settings, where features such as real-time camera interaction and changes to camera settings are also located.

This Covert cellular trail camera model transmits photos instantly once taken to the Covert Wireless app using either Verizon or AT&T.

What is the easiest cellular trail camera to use?

3. The UsoGood wifi 4K Game Camera with Night Vision – Easiest to Use


This easy to use trail camera boasts a trigger speed of 0.2 seconds and an LCD screen measuring 2 inches that allows for photo and video previews in real time on your smartphone.

Its detection range of 65 feet and detection angle of 120 degrees means you never miss a thing.

In addition, it offers image navigation modes, PIR intervals, video length, photo quality, time lapse mode and customizable settings.

4. SpyPoint Link Micro LTE Cellular Trail Camera – Also Easy to Use


• Half a second trigger speed
• 80-feet night flash range
• 10MP photos
• 4G technology
• AT&T and Verizon support

The SpyPoint Link Micro LTE continues in the footsteps of the revered Micro family of trail cameras, offering incredible performance at an affordable price. In many ways, it is one of the best wireless trail camera.

This model only shoots photos, albeit with multi-shooting capabilities. The app manages all camera settings, where the entire suite of high-tech scouting tools such as weather integration, mapping and advanced artificial intelligence species filters can be located.

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 Is Tactacam Coming Out With a New Cellular Camera?

The Gen 1 Tactacam Reveal cellular trail camera was introduced in 2020 and turned out to be a hot seller, with stock dwindling by mid-year because of its affordable price and its feature-rich offerings.

The Tactacam Reveal comes out in two versions:  Verizon and AT&T.

In mid-2021, Tactacam released the Reveal X cellular trail camera, to universal praise.

Only slightly more expensive than its forbear, it offered industry-leading cellular trail camera features at a very worthwhile price.

Also launched in October 2021 was the TactaCam Reveal XB Cellular Game Camera – AT&T and Verizon

The main differences between the TactaCam Reveal XB and the TactaCam Reveal X are:

  • Ability to switch between cellular networks on demand
  • Video requests
  • Operates on Verizon or AT&T LTE/4G networks
  • HD photos on demand
  • Visible flash is eliminated through no-glow infrared technology

Later in 2021, TactaCam unveiled the TactaCam Reveal SK, which features:

  • No glow infrared flash
  • Lockable front housing
  • Test photos can be scheduled
  • Photo bursts
  • You can request high-definition video from the app
  • Rechargeable solar

What is the best game camera on the market?

Creative XP GlassRaven 4G LTE Cellular Trail Camera


  • 0.35-Second trigger speed
  • 65-foot night flash range
  • 12MP photo resolution
  • 4G technology
  • AT&T and T-Mobile Networks
    • 12 AA batteries

This cellular trail camera AT&T grants you admission to a free online version, with extra journal editing features and custom mapping tools.

The Creative XP 4G LTE Cellular Game Camera offers night vision in Full HD up to 65 feet and records sparkling 12MP photos/1080P video, day or night.

Its Wi-Fi cellular capability allows for instant transmission of videos and photos captured to any US based email or phone.

Included in the purchase of this AT&T cellular trail camera is a 32GB SD card and SimHero SIM Card pre-loaded with 500 free pictures!

What cell service does Spypoint use?

How do cellular trail cameras work?

Cellular game cameras capture images in the same way traditional game cameras do. The difference is they then transmit the captured images using 4G cellular connectivity to a server. Depending on the cellular game camera, the two most common services are Verizon and AT&T.

A cell trail cam requires a data plan, much like you do with your smartphone. This is used to transmit captured images to your account from your device. Service providers offer monthly images, ranging from 100 to unlimited, depending on your usage and budget.

Does Spypoint use AT&T?

Yes, SpyPoint uses AT&T as well as Verizon.

This Nationwide trail camera model can hook up to the best signal from US cellular, Sprint and AT&T.

Best Trail Camera for Night Pictures   

Why search for the best trail camera for night pictures? Whatever the purpose for purchasing a trail camera, it is important that it performs great at night.

If the wildlife camera is for security reasons, night time surveillance will be of the utmost importance. This means accurate and detailed pictures of thieves or interlopers is crucial.

If the game camera is being deployed for hunting reconnaissance, taking clear and crisp photos of nocturnal animals is key, in order to learn their movements and tendencies.

Getting night photos with a trail camera

There are several factors that are important when judging a great nighttime trail camera. For example, an extended flash range will be important when taking pictures of animals that are some distance away. Also, a game camera that captures video in high definition will aid you in making better informed hunting decisions.

Game cameras for security purposes work best when combined with no-glow IR sensors, also known as imperceptible flash. This ensures potential thieves are not spooked by your camera’s presence, if they even notice it. This means pictures will detail their actions, as they happen.

This also extends to wildlife cameras for the purposes of wildlife monitoring. Similarly, a no-glow IR flash will ensure your potential targets are not spooked as you document their behavior.

Which are the best examples of night time trail cameras?

1. Browning Strike Force Pro XD Wildlife Camera

2. Bushnell Core Trail Camera, 30MP, No-Glow

3. Browning Strike Force Apex Game Camera

4. BlazeVideo Camera Trap with Night Vision

Do trail cameras take color pictures at night?

A best trail camera for great nighttime performance is fitted with what is known as Interline Transfer CCD. This type of sensor is more sensitive to light in comparison to CMOS sensors. This results in brighter and clearer low-light color shots, making for easier animal identification before dawn or at dusk.

Can you see a trail camera at night?

If you are looking into bolstering your home security with a wildlife camera, game cameras that come with invisible flash or no-glow/low-glow IR sensors are the way to go. This ensures potential thieves are not alerted to the presence of surveillance trail cameras. Similarly, nocturnal animals will not give away their presence as they are camouflaged, making them imperceptible.

How do trail cameras take pictures at night?

When the trail camera’s sensor is tripped, an infrared flash is emitted by the camera. This flash allows for nighttime photography without producing any visible light.

Why does my trail camera take black pictures at night?

The first place to check is the batteries. Consider their type and voltage.

Voltage: if the voltage being provided by the batteries is less than it should, this could lead to problems. 2 problems in particular could occur due to insufficient voltage.

First one is the camera stops working completely, shutting itself off. The second could be the camera will work in a sub-par manner. Some features may be affected, such as the IR flash, which is at the heart of nighttime photography.

Batteries: the battery type you use will affect camera performance.

Lithium batteries provide the most constant voltage, leading to consistent trail camera performance.

Alkaline batteries start off providing optimum voltage, but levels soon drop throughout their life cycle. They require more frequent changing, when compared to their lithium counterparts.

Rechargeable batteries feature the least amount of voltage of all. This has led to leading trail camera makers such as Bushnell trail camera, Campark trail camera, Stealth Cam trail camera and Browning trail camera discouraging their use.

The next place to check is the game camera’s flash.

Depending on the type of flash (No-Glow Infrared, Low-Glow Infrared and White Flash) fitted on to your wildlife camera, there could be several reasons leading to your camera taking black night pictures.

If your trail camera is fitted with Low-Glow illumination, place the camera in a completely darkened room and pass by it, looking out for the faint glow of it LEDs.

No-Glow illuminated game cameras will require either another camera, a video recorder or a smartphone to test whether it is working properly.

Walking in front of the trail camera in a dark room with one of the aforementioned devices will reveal the truth.

Another reason your trail camera would be taking black night pictures is issues with its infrared LED flash emitters. While made to last, they do fail sometimes.

What are Verizon Trail Cameras?

For hunters with a strong Verizon signal, there are a number of cellular trail cameras that work best, also known as Verizon Trail Cameras. These game cameras work best on this cellular network, for best results.

Where does Verizon sell trail cameras?

The best place to buy cellular trail cameras that work on the Verizon network is Amazon.com

Can I add a trail camera to my Verizon account?

As long as your device is compatible with the Verizon network, you can add a trail cam to your Verizon account. It will use the data that is on your data plan.

Once you have purchased the Verizon game camera, input the IMEI into their website. If the SIM card is handy, input it as well into their website.

Once compatibility is established, then the cellular wildlife camera will be activated by Verizon.

What trail cameras use Verizon?

Browning, Reconyx and SpyPoint manufacture Verizon-supported cellular game cameras.

How do I add a trail camera to my Verizon plan?

Your new Verizon wildlife scouting and tracking camera can be added onto an existing Verizon plan as a line of service. Alternatively, some cellular trail camera brands offer prepaid data services that lets you access the cellular network.

What are some Verizon trail camera plans?

There are two ways to connect your cellular trail camera to Verizon wireless. First, you can create a new plan that charges a standalone activation fee, onto which you can add more than one camera for a fee for each camera.

For those running more than one camera, this is an ideal data plan, as it is shared with every camera, decreasing its cost.

Secondly, you can add your cellular game camera to your shared Verizon data plan.

The Browning Defender Wireless Pro Scout

Highlights of this Verizon trail camera include outstanding battery life, extremely quick detection circuit, good videos and great photo quality. It also delivers high marks in reliability and performance.

Drawbacks include a lack of unlimited plan, lack of in-built viewing screen and not being able to send rapid-fire photos if the thumbnail is not set to By Schedule.

Check the price of the Browning Defender Trail Camera at Amazon

Reconyx HyperFire 2 Cellular

This cellular game camera gets over four months in battery life, is simple to set up, takes fantastic photos and is manufactured in the United States.

For serious game camera enthusiasts, this device is excellent as well as being a great investment.

Its disadvantages are not being able to send video, operating hours not being programmable and not having the option of a flat-rate unlimited images.

Check the price of the Reconyx HyperFire 2 Trail Cam at Amazon

Covert Blackhawk 20 LTE

This Verizon cell camera is as solid as they come, with its standout feature being its no-glow illumination properties, making it ideal for both security and game purposes.

This versatile product takes excellent photos and offers great battery life.

Its main downside is its slower trigger speed of 0.85 seconds.

Check the price of the Covert Blackhawk 20 LTE at Amazon

SpyPoint Link-Micro LTE (Verizon)

Affordability is this SpyPoint wildlife camera’s headline feature. Others include its ease of use and decent detection circuit.

For those that are less fussed by overall performance (not possible to program it internally, below average photo quality, inadequate battery life) this is a solid Verizon game camera due to it being the cheapest Verizon cellular camera trap.

Those dipping a toe into the world of trail cameras could do a lot worse than this trail camera. Also recommended for highly trafficked areas with higher chances of getting stolen.

Check the price of the SpyPoint Link-Micro LTE at Amazon

Browning Defender Ridgeline

This Browning model comes with fantastic battery life as well as the ability to send photos quickly. On the downside, it is difficult and clunky to set up.

Conveniently, it offers dual cellular carrier technology, whereby it ships with an in-built chipset for either AT&T or Verizon activation, along with pre-installed Verizon and AT&T SIM cards.

Check the price of the Browning Defender Ridgeline at Amazon

SpyPoint Link S Dark

This top-of-the-range SpyPoint Verizon Wildlife Camera offers an in-built solar panel for additional power – the eight AA Lithium batteries combined with the internal rechargeable battery pack – for extended battery life.

Check the price of the SpyPoint Link S Dark Trail Cam at Amazon

Stealth Cam Reactor

This Verizon hunting camera features a nifty design and takes great daytime photos but it is hurt by its poor battery life, so-so detection circuit and below-average night illumination.
It does suffer though from reliability issues and its photo quality is average.

Check the price of the Stealth Cam Reactor Trail Cam at Amazon

What Are the Top 10 Cell Trail Cams for Hunting?

As technology becomes more widespread, it goes down in price. This leads to higher uptake of these wildlife monitors. Why pick up one of the top 10 cell trail cams for hunting? Well, you will quickly learn that successful hunts are less intrusive, with wireless game cams leading the way.

If you have ever wondered to yourself the direction game cameras are heading in, this is it. Several years ago, there were very few manufacturers offering cellular options. Nowadays, almost every company offers at least one in their model range.

Here are the Top 10 Cell Trail Cams for Hunting

1. Browning Defender Wireless

The latest cell trail hunting cam from Browning, available for Verizon and AT&T networks, can send HD video clips and photos to a mobile device. For me this is the best best hunting camera.

Other features of this 20MP Defender are high-quality night photos (Illuma-Smart Tech), configurable detection range and trigger speeds and a 2-inch color display.

A range of data plans are both affordable and flexible, depending on the quantity of cameras and the number of pictures you need.

Check the price of the Browning Defender Trail Camera at Amazon

2. Bushnell Impulse

If you are searching for a contract-less cellular trail camera that offers live views right from your phone, the new Impulse from Bushnell is a worthy contender. Image recovery is a claimed one second, and it offers 150’ Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connectivity.

The Bushnell Impulse cell game cam also comes with an Anti-Theft Mode that uses GPS to make sure that you can track your camera down.

Check the price of the Bushnell Impulse Trail Camera at Amazon

3. Covert AW1

This latest 20MP Covert AW1 is available for both Verizon and AT&T networks. It can shoot in ten photo bursts, can send you five second video clips with sound and can shoot any deer up to 100 feet away.

A trigger speed of 0.4 seconds and a field of view of 58 degrees round out this cell camera trap’s offerings.
Photos can be viewed on the Covert Wireless mobile app and web portal.

Check the price of the Covert AW1 Trail Camera at Amazon

4. Cuddeback CuddeLink Gen 2

The cell wildlife cams for hunting mold was broken with the CuddeLink system Gen 1. That system allowed for daisy chained trail cameras to communicate with one another and then send photos to a single home camera (Dual Cell).

In addition, this system provides you with every image captured from up to twenty four networked cameras. These are then transmitted to the Dual Cell, then onto your device through Verizon or AT&T LTE service.

While prices can depend of the number of cameras being deployed and their models, this system can be an inexpensive way of completely monitoring deer.

Check the price of the Cuddeback CuddeLink Gen 2 at Amazon

5. Moultrie XV-6000

This wireless game cam is one of the most underrated steals in the cell hunting cam market. Once the Moultrie Mobile App is downloaded, purchase a plan, and get ready to receive photos on your device as deer walk by.

Using its 16MP sensor, it offers a trigger speed 0.9 seconds while its Illumi-Night Sensor ensures nighttime photos are as crisp as those captured during the day.

Also, video comes in at a Full HD resolution, saved onto your SD card, as it can’t send video to your device.

Check the price of the Moultrie XV-6000 Trail Camera at Amazon

6. Spypoint Link-Micro-S-LTE

For users who have battery life anxiety, the Spypoint Link Micro S LTE is the cell cam for you. Its party piece is its integrated solar panel linked to its battery pack (LIT-10 rechargeable lithium).

Features such as its trigger speed of 0.4 seconds, detection range of eighty feet and flash range of eighty feet mean you never miss a thing. LTE means photo transmission is excellent.

Check the price of the Spypoint Link-Micro-S-LTE at Amazon

7. Stealth Cam Fusion Wireless

Wireless trail cams for hunting can sometimes be a pain to set up, making the QR shortcut offered by this Stealth Cam model quite the shortcut.

It is very easy to connect to Global, Verizon or AT&T, with pictures rolling in immediately.

This 26MP camera uses a NO GLO illumination system allied to a trigger speed of 0.8 seconds to shoot quality pictures of deer and other wildlife, whether moving fast or slowly walking.

Check the price of the Stealth Cam Fusion Wireless at Amazon

8. Wildgame Innovations Insite Cell

The Insite Cell, the latest from Wildgame Innovations, works in conjunction with their app, Huntsman. Significantly, The camera automatically examines photos and aids in plotting out your hunting strategy.

Imagery is optimized by its Tru-Dual Cams, whatever time the pictures are shot. This wireless game cam for deer hunting works via any network, across the country.

It also allows you to receive live streams from the camera to your device. Nighttime illumination is provided it LightOut invisible IR flash system.

Check the price of the WI Insite Cell Trail Camera at Amazon

9. Spartan GoCam Ghost 4G/LTE Blackout

This cell wildlife cam pushes the envelope with its futuristic design and features, this Spartan GoCam model is one of the best invisible cellular game cameras that hunters have available for purchase.

Using its pre-installed SIM card and dedicated cell network, users should download the Spartan mobile app for viewing of the camera’s output.

The anti-theft GPS feature is also key to this wireless camera trap for hunters. It allows for remote tracking – even if the external battery is off.

Its trigger time of 0.4 seconds and dependable motion sensor are more upsides to this cell wildlife monitoring cam for deer scouting.

Check the price of the Spartan GoCam Ghost 4G/LTE at Amazon

10. Muddy Cellular Camera

Last but not least among the top 10 cell trail cams for hunting is this affordable Muddy cell scouting cam.

This game hunting option may be humble in price but can duke it out with the rest of them.

Its performance belies its modest 16 MP image resolution, with well-lit and clear photos.

Combined with a less-than-one second trigger speed, this 70 foot flash and detection ranged wireless game cam for wildlife monitors is a budget option without compromises.

Check the price of the Muddy Cellular Trail Camera at Amazon

Why is the Sesern Trail Camera So Popular?

Hunters asking themselves, why is the Sesern Trail Camera so popular? And not only among fellow trail camera users, but on Amazon as well?

Trail cam users like the Sesern trail cam because it’s a good deer hunting camera in this price bracket. It’s water resistant, shoots 20MP color photos during the day, and is simple to use. Night time pictures are in black-and-white, but they are crisp and clear. Video quality is another of its strengths, as it shoots in Full HD 1080P.

Add to these specs a subtle camo finish to the casing and you have an exceptional camera – just with these features.

But there’s more.

More Great Features of the Sesern Trail Camera

The Sesern’s in-built LCD screen measuring 2.4 inches allows you to review all that it shoots and records.

When buying the Sesern from Amazon, you will receive extra accessories such as a mounting strap and threaded tripod, for use in setting it up. In addition, a USB 2.0 card aids Wi-Fi operations.

This device can shoot in either hybrid mode or at set intervals, adding to its many ways you can customize the camera.

Eight AA batteries power the Sesern trail camera, and you can extend battery life  by configuring it in stand-by mode.

The camera senses movement from up to 65 feet away, combined with half a second trigger speed means the camera misses nothing of importance.

The Sesern’s no-glow night flash assures you not only of vivid videos and photos, but not alerting your subject that they are being recorded.

  • Weather-proof
  • Night no-glow flash capability
  • Detailed and vivid images, day or night
  • Battery life is extendable via stand-by mode
  • Camouflage pattern blends in with surroundings
  • Decent detection range
  • SD memory card and batteries sold separately

Check today’s price of the Sesern Trail Camera at Amazon now!

Meyer Trail Cameras Capture Hunters’ Attention

One upcoming deer tracking manufacturer in particular has caught the eye of many enthusiasts, namely Meyer Trail Cameras.

More About Meyer Trail Cameras

Many deer hunters have embraced the use of trail cameras as a valuable asset in pre-season deer scouting.

Property owners as well have increasingly seen the worth of game cameras for property security and surveillance. And this means numerous entities have come into the trail camera market in recent years.

Owner Scott Meyer and his trail camera outfit Meyer Trail Cameras are based out of Festus, Missouri. Significantly, he has always had a fascination for the outdoors, and particularly hunting.

Prior to launching his company, he used many trail cameras from different manufacturers before deciding to make his own.

Meyer says he aims to become every hunters’ go-to game camera provider, where he specializes in reliability and quality, saying he is proud of his products and stands behind them. He backs this up by offering a 2-year warranty. Importantly, success in the wild is what he says he wants to bring his customers.

Meyer hunting cameras are not only compact, but are designed to be undetectable, featuring complete ‘no glow’. Meyer game cameras are made to be reliable with extended battery life for perching in secluded spots that don’t require constant interference. The company also focuses on exemplary customer service, ensuring the satisfaction of every customer.

The Meyer wildlife cameras team have all delighted in the outdoors for lots of years, trying out and using a host of different hunting cameras. Their collective ideas on what makes a great trail camera is distilled into Meyers trail cameras products.

Presently, Meyer trail cameras offers three models:

1. Meyer HL-2

This Meyers deer tracking camera model features 34 LEDs, no-glow illumination and extended battery life. In addition, its 10MP sensor shoots super clear photos, the camera can be set up very fast and is designed compactly. It is no bigger in size than a cell phone.

Check the price of the Meyer HL-2 Trail Camera at Amazon

2. Meyer HL-1

This Meyer Wildlife Monitoring Camera also features 48 no-glow infrared LEDs, extended battery life and takes super-clear 12MP pictures night and day as well as 1080P video with audio.

Rounding out its standout features are a 2-year warranty and a 2.4-inch color display.

3. Meyer X-9

The range-topping camera from Meyer Hunting and Scouting Cameras is the Meyer X-9. On top of being compact, it is also waterproof and offers a super-wide 130-degree wide angle lens, useful in shooting video and images with additional width of coverage.

Its detection range stretches out to 78 feet, with sound. It comes with a camo cover in tree bark color, 2-ft color screen and a 0.7 second trigger time.

Final Thoughts

In closing, there are numerous trail camera companies that have failed after attempting to breach the sector. Their products at times did not meet expectations, customer service goals and longevity targets. Meyer trail cameras have the reliability, quality and design attributes to be one of the ones that make it.

Check the price of the Meyer HL-2 Trail Camera at Amazon

Why do Hunters Choose Cuddeback Trail Cameras?

When researching the best trail cameras, several brand names pop up frequently – Bushnell, Moultrie and GardePro, to highlight a few. However, an often overlooked brand is Cuddeback, who produce affordable and reliable trail cameras.

In this article, I’ll look at several Cuddeback products, the system that operates them all while attempting to answer the most common trail camera-related question: which Cuddeback trail camera should I buy?

Cuddeback game cameras do not come with fancy extras, but accomplish the basics exceptionally. They are solidly built and trigger consistently. (The above photo appears in the gallery at Cuddeback.com).

The Cuddeback Trail Camera Range

Cuddeback X-Change Game Hunting Camera20MP daytime and nighttime color photos0.25-second trigger speed
Cuddeback CuddeLink Cell (Verizon)Two cell modes – CuddeLink Cell Home or Solo ModeIncorporate up to twenty four cameras, forming a network on a single cell plan
Cuddeback H-145320MP images,
More than 100 feet of flash range
Easy to understand arrangement and organization
Cuddeback CuddeLink Long RangeLink up to twenty four trail cameras that daisy chain automatically for expansive range extensionBuilt-in CuddeLink trail camera-to-trail camera network, no additional gear required.
Cuddeback CuddeLink Trail CamerasQuarter second trigger speed, one to two second recovery speedZone control, premium sensor

What Sets Cuddeback Wildlife Cameras Apart?

1. Durability and Battery Power

Depending on the model, Cuddeback scouting cameras can mounted and left to record for between six months to one year. For those that want or need it, there are battery boosting add-ons such as the Cuddeback CuddePower Battery Booster.

This compact battery booster can give you 4 times the power that is provided by eight AA batteries. For those that mount trail cameras in sub-freezing and freezing temperatures, the battery booster pack can be a huge asset, as batteries are spent faster in colder temperatures than in hotter conditions.

Cuddeback equipment is manufactured to endure in any weather, resulting in all their hunting cameras being waterproof. However, some users contend with very harsh cold and scorching heat. For those customers, we advise complimenting your setup with a Cuddeback Camera Case. Not only does it protect your camera trap from heat, rain and snow, it is a very good anti-theft solution as well.

2. Mesh Networking

A huge Cuddeback selling point is their wireless mesh network connecting their hunting cameras. Known as CuddeLink, this system allows you to monitor up to fifteen Cuddeback trail cameras from a single hub. This hub can either be your email or a ‘home’ camera.

This means individual cameras do not have to be checked, adding up to long distances covered, and also, scents left behind that may spook the game.

3. Transmission Distance

When hung in a solidly forested region, the typical transmission range between two trail cameras is a quarter-mile to half-a-mile. In more open spaces, the trail camera-to-trail camera distance can cover slightly more than a mile.

When multiple devices are in use, the signal can be transmitted much further as the cameras form a daisy-chain, covering more than four miles of distance.

Please remember that these numbers represent average ranges, which can vary based on factors such as extreme weather or terrain elevation.

4. Connectivity

CuddeLink is ideal for those that reside close to the area being monitored, and users on another geographic location. Depending on the context, two options are available to you: Cell and On-Side.

CuddeLink On-Site – This option is aimed at landowners or hunters who live on or close to their property. For example, if fifteen cameras are mounted throughout a large tract of land, the system will send, automatically, all captured images to a single designated Cuddeback wireless ‘Home’ image receiver. This saves you from visiting every camera individually.

Once received, images are stored on an onboard SD memory card.

CuddeLink Cell – This option works in much the same way as the CuddeLink On-Site system, main difference being the images are sent to your email rather than saved on an SD card.
This ups the convenience, as SD card retrieval is taken off the table by checking your phone for alerts or your computer for notifications. This convenience is however not free, as it comes with a monthly charge.

Data usage is the basis for billing, which is itself based on a Cuddeback proprietary cellular network system, which allows for communication via an LTE Home Unit.

5. User Friendliness

Cuddeback trail camera systems are very simple to use. Trail camera interfaces are intuitive without needless bells and whistles.

Check today’s prices of Cuddeback trail cameras at Amazon

Top Rated Trail Cameras at Amazon

The top rated trail cameras at Amazon can shoot exquisite candid shots of game as well as other wildlife that would be otherwise prove difficult to track in any other way.

Also referred to as wildlife cameras or game cameras, these devices are designed specifically to be employed remotely to allow users to avoid interrupting wildlife.

However, due their camouflage design, trail cameras can be also used for home or business security. The reason for this is the Amazon choice rated trail cameras can capture both still images and video footage, are durable and waterproof.

The most highly regarded game cameras on Amazon

Amazon’s best reviewed trail cameras are typically colored in plain earth colors or camouflaged, making them blend in with their surroundings thereby being undetectable by their potential subjects.

Lighting emitted by the best trail cameras on Amazon is often discreet but at the same time light up foreground elements and subjects in the darkest of spots. This illumination is usually powered by IR technology, which aids in not alerting ultra-aware or flighty subjects.

Other features of the best bang for your buck game cameras on Amazon include high recording resolution, remote image viewing and solar panels, which either compliment or negate battery power. This is because batteries need replacing on a regular basis..

The top rated trail cameras on Amazon

1. The best multi-purpose game camera on Amazon: Browning Defender

The Browning Defender is my pick the best game camera for multiuse purposes available for sale on Amazon. It delivers 20MP photos and Full HD footage that are deliverable to your smart device or laptop through 4G/LTE protocols.

One disadvantage is its high battery usage, though it can be explained by it being designed for use in remote areas with difficult access.

It is completely waterproof, as well as offering low-glow infrared illumination, which makes it totally undetectable when invisible IR is engaged, perfect for security purposes and wildlife monitoring.


• 16 AA batteries
• 2” color LCD
• Audio recording
• Infrared night vision
• Up to 512 SD card memory
• 2-minute video length
• 1920x1080P video
• 20MP photos

  • 4G/LTE properties
  • 20MP pictures
  • 16 AA batteries
  • Expensive

Check the price of the Browning Defender Trail Camera at Amazon

2. The Most Reliable Game Camera Featuring Night Vision on Amazon – Bushnell CelluCORE 20

The Bushnell CelluCORE 20 is a decent highly rated wildlife camera for sale on Amazon, from renowned camera trap maker Bushnell.

Bushnell trail cameras are famous for their dependability, as well as packing great features at reasonable prices. Its infrared light of 80 feet records clearly, and its Full HD video recording ensures video clarity.

While it captures still images at 20MP, it also transmits photos using 4G LTE, meaning it does not have to be visited as often.


• 20MP still resolution
• 1080P @ 30fps video resolution
• 30 seconds video recording
• 32 GB maximum SD card capacity
• Audio recording
• Infrared night vision
• LCD display for settings only
• 12 AA batteries

  • Great night vision
  • High resolution photos
  • No power option other than AA batteries
  • Not wireless

Check the price of the Bushnell CelluCORE 20 at Amazon

3. Best Cellular Camera Trap – SpyPoint Link-S-Dark

This well-reviewed Spypoint camera trap on Amazon adds a welcome feature for those who prefer to review camera output remotely. It being a cellular trail camera allows it to connect with the Spypoint app directly on your laptop, tablet or smartphone for reviewing images or video from the comfort of your home.

The solar panel drip feeds power to the rechargeable li-on battery, resulting in close to unlimited battery power. This aspect makes this one of the most ideal game cameras for distant areas or places you want to avoid disturbing wildlife.

Detection distance is a healthy 100 feet and camera shooting occurs in color during the day and night infrared combined with no glow illumination means the animals will not notice a thing.


• 12MP photo resolution
• 1080P video recording
• 90 seconds video length
• 32GB maximum SD Card
• Low-Glow LEDs night vision
• Audio recording
• Color LCD measuring 2 inches
• 8 AA batteries or rechargeable lithium ion, solar power

  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Solar power
  • Transmits images via 4G LTE
  • Cellular use incurs monthly fee

Check the price of the SpyPoint Link-S-Dark at Amazon

4. Best Overall and Top Rated Trail Camera on Amazon – Bushnell Core DS No Glow

Unlike many other top rated trail cameras you will find on Amazon, the Bushnell Core DS No Glow features two camera sensors. The first is optimized for day use while the second one for night.

Combined with its ‘almost invisible’ LEDs, this Bushnell model can capture exciting photos of every animal that crosses its path, even the shyest ones.

  • Nearly invisible illumination
  • 2 image sensors
  • Waterproof body
  • Lack of wireless connection

Check the price of the Bushnell Core DS No Glow at Amazon

Snyper Trail Camera – An Affordable Game Camera

Finally, there is a cellular wildlife camera that bucks the high-price trend, the Snyper Trail Camera.

Price is one factor that dissuades many hunters from enjoying the convenience brought about by wireless trail cameras. Trail cameras can cost several times the price of a traditional game camera.

The Snyper wireless hunting camera is both affordable and a very good camera trap.

Snyper Trail Camera Overview

  • Trigger time of 4 seconds
  • Blackout flash
  • Stand-alon or wireless use
  • 12MP pictures
  • 12V power plug not included
  • Average battery life

How do you set up a Snyper trail camera?

This device operates on all Canadian and American carriers. Through the SIM Hero SIM card, it will choose automatically the carrier with the best reception. This improves upon regular cellular trail cameras that are deigned to work on a particular carrier.

Camera setup can take some time, and it involves downloading the Snyper smartphone app onto your smartphone, then configuring setup settings in the trail camera itself and activating the SIM card on a website.

Once setup is complete, there will be data charges to pay, not on the app but on the website (my.simhero.com).

Two issues with this this camera are it cannot be configured to send in ‘batch’ mode, it only sends them as it takes them. Secondly, on the fly settings changes cannot be carried out from your phone, due to it not incorporating two-way communication.

While not exactly a cheap trail cam, this model is certainly cost-effective.

Check the price of th
e Snyper Trail Camera at Amazon

How do I connect my trail camera to my phone?

Included with your Snyper scouting camera is a SIM card, which will require activating in order to send photos. Once activated, the camera is ready for setup. Ensure the antenna, batteries SD card and active SIM card are all installed into the camera.

Once the camera is powered on, it will search for the most established cell network. Once the cellular signal is established, go into the menu and find ‘send to’, then pick ‘email’ then clock on ‘email1’. Into ‘email 1’ enter the email address that the photos will be sent to.

For photos to be received through the Snyper phone app, the number to the SIM card will be entered into ‘email 1’.
Take a test photo and you should get it within several minutes on your smartphone.

Are cellular trail cameras illegal?

Certain states are in advanced stages of implementing wireless trail camera restrictions, while one has so far banned them year-round and statewide.

The apparent origin of the debate was the hanging of wireless trail cameras over waterholes located on public land, which apparently resulted in disagreements between wildlife officials and hunters over excessive wildlife disturbance.

What are some Snyper trail camera plans?

To choose a Snyper trail cam plan, follow the SIM card setup instructions:

  1. At my.simhero.com, sign up and enter the required information. The registration code to the SIM card can be found under the package’s SIM hero card.
  2. Select your preferred data plan and enter billing information. You can pay for your new plan after checking out (select auto-renew if you do not want to go through the process on a monthly basis).
  3. The data should be activated in ten minutes or so.

Snyper Game Camera Summary

Similar in many ways to the Snyper General 3G Wireless, the Snyper Commander 4G Wireless sends photos faster to your email address or mobile phone due to its 4G connection.

Its wireless functionality makes it ideal for security purposes, for example at a vacation home and for remote area observation, such as a bird’s nest.

You can send the camera a text message for confirmation that it is working as it should.

Check the price of the Snyper Trail Camera at Amazon

Stewart Reviews the Moultrie XV 6000

Do you live some distance from your hunting grounds? Would you like a trail camera with added cellular functionality to aid in your monitoring of your property? The Moultrie XV 6000 cellular trail camera is the device you need.

With its lower price, affordable data plans and easy to use mobile app the Moultrie  XV 6000 is an outstanding cellular wildlife camera option for your consideration.

How do I install my Moultrie XV 6000?

The Moultrie XV 6000 game camera requires the user to install a mobile app on a  cell phone in order to receive photos. And then it allows the user to configure preferences.

Among the information you can view on the Moultrie smartphone app are battery status, cellular network signal strength, amongst others.

The Moultrie mobile app is lightweight, meaning your device’s storage will not be filled by it. Importantly, the app is downloadable both for iOS and Android.

Are Moultrie game cameras any good?

If you are looking for a well-priced method to monitor your feeder or food plot, the a Moultrie cellular trail camera is a good option.

With its range of data plans, feature-rich mobile phone app, great price and cellular connectivity, this device should be considered by all trail camera enthusiasts. (Here are instructions on how to set it up.)

Check the price of the Moultrie 6000 Trail Camera at Amazon

How do I activate my Moultrie camera?

In order to get images sent to your tablet or phone, you will need to download the Moultrie Mobile App. This app simplifies image viewing in a straightforward way, with the help of several features:

  • Interactive mapping, handy for those that have hung several cameras in various locations
  • New feature announcements
  • Payment and data plan management
  • Custom notifications
  • Automatic image filtering
  • Remote camera access
  • Settings toggling

All cellular game cameras come with two main expenses – the camera itself and the data plan charges that make it work.

With both the Moultrie 6000 models – XA 6000 works on the AT&T network while the XV 6000 works on the Verizon network. Please pick the model that works best in your area of coverage. Also, you don’t have to pick the model that is on the same provider as your phone.

On both networks, every plan include:

  • No contracts
  • Advanced photo recognition
  • On demand HD image downloads
  • Unlimited free cloud storage
  • Pay annually or monthly

Currently, there are five plans from which you can choose:

  • Monitor plan – One hundred monthly images
  • Standard plan – One thousand monthly images with the option of adding five hundred more images for a nominal fee
  • Large plan – One thousand five hundred monthly images with an option of adding five hundred more images for a nominal fee
  • Unlimited plan (our recommended plan) – unlimited monthly images
  • Pro plan – (ideal for those with more than three Moultrie 6000 cellular trail cameras). Unlimited monthly images with the option of adding multiple cameras for a nominal fee per camera monthly

As we can see, there are a range of great options from which to choose, any of which are bundled with perks like advanced photo recognition, high quality photo downloads and cloud storage.

How many batteries do Moultrie XV and XA cell cams take?

Cellular game cameras consume more power when compared to regular camera traps. The Moultrie XV and XA 6000 cameras are powered by twelve AA batteries. When using batteries of high quality, this should translate to about 3 months of undisturbed use.

Check the price of the Moultrie 6000 Trail Camera at Amazon

Is the Spartan Ghost Trail Cam Next Level?

The Spartan Ghost is the ultimate in covert operation, blending seamlessly into any environment.

Producing 10 still-shots per seconds and full HD video with sound, this wifi trail camera sends images wirelessly to phone, PC or tablet in a 75 yard range.

The Spartan Ghost is suitable for hunting, observing wildlife or securing a home property.


Hunters and wildlife enthusiasts are often eager to find ways of catching elusive animals without disturbing their natural habitat. Spartan’s Ghost Trail Camera doesn’t disrupt the surrounding environment with its human-made, unnatural presence.
It uses wireless connection so you’re not limited by cords that can be seen or tripped over. The camera has an extended detection range of 75 feet, so it captures all movements happening inside your target area.
The Trail Camera batteries are hidden in a place where there isn’t much heat activity: the base station. This low-activity location provides stealthy power usage while also gathering useful information about temperature changes and light levels at night.
The durable housing makes this trail cam suitable for any area of the country.

Home Security

When you need to keep an eye on what’s going on right outside your doors, the new Spartan Ghost trail camera is the answer.

This affordable camera has a detection range of 75 yards, and it is wired with 20 infrared LEDs that allow you to take clear snapshots in low light and at night so you never have to worry about missing anything important.

It provides clear video without any blurring or distortion that might compromise security; perfect for close-range surveillance all day long as well as covert missions through dusk.

Observing Wildlife

There are several features within this durable little machine that make it perfect for scouting out whatever wilderness pursuit takes your fancy: from animal trackers and photographers to hunters of all stripes who want a foolproof way to find their prey at night.

The Spartan Ghost trail camera has a Detection range of up to 75 feet and Wireless capability. You can also use this rainy areas, with its IP65 waterproof rating. The battery will last about a month, so even if you use it every day so you won’t have to charge it very often.


The Spartan Ghost trail camera is made of durable, waterproof material. This surveillance tool is hardy and made for any terrain or environment; record anything from birds in the sky to animals and people on earth.

Includes a wireless connection with live streaming capability so you can see what’s happening at all times near the hunting hide or inside your home with the camera mounted outside.

Check today’s price of the Spartan Ghost Trail Camera at Amazon

What is the Best Bluetooth Game or Trail Camera?

A good Bluetooth game camera should be an essential part of your hunting repertoire if on-demand footage review is a factor you deem important.

The best Bluetooth wildlife cameras offer a lengthy battery life, quality photos and decent infrared range. Below are my recommendations.

What is the Best Bluetooth Game Camera?

1. Browning Defender 850

The best Bluetooth trail camera is the Browning Defender 850.
This model provides High Definition video recording at a 1920×1080 output resolution. The recordings can last five seconds to two minutes per shooting.

Photograph resolution stands at 20MP. In addition to being a Bluetooth-enabled trail camera, it also offers in-built Wi-Fi technology. Using its long range, it can also be used as a surveillance trail camera.

Its flash range extends to 120 feet while 80 feet is its detection range. It uses 4 lithium batteries.

Videos and photos can be saved locally using an SD card and video content is recorded by its Smart IR mode.

Finally, its recovery time is quick and its trigger speed is fast, making this our favorite Bluetooth game camera.

  • Infrared flash
  • Compact construction
  • 20MP sensor
  • Sound recording mic
  • HD video recording
  • Bundled with mounting bracket
  • SD card supported
  • Lack of 4K video recording
  • Rapid Fire shooting is limited

Check the price of the Browning Defender 850 Cam at Amazon

2. Runner Up: CamparkCam Wi-Fi Bluetooth trail cam

The best Bluetooth trail camera runner up is the CamparkCam Wi-Fi Bluetooth trail camera.

This CamparkCam model connects via a free downloadable app called the Hunting Camera Pro. You can opt to connect through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to the camera. Both work similarly within the app.

When at home, you will need to disconnect your phone from the home Wi-Fi and reconnect using the Wi-Fi hotspot emitted by the camera.

Between the two, the longer range is noticed with the Wi-Fi connection, but may consume more camera power. In a case like this, options are great, so having both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to pick from is a bonus.

The connectivity between app and phone is impressive overall. It quickly connects without hassles.

Unfortunately, the app displays photos as thumbnails.

The versions that contain the full resolution will have to be downloaded to your phone. However, the thumbnails will approximate what is saved.

CamparkCam Wi-Fi Bluetooth Trail Camera Picture and Video Quality

For its price, this Bluetooth trail camera is impressive, both in picture and video quality and its Bluetooth connectivity.

Video resolution is configurable to either 1920×1080, 30fps or 1728×1296, 30fps.

Unlike many other trail cameras that accept up to 32GB SD cards, this model accepts a mighty up to 128GB, for added storage.


Its modern chipset makes this Bluetooth game camera truly mighty. Its higher SD card capacity is also welcome, as it not only stores more pictures, but means you don’t have to visit its mounting place as often. Combined with its excellent Bluetooth connectivity, this device is ideal for monitoring game or for property security.

Check the price of the CamparkCam Mini Game Camera Amazon

Is There a Solar Powered Trail Camera?

Trail cameras come with many features that will determine the camera’s price. But is there a solar powered trail camera and is this an important feature?
There are many solar trail camera models,totally rigged up with solar energy capabilities built into the game camera.

One example of a solar powered trail camera is the Solar-Dark camera from Spypoint with its integrated solar panel technology (pictured here). You don’t have to be bound to your camera keeping an eye on its battery life.

The camera’s lithium battery is powered by a solar panel, and this means an unlimited supply of battery power.

Solar power means a much longer battery life

Solar powered trail cameras – such as the 12 MP My Animal Command Powered Solar Trail Camera – come with 1080P video resolution. The Animal Command Solar panel is highly sought after as you don’t have to be constantly checking the battery. People are inclined to think that a solar powered trail camera and a solar panel add-on are one and the same, but they’re not.

The solar powered trail camera comes with a small solar panel. If you use a solar panel as an add-on to your trail camera, you get a boost in your battery backup. You can increase the battery time of your trail camera which isn’t possible with a trail camera that comes with an integrated solar panel.

Check the price of the Animal Command Trail Camera at Amazon

Great features of the My Animal Command Solar Trail Camera

You can expect wonderfully clear pictures because of the Auto IR Filter. The camera has a 2.4” LCD color screen which is a benefit as the screen allows you to view pictures there and then, providing immediate feedback on animal or human activity.

The camera and its solar power pack bundle mean you won’t have to fret about the camera running out of power. There’s no need to worry about its battery power dying on you as it can last for more than 6 months.

It’s an IP66 rated trail camera, meaning the camera’s protection level of 6 will protect it from dust and water entering the camera case.

The trail camera’s dimensions are 3.5 x 2.5 x 5.5 inches, and its trigger speed is 0.5s. The camera covers a 90° PIR sensing angle. It’s the Passive Infrared Sensor that recognizes motion and heat and causes the camera to trigger.

People also make use of the camera for surveillance purposes. The camera uses infrared night vision technology to see in the dark. The My Animal camera can capture images up to 65 feet in the dark by means of its IR Sensors.

No need to constantly change batteries

The My Animal Command comes with its own solar panel. This allows the camera to run independently for long periods without the need to be changing the batteries. You can actually manage the power usage of the camera thanks to the different settings.

You can change the times to take either night or day footage and also change the amount of time the camera takes to continue taking images after it has sensed movement.

Robust in extreme weather conditions

With a strap and a mounting ring, you have different options for securing your solar powered trail camera from My Animal. With its waterproof rating of IP66, you don’t have to worry about your trail camera getting wet and not working. As a solar powered option, this is a robust camera that can stand up to extreme weather conditions.

The My Animal Cam with its solar power pack bundle takes care of the issues one faces with animal monitoring and security. With outstanding battery life, clear quality day and night images, this superb solar-powered camera can also be used indoors.

How to Take Trail Cam Pictures in Open Areas

The best way to take trail cam pictures in open areas is to use an adjustable camera stand or a threaded rod where there are no trees or none is suitable. You can buy these, with special threaded rods that allow you to adjust the height. They are made to stand firmly, tripod-style. That’s the optimum way to take trail cam pictures in open areas.

Or buy ¼ inch diameter, 20 turns-per-inch threaded rod from a hardware dealer. Screwed into the housing, and pushed into the ground, it will hold up a camera. Likewise, it can support a trail camera on a stand.

You can’t change the tilt unless you push it in again, obviously. You might see more movement in wind. However, it’s far cheaper, and you can cut different lengths to make different heights.

Other ways to take pictures on a trail camera include:

  • conceal the game camera in a tree trunk out in the wild;
  • make a cairn of stones and rocks, then place the camera among them
  • plant a wooden post in the field and then attach the trail camera to the post with a trail camera mount.

How to Find Trail Cam Accessories

Some of the most important accessories for trail, game and scouting cameras are as follows…

Camera Locks

Secure a camera to a tree, post or pole with a fit-for-purpose locks when cable ties, bicycle chains, straps, ropes and wire aren’t good enough any more.

Locked Boxes

Trail cameras can be locked in metal boxes to resist theft, sabotage, or curious animals. The added benefit is extra durability against rain, sun, frost, etc.

Camera Mounts

Give stable support to stop movement. You can screw a mount into a tree, post or pole. Then there are monopods. The best ones are tripods but these are delicate in terms of security, visibility and stability.

Note: velcro camera straps usually come with the trail camera when you but it. But a strap is not always suitable for your purpose.

Solar Chargers

With a solar charger your trail camera can run for extra weeks or months on rechargeable batteries. Ascertain before buying a trail camera if you can use a solar panel charger with it.

Supplementary Motion Detectors

You can connect these wirelessly to cover a larger detection-zone. They make up for slow trigger-speed. Or you can start triggering a video, then the pictures are taken a bit later.

External Batteries

External batteries  give your camera power for longer. Also, you can plug them in quickly without having to take out the internal batteries.

Transportable Image Viewers

With one of these, you can put the SD card in and see the images. Some can even just plug in. Using an image viewer is midway between taking the SD card home to read and having a cell phone trail cam where the photos / videos go straight to your phone.

Remember: trail camera accessories make good gifts for owners of game cams.

A Tactacam Trail Camera for Sale Here

The cellular trail camera space saw a great addition with the sale of the Tactacam Reveal cellular trail camera. This dependable, high-quality cellular trail camera can be found on sale here.

Tactacam Reveal Cellular Trail Camera Features At a Glance

The Reveal by Tactacam works with two cell networks, AT&T and Verizon, along with data plans for a low monthly fee. It uses twelve AA batteries to power its operations, with a photo resolution of 24 MP.

Quick Glimpse at Features

  • Detection activates at 96 feet
  • Flexible night lighting at 96 feet
  • Trigger speed of less than ½ second
  • 8 MP/12 MP/24 MP photos
  • Verizon and AT&T models

Trail Camera Advancement

In this review article, we would like to broaden your appreciation of this feature-rich cellular game camera, the Tactacam trail camera for sale at Amazon.

It’s a bang for your buck model and an excellent choice in the entry-level wildlife camera market. (Tactacam is also known for its Bass Fishing Camera.)

Which Cellular Network Providers Does the Tactacam Reveal Trail Camera Work With?

Most importantly, cellular game cameras require adequate cell coverage to function to their full potential. The recommendation is finding the most remote location of the area you plan to set up the cellular wildlife cameras and checking the coverage.

The Tactacam Reveal cellular deer scouting camera works with both Verizon and AT&T.

This device has no activation or set up fees while offering three plans of monthly or yearly data. They charge according to the volume of photographs taken on a given month, as well as the plan’s length.

Every plan of the Tactacam trail camera for sale at Amazon further breaks down into two options, monthly and annually. The annual plan is activated upon full payment whereas the month-by-month plan is payable every month.

While the monthly plan is more expensive on a monthly basis in comparison to the yearly plan, you can deactivate it whenever you like.

The highest annual Pro Plan includes an unlimited volume of photographs monthly sent to your cell phone for the yearly fee of $120. Similarly, the monthly Pro Plan also gives you unlimited photographs, with the cost being $13.

Additional cellular trail cameras can be added to a plan, with each additional trail camera on the annual plan costing $96 while the charge is $12 for every additional camera on the monthly plan.

The mid-tier plan has a 500 photo limit per camera per month for $85 annually.

Every additional cellular deer tracking camera adds $75 to the cost. The mid-tier monthly plan will cost you $8 with every additional trail camera costing you $7.50.

Finally, the Starter Plan has a 250 photograph limit and costs $55 per year or $5 per month. Unfortunately, additional cameras do not attract any discounts.

Check the price of the Tactacam Reveal Trail Camera at Amazon

Advantage to any plan, any length of subscription?

The yearly plan is cheaper but has to be paid in full, upfront. The advantage with this is year round uninterrupted service. The monthly plan, while slightly more expensive, gives the freedom of suspend the service at any time. This means coverage can be suspended at the conclusion of the hunting season and picked back up at the beginning of the next.

Image Resolution

The Tactacam Reveal cellular trail camera can be configured to capture photographs in three resolutions: 8, 12 or 24 MP.

Not only do higher resolutions capture greater detail, nighttime photos are blur-free thanks to the Night Mode feature.

When uploading pictures via cellular, only a thumbnail image is uploaded, and not the picture with the full resolution. The reason for this is to reduce transmission costs.

Once a resolution is picked, the image captures is stored on the SD card. The camera can overwrite older pictures once the SD card fills up, although the phone app will always alert you of available memory.

Once the photo is stored on the SD card, the ‘send’ setting will allow either immediate uploading to your phone or send a group of photos captured over a certain period, usually 12 hours or an entire day.

Once the plan photo limit is reached, photos will stop being sent, but will continue to be stored on the SD card. Videos are saved on the SD card while photos are sent to the phone app.

Tactacam Reveal Cellular Trail Camera Battery Life

Lithium batteries are recommended for use with this trail camera due to their long life and ability to remain operational in inclement weather. Additionally, this model offers a weather-resistant port for a solar panel or external battery.

Tactacam Reveal Cellular Trail Camera Trigger Speed

With a trigger speed of half a second, this trail cam’s trigger speed is acceptable.

Other Prominent Features:

2.4” Viewing/Setup LCD Screen

The LCD screen, which measures 2.4”, can be used for both viewing saved photos and configuring the settings. Included are an OK button, arrow keys, menu button and an activation button.


This feature allows for the taking of up to five photographs following the triggering of the sensor. Of the five, just the second one is pushed to your phone, while the rest are saved onto the SD card.


Also known as recovery time, it can be configured for a broad range of time.

Work Timer

Photo capture can be started and stopped during the day, making it possible to only operate during pre-determined times only.

Motion Sensitivity

Three amounts of movement determine motion sensing, High, Middle and Low. It is recommended you set it on High in open fields where distances can be further, Middle for paths or trails that deer frequently pass through and Low for feeders and licks.

Phone Interface

The Android interface is simple to use and allows for camera changes on the fly. Using the menu, specific details to the camera such as temperature, status of the SD card, strength of the cellular signal and battery level can all be reviewed.

All camera settings instituted through the app are relayed within 24 hours. This allows the camera to check for updates once a day if no pictures are taken or motion detected.

Photographs can be saved to folders and each camera you are running (if you are running multiple) can be configured individually. When accessing the app, you can review the photos captured by each individual camera, in each created folder, in the order of their capture.

Whenever a photo is captured and uploaded, you will receive an alert. Any configuring that can be managed on the physical camera can be accomplished of the app to. It also allows for the sharing of specific pictures with friends or family.

  • Customizable settings
  • Battery life
  • Suction cup nesting
  • Simple-to-navigate phone app
  • Value-for-money price
  • Lack of website portal (for now, only phone app available)
  • Limited to AT&T and Verizon versions

Four Ways to Tree Mount a Trail Camera

While trail cameras are much needed tools for monitoring wildlife, if you want to use them to their full potential, you must know where to mount them. What are the various types of trail camera mounts and where do you mount them?

If you’re monitoring birds in your garden or wild animals an obvious place would be near to food and water sources. The next thing is knowing what type of trail camera mounts to invest in.

There are many ways to mount your trail camera – ways that allow you to get the ideal angle. Do they all offer the same features?

My Pick of the Four Best Trail Camera Mounts for Trees (or Poles)

1. WildGuarder M1 Trail Camera Tree Mount

This durable mount is easy to install and great if you are specifically wanting to mount your camera far out of reach. The WildGuarder M1 also puts the device a bit further from the tree or pole. This is useful for decreasing the PIR triggers from close-hanging branches.

This tree mount for trail cameras fits a pole or tree with its 1/4-20″ thread. The robust metal construction complete with a 3cm screw ensures the contraption installs with ease.

The WildGuarder has a water-resistant finish to stand up to different weather conditions. The bracket can be swiveled in all directions, offering different mounting angles.

Check price of the WildGuarder M1 Camera Mount at Amazon

2. Highwild Trail Camera Holder Tree Screw Mounting Bracket – Pack of 3

Highwild manufactures top-quality accessories for hunting season. They are constantly perfecting their products to ensure you get accessories that can be of benefit to you. This pack of 3 Highwild tree screw mounting brackets are bound to work well as they’re sturdy. They’re made with durable steel complete with a powder coat finish.

The tips of the screw are super sharp to ensure easy installation. They work perfectly for trail cameras with the 1/4″ x 20 thread insert on the bottom. With this pack of 3, you can mount your trail camera in different positions.

Check the price of Highwild 3 Pack Mounting Brackets at Amazon

3. WingHome Trail Camera Holder

This useful trail camera mount can be mounted on a tree, pole, fence, or even on a ceiling. With its ¼” -20 threaded insert it supports all trail cameras. In fact, most trail cameras come with this standard universal ¼” x 20tpi threaded insert.

When you order the Winghome camera holder you get the security tree mount, a 6-foot long mounting strap, screws, and Allan key. The Winghome Trail Camera Holder comes with a 270° tilt and a 90° swivel allowing you to point the camera in any direction.

Check the price of the Winghome Camera Holder at Amazon

4. HME Ground Trail Camera Mount

People want to know why you should use a ground trail camera mount like this when you get a tripod. But tripods aren’t designed to stand day and night in all kinds of weather such as this olive green HME Ground trail camera mount.

This trail camera mount’s dimensions are 6.7 x 1.78 x 35.04 inches. It is easy to insert into the ground for quick setup. It’s a case of taking the stand out of the ground and placing it somewhere else where it’s required.

You can adjust it to the height you want too – from 26-inches to 36-inches. It has a 360° rotational camera head. As with other trail camera mounts from Amazon, it is compatible with all trail cameras using the 1/4-inch x 20 thread insert.

Check the price of the HME Ground Mount for Trail Cams Amazon

Trail Cam Mounts support your specific trail camera

There are lots of different trail camera mounts, and each type comes with its own unique features and prices. Each one works well and each one can be depended on to support your specific trail camera. (Here is my pick of the best trail cams on sale now.)

Some are more heavy-duty than others, some are geared towards budget buyers and some rotate the camera at 360°. They’re all designed to complement your trail camera and ensure that between the two, you benefit from superb photography and a collection of valuable data.

What is the Best Wosports Trail Camera?

The best Wosports trail camera always have the wildlife on your property – or on public land – covered. Manufacturers have designed trail cameras that are perfect for eliminating the frustrations that photographers have – not being able to be there.

These cameras can capture images of wildlife on your property when you’re not there. The best Wosports trail camera will take photos and videos which capture what you love best about the hunting grounds – and that’s the wildlife on it.

My Pick: the Wosports Mini 12MP Trail Camera

Wosports offers several different trail cameras My favorite is the Wosports G100-A Mini Trail Camera 12MP. And that’s because it’s practical, affordable and simple to operate.

When you look at customer reviews and see how trail cameras are rated, the Wosports  Mini Trail Camera, 12MP comes across as being one of the best hunting game cameras.

This camouflaged camera will require 4 AA lithium batteries which aren’t included. It will also require an SD card up to 32GB and this is not included in the package.

Being an IP54 waterproof camera means that it can stand up to some heavy downpours without being affected.

Whether using this trail camera for monitoring wildlife, hunting, or home security, nothing will be overlooked.

Hunters appreciate that the lightweight Wosports LY-121 Mini Trail Camera will fit into places that a larger camera couldn’t fit into. It measures 3.94 x 3.94 x 0.24 inches.

It’s an amazingly affordable trail camera and that’s a huge drawcard. It may not have every feature that other more expensive cameras have, but its features are sufficient to do the job.

Features of the Wosports Mini 12MP Trail Camera

  • It takes 12-megapixel photos with video resolution being full HD 1080P. It can record 10-second video clips.
  • A PIR sensor with a 49 foot detection range and 50° detection angle. Perhaps its this 49 foot detection that is a bit disappointing as most other trail cameras as well as some mini cameras have a 65 foot range.
  • You get date, time and camera number stamped on photos.
  • Time-lapse mode allows you set the camera to take pics at certain intervals.
  • Trigger speed between 0.5 and 1.1 seconds. Because of its slower trigger speed and smaller flash- and detection ranges, it is advised to place the camera where you know there is wildlife activity.
  • 17 piece 850nm low glow flash.
  • This waterproof video cam from Wosports comes with a small text display LCD screen which is useful for changing the camera’s settings.
  • Easty to operatate and install. The camera comes with default settings that are already set for all your wildlife applications. The camera comes with a mounting strap.
  • It’s an inexpensive trail camera.

A trail camera that gets the thumbs up

With its small size, hunters appreciate the Wosports G100-A – a trail camera that easily blends into its surroundings. Its smallness doesn’t stop it being able to perform a host of tasks.

On reading customer reviews, you’ll discover a few cons such as one or two people complaining about the trigger speed. Picture and video quality is always a big factor and this camera ensures a thumbs up in that area and most other areas.

Check the price of the Wosports Mini Trail Camera at Amazon

Woodlens H6 from Rexing Trail Cameras Review – and More

The Woodlens H6 from Rexing Trail Cameras is of service if you are

  • a hunter on public land
  • you want to keep track of wildlife such as deer, foxes and turkeys on your own property
  • or if you want to scout for trespassers.

But most owners of the Woodlens H6 game camera from Rexing use it to plan for the next hunt.

Rexing is an American company that design and manufacture trail cameras for hunters that are guaranteed to be reliable and long- lasting.

Rexing Woodlens H6 Trail Camera

The khaki green Rexing H6 Woodlens trail camera is ideal for monitoring wildlife – and human beings. The H6 features a dual-camera setup – a 4K Ultra HD for clear daytime shots and the FHD Infrared cam for super nighttime images.

It senses motion within its 110° angle of detection of PIR sensors. The camera records in many different modes, so it’s a case of choosing a photo resolution of 20MP, 16 MP, or 12 MP. You can also choose 3, 5, and 8-megapixel photos.

Supported memory card types with the Rexing H6 are Micro SD cards up to 512GB. The card isn’t included. It’s easy to get the Rexing H6 all rigged up against a tree or on a pole. It comes with an included strap or mounting bracket – whatever you like. The screws for mounting it are included. The trail camera can also be mounted on a tripod as the bottom is threaded.

Check today’s price of the Rexing Woodlens H6 at Amazon now!

Easy camera set-up

In fact, the Rexing Woodlens H6 Camera comes with mounting screws, an installation tool, and a screw mount to help with getting it set up. This is a robust IP66 waterproof designed camera, so it continues to work in the most extreme weather conditions.

The Infrared Night Vision LED flash is totally quiet and animals can be captured when they are 115 feet away. Activity is captured regardless of the prevailing light conditions.

Beautiful images

Clear, bright pics are the basis of every good Trail Cam

If you’re looking for trail cams with excellent day and night vision and other helpful features, consider the Rexing brand.

Customer reviews at Amazon are useful as they come from those who have already used the Rexing trail cameras. According to customer reviews, you can buy any Rexing camera model with confidence.

How High Should a Trail Camera Be off the Ground?

This is a simple question with many answers, because: what you want out of it? Be clear about what you are going to use the camera for. Do you want to get a special photo from a new angle, for conservation publicity?

Or, are you after information for science, or help with hunting one kind of animal? Is it a security camera mounted to catch thieves and trespassers? Your own experience in your particular interest will teach you a lot.

Whatever your reason, I’m going to give you some pointers. My advice is divided among some basic categories of why people use these cameras.

How High Should Trail Cameras Be in the Wild?

Set the trail camera at about the same height as the target animal’s chest. If it’s turkeys, it will be low; with larger game such as deer, higher. For deer you need to point the camera to about 3 feet above ground level.

The camera should be angled to point to an area about 25 to 35 feet away. Watch out for the slope of the area, because it influences the position you need. The camera may need to look higher or lower than normal.

Undergrowth or dry brush should be moved aside or removed from in front. It may influence what you can see, or even if the camera is triggered. You must aim cameras mounted very high right down to the area focused on.

Don’t forget that pointing a camera steeply down means that the range is reduced. In this case, your target will have to be moving much closer to the camera.

Three Basic Rules When Installing a Trail Camera

Three basic rules apply here:

  • “Waist High” – the height of your waist is the best height for most purposes. It shouldget you the best results.
  • “Choose Level Ground” – flatter areas will be the easiest for mounting trail cameras. Here, you need not guess your angle and focus so much.
  • “Clear of Brush” – clear away obstructions to give the camera a good field of view. This allows it to perform at its best.

Where Should I Place a Camera for a Mature Buck?

Hunters have many varying opinions about hunting methods and different observations from different areas. However, they agree broadly that mature bucks behave very differently. They follow different survival strategies from the other deer.

Looking at all the evidence from trail cameras supports this notion. Bucks older than four-and-a-half years don’t act the same as younger ones. Individual older bucks also “buck” the trends of the others (forgive the pun…).

Some animals seem to be aware of cameras and are “spooked”, others unaware. Take all the precautions a hunter must take, in any case, when mounting trail cameras. Experienced hunters tell us that older bucks shouldn’t be seen staring at the camera.

What Can I Do to Photograph Mature Bucks?

Many reasons exist as to why they know the camera is there. Maybe the flash was visible, the filter makes a noise, or you left your scent. The trail camera may also be at the wrong height.

Regarding the optimum height, most experts recommend mounting it between 6 to 8 feet when capturing photos of mature bucks with a trail camera. Deer usually look out to the horizon, or down, thus don’t notice higher objects. This is in the scenario where you want information to hunt them later.

At this level it‘s still possible to reach cameras to change batteries or cards. The angle of view will be wider, and thus the targeted area will be bigger.

What Height Helps You to Avoid Trail Camera Theft?

Thieves have been operating on public land for some time, and now on private, too! To outsmart them, try doing things similarly to what you must do for deer. Put trail cameras in danger of theft up high.

Humans also tire of looking up high. We recommend 9 to 12 feet off the ground, and pointing the cameras downwards. It goes without saying: keep their focus down so it stays within their detection limits.

What Tips Are There Regarding the Height for Security Cameras?

Really, it’s like hunting deer: the camera mustn’t be seen by human targets. You must balance stealth and hiding with the quality of the pictures yielded. High cameras might be hidden from felons, but you won’t make out who they are.

A low, visible camera, alternatively, might take sharp pictures of suspected thieves walking away. You’ll have the backs of their heads to identify who’s who… Or they might just smash your device!

Could you give the camera a view from the side or corner? That might be enough, but only if you can still see where you desire to. Where there’s no shelter or space, you’ll need to be creative.

Are There Are Any Tricks for Hiding Trail Cameras?

Put the camera at the best height to capture information, and then hide it away. Have the camera surrounded by artificial plants out of a pot mounted on a wall. Could you make a hollow in a beam or post?

An old mailbox could hide it. In any case, choose your height and mount it, then test that position. Then you can decide how to camouflage it, from bears or bandits. (Image: Hank Tassitano / Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources)

Top Quality Ctronics Game Camera Reviewed (It’s Superb)

Products out of China get a bad rap but they shouldn’t. Taking trail cameras for instance: just about every “US-made” trail camera – make that EVERY trail camera with “US’ on the label – has components made in China. The Ctronics trail camera is made totally in China – with the US market in mind. And it’s an excellent – and affordable product.

Why I Recommend the Ctronics Trail Camera with Wifi Capability

It’s ticks all the boxes and more. Here’s how a Ctronics trail cam differs from other game and scouting in the same class.

  • Wifi
    The manufacturer had a vision: you want to hide within 100ft of your target and view on your cell phone what your trail cam is seeing. The Ctronic game camera delivers. Just download the app, connect, and your are can view immediately up to 98 ft away. (And you can watch the action on your TV, PC or tablet if the camera is in your yard.)
  • Extraordinary Motion Sensor
    Built-in H885 with (8 million CMOS) motion sensor ensures fast, sharp outdoor monitoring with 0.25 second trigger speed.
  • Night vision
    The CTtronics Game Camera comes with with a 120°detecting range, 65ft trigger distance and double 850nm high power Infrared light so you don’t miss any night action.

More Features I Like

  • Year-round recording
    20MP photo and 4K video capability – more than enough, all recorded to 32SD card.
  • Battery use: Unlike other cameras in the same feature and price class, the CTRonics game cam takes 4 AA batteries (not 8 like most others).
  • Solar panel / extra power input
    The cam supports external power supply and can be connected to a solar panel (6V 1.5A).
  • Finish
    The solidly protective camo casing has a pleasant olive appearance that blends into the foliage or anywhere you care to place the camera.
  • Waterproof
    Rated IP66 to protect against rain and dust.
  • Price.
    A top contender in the $100 – $150 class

MThe Ctronics game Camera is made in China
with the US wildlife scout in mind

One Way the Ctronics Game Camera Could be Better

I’m waiting for a Ctronics trail cam version with full cellular capacity, i.e. linked to Verizon and/ or AT&T so I can watch what’s going on in the hunting grounds even when I’m outside the country…..

Meanwhile I’m enjoying my cam for elk hunting.

And ladies: the Ctronics game camera is an ideal gift for your man –  for wildlife monitoring, hunting, farm security, business or garden observation.

TODAY’S SPECIAL: See the Ctronics Full Package at Amazon!

Why Trail Cameras with Bluetooth are the Best

If you want to view wildlife images from your smartphone you want to make sure you have a decent Bluetooth trail camera. The best Bluetooth trail camera always comes with quality images and a decent IR range. But how does a Bluetooth camera work?

What does Bluetooth do?

Bluetooth, a wireless technology, allows for the exchange of data between various devices. Its short-range transmitters are a drawcard, using very little power. They don’t travel far, so are more secure than wireless networks that operate over longer ranges.

Wifi is just another wireless technology for connecting devices, but Bluetooth transfers data across electronic devices over short distances. This makes things convenient and keeps power usage low.

There are a few of these trail cameras that come with Bluetooth technology such as the Econox. The 24MP trail camera from Ecovox is a hunting game camera with Bluetooth capabilities and it connects directly to your smartphone.

The advantage of this is that you can send the pictures to your mobile device for easy viewing. Game cameras like this are synced to your phone by turning on the Bluetooth function on your smartphone.

The Ecovox 24MP trail camera will ensure you have crystal clear images by day and by night. With its 850nm IR night vision, the LEDs emit such a little bit of light that they won’t alarm any animals. The night vision is up to 65 feet.

Check the price of the Ecovox 24MP Trail Camera at Amazon

Download the App

It can record up to 4K Lite videos complete with sound. For wifi Bluetooth connection, with this 24MP trail camera from Econox, you want to download the free app on your phone so as to connect with wifi.

You’ll be able to preview your videos and still images that your camera shot earlier. So in other words, this trail camera comes with built-in Bluetooth and wifi. Bluetooth is always on as it is low power consumption. Remember to download the correct APP. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you simply click on the App ‘turn on Bluetooth’ and select the camera in the device list.

For more information on How a Bluetooth camera works, refer to the user manual. Pages 13 to 15 provide information on connecting the camera with Bluetooth and wifi.

Apart from this trail camera’s excellent Bluetooth abilities, it also comes with other useful features such as being an IP65 waterproof trail camera. This makes sure that the Bluetooth-enabled hunting camera from Ecovox is protected from rain and dust.

When you take possession of the Bluetooth Ecovox camera it will require 8 AA batteries and U3 SD Card up to 128 GB. When you receive your camera you’ll get the actual camera, a user manual, a mounting belt, screws, threaded tripod, and USB cable.

View footage immediately on a smartphone

Capture footage on your property of all kinds of wildlife with the Ecovox trail camera. It works with an app on your phone. The app lets you download and also playback  images to your mobile device. You can also delete images stored on the SD card. 

Bluetooth is such a useful feature for the Ecovox trail camera. It allows you to take  photos and videos from a distance and to view the footage immediately on your smartphone.

Ecovox informs their customers that if they have any trouble with the wifi trail Camera, to let them know. They promise that within 24 hours they aim to fix any issue you have.

Check the price of the Ecovox 24MP Trail Camera at Amazon

How to Stop Condensation From Forming Inside a Trail Camera

Heavy-rainfall areas and rainy seasons increase the risk of moisture inside trail cameras. So you might need to know how to stop condensation in a trail camera.

Despite high-quality seals, it’s very hard to stop humidity entering in some situations. When the current from the batteries contacts water, you have the recipe for short-circuits.

All kinds of components can start rusting or being damaged. To save you money and malfunctioning cameras, do the following to stop condensation in trail camera:-

Answer: Tape a Desiccant Packet Inside the Housing Door

You know these little packets from inside dried food packages or medicine containers? Don’t chuck them away: tape them inside the door of the camera! They contain silica and can suck up about 40 percent of their weight in water.

They can reduce the humidity inside a camera by about the same amount. That’s before water droplets even begin to form. They are non-toxic and re-using them avoids waste.

If you don’t have any to hand, you can buy them. By mail order or from larger stores, or at Amazon (see below) and they don’t cost much.

How to Get the Most Effective Trail Camera Pictures

After leaving your trail cameras out shooting photos for a while, it is exciting to finally peruse its contents. As it happens to often, disappointment sets in due to several lapses in image quality management. As you flip between misaligned, dark pictures, you sigh with frustration.

Game scouting is what most hunters buy trail cameras for. They are our remote eyes in the field when we physically cannot be there. Due to their unobtrusiveness and discretion, trail cameras are also used for home security.

Effective and efficient hunting strategy is based on trail camera data. It is hard to pinpoint a deer’s schedule and home range without the input of a trail camera. Wildlife trail cameras off a secret glimpse into animal life and movement.

Considerations for the Best Trail Camera Photos

For best results, several things need to be considered on how to get the most effective trail camera pictures. Do this before hanging your deer scouting camera. To be precise, there are 5 C’s of great game tracking camera photos that need to deliberated. Below, we discuss them:

The Five C’s or Tips on How to Get the Most Effective Trail Camera Pictures

Consider every one of these, and your photos will thank you for it by being clear and crisp. None of them are hard to put into place but all of them carry significant upside. Go through these game camera photo tips to make sure your next batch are something to be proud of.

1. Camera Angle
Trail camera positioning is among the most important considerations, due to how much it affects the final product. Picking the wrong angle results knee shots, sky/foliage shots or half-body shots. The idea is not to mount too high or too low, about four feet above ground is ideal.

Depending on what you are shooting, aim lower if it is turkey, higher if it is a taller animal. Always ensure the camera is pointed towards the correct spot. A mineral lick camera should be aimed straight at it, with space above to capture the animal.

Deer trail cams should not be positioned perpendicularly to the path, as this will result in many missed triggers. Instead, hang it aimed either down or up the trail, for leaving or approaching shots. These type of shots have their uses, sometimes in place of regular broadside photos.

2. Contrast
Contrast in this context is your trail camera’s photos light exposure. Too little and the images will be too dark while too much will make them overexposed. There are a number of solutions that you can implement:

The simplest one involves hanging your trail camera unexposed to direct sunlight. A shaded forest setup will naturally moderate light levels all day long. Open fields leave trail cameras overexposed to the glare of sunlight.

When setting up over a food plot, face the trail camera north, avoiding the glare of the southerly sun. West or east facing trail cameras produce washed out evening and morning photos, respectively. General rule of thumb is, north is most ideal.

Amazon Associate
If you buy anything at Amazon via a link on this website, I’ll earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. That income helps me to keep the website up to date and comprehensive. Thank you.

3. Color
While on first review, a photo may look brilliant but in further scrutiny, the colors come off unbalanced. This takes away from the quality of the images.

Light exposure and contrast above are closely linked to color.

4. Composition
Avoid areas featuring too much background ‘junk’ (e.g. weed patches, blow-down, brush). While setting your game camera up, keep in mind the aesthetics of the area as well, as it could produce a shot worthy of framing.

5. Chips
Wildlife camera chips make a world of difference on the eventual photos produced. The most affordable, high-quality and high-capacity chip is the one to go for. Photos of higher resolution take up a lot of room, therefore to begin with, 8 GB is a minimum.

For video, 16 GB and 32 GB are more preferable. Some game camera models require particular, newer cards. Any other card would lower the quality of the pictures.

Photos saved on your card should never be deleted while in your PC. Doing this can negatively affect the workings of the card. Copy on to your computer the photos you like, then use the trail camera to format the card after installation. This deletes all that is saved on the card, starting afresh.

What is the Best Trail Camera with Wifi?

The best trail camera with wifi means that you benefit from instant data transfer with a network sending images to your phone or computer. You can be sure that the best trail camera takes clear, bright photographs or videos using a sensitive trigger that will switch when motion is detected.

The Tactacam Reveal X Cellular Camera AT&T is useful in that it allows one to monitor, all kinds of activity on your property without leaving your human scent. The camera operates on AT&T nationwide on a 4G LTE Network. In fact, the Tactacam Reveal is actually available in two cellular networks – AT&T and Verizon with affordable data plans.

Best of all, these data plans have no contracts or fees for getting activated. The camera comes with a pre-installed SIM Card, and it will require a full-size SD card but this is not included. Always use the brand and card type the manufacturer suggests to avoid card errors.

Today’s Price at Amazon

Tactacam delivers images in the resolution you choose

In terms of image resolution, the SD card captures the image in the resolution you choose – 9, 12, 16, or 24 Megapixels. You can use a 16 or 32 GB SD card or even 4 GB. If the camera uses up all the memory on the SD card, it can write over older pictures.

You can trust the Tactacam brand. Company founder, Ben Stern, saw a need in the hunting world for a good trail camera. At first, the company came out with a small mounted camera on your weaponry to film your hunt. Today, however, there are several different Tactacam cameras on the market.

An unobtrusively discreet camera

Requiring 12 AA lithium batteries, and coming with a port for solar panel, the IP66 waterproof camera stands up well to dusty, rainy, and cold conditions on your properties. It can handle extreme outdoor weather and the LED indicator will alert you to the camera’s battery levels.

Measuring 3.62 x 4.13 x 5.47, as a remote scouting tool, it’s also a small camera that can be unobtrusively discreet wherever you place it. The camera comes with a 2.4 inch LCD screen.

The Tactacam Reveal is a great addition to the specifications of the Tactacam trail camera as it allows you to view pictures. It also gives you instant feedback on what has been going on around your property. It allows you to adjust the camera via a settings menu.

The 16MP trail camera from Tactacam with a trigger speed of Sub-.5 seconds is so easy to rig up it can be done in just minutes. It pairs with the Reveal mobile app for ease of setting up, immediate image capture, and Image on Demand HD photo downloads.

The detection range of a trail camera is the maximum distance at which the Tactacam detects movement and then takes a photo. As a remote game camera, the Tactacam Reveal X comes with an incredible detection range of over 96 feet.

When you order the Tactacam Reveal X Cellular Camera AT&T you get the actual trail camera, a mounting strap, antenna, instruction manual, and 12 AA batteries.

The Tactacam has your wildlife covered

With the Tactacam you can expect clear detailed images of animals without scaring them off. Simply strap the camera to a tree or post. It takes shots automatically for you while you’re somewhere else.

How to Get Better Trail Camera Photos (and Video)

Trail cameras can stay in the wild for weeks, taking lots of pictures and video. You need to know how to get better trail camera photos (and video) or this will be wasted time.

That amounts to being a lot of time and investment for you. The last thing you want is to open the files and find dark, skewed photographs!

You don’t have a time-machine to recover lost opportunities, so read these tips instead. A few basic rules of good photography can stop failures from happening again.

Game cameras are one of a hunter’s best aids. Because you can hide them easily, they also serve as security cameras for some people. This article focuses on their usefulness to hunters and wildlife enthusiasts.

You Can Do Wonders With Trail Cameras

With a trail camera, a hunter has the equivalent of a spy in the forest. At all times and in any weather, it watches when he or she can’t. Cameras let you track animal or bird movement patterns so you can pinpoint them better.

Trail cameras can show where a mature buck’s home range is, and times of movement. Yet pictures themselves can be beautiful and fascinating: you can indulge your favorite hobby. Equipped with a camera, you can actually discover new and fascinating insights into animals’ behavior.

All of this is possible – but only if you follow some good photography practice. We are going to deal with some basic advice so you can set up properly. Things you might not have known, or didn’t realize were so important…

Essential Tips for Capturing Good Trail Camera Pictures

None of this advice is difficult to practice, and it’s definitely worth the effort. Each tip will help you not to mess up the quality of your photos. Even if you think your pictures are good, read the following – they could be better!

The Angle of Your Camera

This is undoubtedly the most important thing about setting up a camera. Making the difference between seeing just the deer’s feet, the sky, or the whole animal… Mount the camera about four feet from the ground: neither too low, nor too high.

The height depends on your interest: lower if that’s turkeys, higher if it’s the distance. Once you have the camera well mounted, the angle will be more or less right. Be careful to point the camera at exactly what you want to take photos of.

What Do You Want to Focus On?

If you wanted to monitor moving deer, point the camera up or down the trail. If it’s at right angles, you miss many triggers as they approach or leave. Pictures taken this way show you more information and can look more interesting.

A place where deer come for minerals needs a camera focus at the lower center. Set like this, you can capture them coming and going from different directions. Just think about the kind of movement you want to photograph.

Test Your Settings

When you have the camera set up and you’ve guessed the angle, test it. Take some pictures by walking in front of the camera, where the animals will pass. Look at them using your card reader or computer – and save yourself from wasting time. It’s obvious that if you aren’t in the frame, the angle isn’t right.

Contrast is Important

Contrast is the amount of light coming into the picture compared to the background. When too low, you get a dark photograph in which you can’t see anything. If it’s too high, everything will be light, without a proper focus – like mist.

Getting Contrast Right

The most straightforward method is to set up trail cameras in shaded areas. In woodland you will get filtered light all day, so you can capture good pictures. Open fields will work when there is cloud-cover, but bright sun often causes overexposure.

Other things to watch out for are moving shadows of clouds, or from trees. These sharp contrasts can trigger cameras, causing even hundreds of unnecessary photo captures!

What if I Want to Photograph an Open Area?

An example would be a food plot: there are ways to get around the problem. Direct sunshine from the south (in the Northern Hemisphere), and from overhead, causes glare. Fix cameras facing north instead, to get more contrast and fewer scattered reflections.
Alternatively, point trail cameras facing either east or west. Just be aware that morning or evening images, respectively, will be hazy or lack color.

What About Color?

Some pictures might look fantastic at first; then you see the color is ‘phony’, unbalanced. One help is to use a good camera – not all models are the same. Following the previous steps with contrast will also help you get better shades of color.


In the old days, painters had to think about what to include in a picture. To have all of a tree in the scene, and keep hills in the background… Professional photography isn’t any different, and it makes the difference between ‘OK ‘and ‘Outstanding’.

Think of a magnificent specimen photographed lurking behind a cluster of tree-trunks. Or the same animal silhouetted against a clear sky, or water. Do you see what I mean, even from a hunter’s perspective?

Choose a view with good, filtered light and an uncluttered background, at a minimum. Don’t focus at overgrown areas, small tree-trunks, very dark or over-bright backgrounds. These are just some examples – just keep the end result in mind.

Digital Memory Cards

The card or ‘chip’ used in a trail camera makes a difference in many ways. Firstly, you might think buying more cheap cards is better than a few expensive ones. Wrong… high-quality chips usually work better, for several reasons.

How Much Memory Do I Need?

We feel like saying, “The more, the merrier” because high-res photos use more memory. 8 GB is the minimum for starting out. Also, the more space the chip has, the longer the camera can be left working.

Other considerations are whether you take video-clips, since video takes up more than photo. Cards with 16 or 32 GB capacity are called for in this case. It also depends on your camera model: some models have to have newer, faster chips.

You need to make sure that the cards you get actually fit in your camera. If they do, a cheap, generic make of card may just cause low-quality pictures.

Other Card-Use Tips

It sounds strange, but don’t delete pictures from the card when it’s in the computer. Rather, copy the whole lot from the chip just as they are. You can delete what you want once they are on the computer-disk.

Otherwise, if there are only a few good photos, just copy those out.

Then, re-format the card in the camera, when you set it up. This erases all old memory and prevents left-over programming from interfering with the performance.

Where Should Trail Cameras Be Placed?

These points we just covered will help you to get the best from your cameras The last tip concerns mounting cameras and choosing both place and position. If there are trees in the area, it’s easy to choose one that is suitable.

Fix the trail camera to the trunk, and maybe tie with a cable and lock. That is, if theft would be likely on public land.
What about places where either the trees aren’t suitable, or there are none? This is an opportunity for you to come up with a clever solution or two.

Camera Mounts and Poles

There are proprietary trail camera supports that you can screw into wood or bark. With one of these, you can use many kinds of branches, or a wooden post. Fix it first, then put the camera on and set the camera’s position and angle.

Open territory with no trees presents a challenge. However, there is a range of ground camera-mounts that you drive into the soil. Once stuck in, the height can be set anywhere from about 20 to 40 inches.

Some of these have mounting for two trail cameras, so you can monitor different directions. A deer might not trigger one camera as it passes, but will trigger the other. This is but one example.


Anyone who thinks about this advice will be able to get more out of trail cameras. Not only prettier pictures, but more facts and better information.

Put them in the right place, point them in the best direction. Use good quality equipment and accessories. It’s simple but there’s a knack to doing it properly!

Paying attention to small details will pay off sooner than you might realize. Take the time and make the effort. Happy hunting!

What it the Best UsoGood Trail Camera Really?

The best UsoGood trail camera may be the answer to your search for an affordable, reliable trail camera with high-quality, clear images, good battery life, and longevity.

Of course, there are many other things to take into account as well. Most people just want an uncomplicated, easy camera that won’t give them any trouble.

For me, their best model is the UsoGood 24MP wifi trail camera.

The cam is high-quality, easy to use and affordable. It has a detection range of 65 feet and the pictures are clear with 24 megapixels. The UsoGood 24MP is built for durability and comes with an anti-glare coating on the lens to prevent sun glare. The battery life lasts up to 2 years and it has a 1 year warranty on parts and labor.

Regarding connectivity, it’s simply a case of downloading the APP on your mobile phone and then connecting with WIFI.

The 24MP Usogood trail camera is a hunting and game camera that can be good for home security purposes too.

UsoGood is a Trusted Brand Name

Check the price of the UsoGood 24MP Trail Camera at Amazon

Usogood is a professional outdoor items brand. They started out in 2017. Their mission was to offer high-end outdoor items and services. Any trail camera purchased from Usogood gets the company’s warranty. You also get their return commitment and excellent lifetime after-sales online support.
The Usogood 24MP wifi trail camera comes with built-in wifi by means of an app.

The benefit of this is being able to control your camera settings from afar. This is a huge help.

Own built-in wifi router

This wildlife camera has these automatic sensors that provide 24MP still images and 1296P videos. This is different from the 1080p you find on most trail cameras. The video comes with audio. The camera has a 2.0” LCD screen and SD card up to 128GB.

This hunting camera from Usogood comes with useful features such as timer, password setting, time-lapse, etc, offering multi applications. This is also an IP66 waterproof camera.

The case of this camera has passed the waterproof test up to IP66. This means in cold, snowy, rainy days you can use this camera with confidence.

Check the price of the UsoGood 24MP Trail Camera at Amazon

There is a disadvantage to the best UsoGood trail camera…

The Usogood camera has a 0.2s trigger speed and it is triggered once movement is detected. This is not a bad reaction rate.

But the trigger and movement detection distance is 65 feet. This is perhaps one of the disadvantages of the camera. Some would like to see a further detection range – but that costs more.

The motion detector has 3 PIR sensors with 120° ultra-wide detection angles. This means that the wide detection zone can cover large areas. It’s the Infrared that enables the camera to record black and white images at night.

Trail-, game-, remote- or wildlife cameras are designed to capture images or videos of wildlife that visit your property. They monitor movements when you’re not there. Many people have found they can be successfully used as a security device too.

The Usogood 24MP wifi trail camera is easy to set up in trees or shrubs where you expect activity. Then it’s just a case of quietly getting to work.

What Are the Best Trail Camera Practices for Deer Hunting?

Here are several best trail camera practices for deer hunting. From getting trail camera angles right to reading the game camera manual to ensuring your trail camera is powered correctly, there is lots to consider.

By following best trail camera practices, hunters will optimize the use of their wildlife cameras.

To start, here are three great deer hunting trail camera suggestions:

Vikerin hunting and trail camera used in wildlife observingWosports Mini Trail Camera Full HD hunting and scouting cameraKufa Trail Game Camera
• 20MP photos and a truly stunning 1520P video
• Heavy-duty and waterproof
• Infrared no glow LEDs and wide angle lens
• Smaller in appearance and weight
• Very affordable, especially if multiple trail camera setup is needed
• Can also be used as a trail camera for security
• 1080P video and 20MP photo
• Wide-angle lens (120 degrees) and quick trigger speed (0.2 seconds)
• Fantastic night vision capability
Check Price
Check Price
Check Price

Starting Out with a Game Camera

When looking at a trail camera for the first time, it may appear to be easy to use. Surely you just buy it, – insert the batteries and SD card, mount it in a wooded areas and wait to receive hundreds of images of bucks you’ve been dreaming about?

Just as with lots of stuff in life, it doesn’t always go like that.

Whether you would rather call them tips or hacks – or best trail camera practices for deer hunting – there are several things you as a deer hunter can do to increase the chances of receiving the best possible deer videos and photos while hunting.

1. Best Trail Camera Practices – Buy enough deer trail cameras

It should not be a secret that using trail cameras correctly is an important part of deer hunting – others being selecting a deer stand location and bow, muzzle-loader and rifle proficiency.

Placing one game camera for every one hundred acres at a minimum is a great bet. They can be purchased in one go or bought one at a time until you have enough.

A set of Blazevideo Trail Cameras shown here is perfect.

2. Best Trail Camera Practices – Read The Manual That Comes With your Wildlife Camera

Every outdoorsman should read their trail camera’s manual shortly after purchase, and refer to it anytime they need to remind themselves about the operation of their game camera and its accessories.

Fellow experienced deer hunters are also great trail camera resources, so ask questions or join a deer hunting group, whether in real life or online, to tap into their wealth of deer hunting and trail camera knowledge.

3. Best Trail Camera Practices – Your Trail Camera Needs Proper Power!

The only way to combat any potential problem when powering your deer hunting trail camera is buying high-quality rechargeable lithium or alkaline replaceable batteries.

Find out which one the manufacturer of the camera recommends (part of reading the trail camera’s manual). Some cameras come with battery boxes, such as the Moultrie model shown here.

Similarly, DIY power sources such as car batteries may provide too much voltage, which might destroy your game camera while perhaps voiding its warranty.

4. Best Trail Camera Practices – Pick the Right SD Card

Certain trail cameras use a particular form of SD card, as specified in the game camera user book.

For example, premium SD cards are often designed with higher write speeds than some models of trail cameras can support.

The set from PNY shown here is suitable for game cameras.

Simply, trail cameras do not offer the same internals as professional cameras.

5. Best Trail Camera Practices – Configure Your Trail Camera’s Settings Correctly

Firstly, sensor sensitivity should be configured according to the needs of the hunt.

Next, correctly set the trail camera’s image resolution.

Some hunters opt to set a higher photo quality during the deer hunting season, which takes up more room on your SD card. This is because you will be in the area more often and able to switch it out.

Finally, properly use and understand your wildlife camera’s video mode as deer hunting season gets closer.

Still images can tell you what passed through but video can tell you so much more – where a buck is going to and where it has come from, what it does when it is in the vicinity and various other mannerisms.

6. Best Trail Camera Practices – Attach the Camera Securely to a Post or Tree

If the strap supplied with the camera is not steady enough then consider investing in these HME tree mounts (pictured here).

Point the camera(s) strategically. Remember to place the camera at the eye-level height of the deer.

Expert Checks Out a Cool Digital Game Scouting Camera

Scouting trail cameras provide wildlife enthusiasts, conservationists, and hunters with all the information they need on what animals are moving through any designated space. A digital game scouting camera is perfect for the purpose.

They’re useful too as they are often placed where a photographer can’t be for various reasons. A digital game scouting camera is robust and weatherproof, designed to work unsupervised in all kinds of weather conditions, taking images when the trail camera senses motion.

The Covert NBF30-B Trail Scouting Camera

The Covert NBF30-B Trail Scouting Camera with dimensions of 5.1 x 4″ x 2.9″ can also do duty as a home security camera when it turns into a surveillance device.

Digital trail cameras are triggered by human or animal movement detected by a highly sensitive Passive Infra-Red motion sensor.

That means you can always keep track of anything that moves in your particular neck of the woods. The Mossy Oak Country camo look ensures your Covert camera looks like it is part of its natural surroundings.

The construction quality of the camera is solid and it comes with waterproof sealing.

Notable Features of the Covert NBF30-B Trail Scouting Camera

  • The Cover NBF30-B is highly reliable.
  • Covert digital game scouting cameras have a solid reputation having brought out several scouting cameras, including cellular cameras.
  • The Covert NBF30-B scouting camera captures 30MP photos and 1080p video with sound. In fact, the NBF-30-B comes with what is known as Smart Video. This means that the camera stops its automatic recording when an animal or human goes out of range. It saves you from having to sort through a whole lot of photos that are useless to you.

Check today’s price of the Covert NBF30 camera at Amazon now

More Features

  • Preview images and video with the 2.4″ color viewer.
  • The camera offers 3 modes to choose from – photos, photos, and videos, or just video. You can capture photos, videos, or both whenever animals or birds visit your property.
  • Excellent detection range of 100 feet. Triggered in 0.2 seconds, the camera uses a 40-LED invisible infrared flash that guarantees bright images, without frightening game. Animals emit some IR radiation and your scouting camera picks up these signals, being used in thermal sensing applications.
  • All images come with a timestamp, date, temperature, and moon phase.
  • All your videos and images are saved on an SD memory card up to 32GB. A 16GB SD card comes with this camera.
  • With its advanced Maximum Silence Image Capture technology, you get action but without giving away the camera’s presence.
  • The camera runs on 8 lithium batteries which aren’t included. There is also a battery indicator at the top of the user screen of this scouting trail camera, looking much like a battery indicator on your cell phone.
  • A reasonably priced scouting trail camera.
  • Burst photo mode with up to 10 images per trigger.
  • 16GB SD card included.
  • Easy to navigate menu and settings
  • The lack of automatic shutter speed is disappointing

A ‘Hung and Ready-to-Go’ Camera

Those who have used the Covert NBF30-B Trail Scouting Camera agree: this is a great digital game scouting camera for the price.

Reliability is a big thing – you can rely on the camera to do what your intentions with it are.

Credit: FeaturedPhoto of a Deer Fawn in Texas Wilds by Scott Carroll

Check today’s price of the Covert NBF30 camera at Amazon now

What are the Best Trail Cameras for Hunting?

For all the hunters pursuing crystal-clear images from the best hunting trail cameras, you have come to the right place.

I’ve examined cameras with extensive flash ranges to cellular trail cameras that reduce the number of trips you have to make to retrieve photos,

I’ve selected the five best trail cameras for hunting and given an overview of each one below.

What are the Top 5 Best Trail Cameras for Hunting

The top five best trail cameras for hunting are as follows:

  • Spypoint Force-Pro
  •  Wildgame Innovations Insite Air
  • Reconyx HyperFire 2
  • Browning Defender and
  • Browning Defender Ridgeline.

1. Spypoint Force-Pro

So do you want the hunting camera that captures the best video and still images? The Spypoint Force-Pro delivers those – and more.

Significantly, it delivers clear 30MP photos and video in 4K. Its flash range measures 90 feet.

In addition, the detection range stretches out to 110 feet and the cam has a trigger speed of a lightning-fast 0.3 seconds make this this the best trail camera for hunters.

Make use of any of the many modes, including video, time-lapse, multi-shot and photo.

2. Wildgame Innovations Insite Air

The Wildgame Innovations Insite Air links to the HuntSmart App via Bluetooth technology. so it sends every video and photo to any compatible device by easily pushing a button, without the need of cell service.

This outstanding wildlife camera for hunting will sense you within a 150-yard distance, sending you a download notification.

The system within the app (AIM or Artificial Intelligence Management) analyzes and organizes game camera contents automatically. It gives you the information you need to optimize and plan your hunts for maximum efficiency.

As your Wildgame Innovations hunting trail camera takes more images, the HuntSmart app learns the hunting environment better, giving you higher success rates.

Amongst its other attributes, this fabulous tracking and scouting trail camera offers video clips in five, fifteen and thirty second lengths. It delivers HD-quality video, 24MP still images, trigger speed of 0.5 seconds and an illumination range of 100 feet.

3. RECONYX HyperFire 2

As the world becomes ever more connected, so are trail cameras.

The RECONYX HyperFire 2 is a 4G LTE supported cellular trail camera, which enables image reception from the camera to its linked mobile app.

The manufacturer has also extended affordable data plans to users, via AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon.

Its settings category is where this tracking and scouting camera for hunting really shines, including 3 lighting power settings, flash range of 150 feet and a trigger speed of a blazing fast 0.2 seconds.

It captures really good videos and photos, snapping ten pictures per trigger and videos in ten second clips. Optional surveillance can be programed on a time-lapse basis. Interval settings can be configured in 1, 5, fifteen, thirty and sixty minutes. And you can pick either solar or fixed beginning and end times.

4. Browning Defender

The Defender remote tracking tool from scouting camera maker Browning operates in two main ways. First, it has invisible infrared mode that is completely undetectable. And, secondly, it has a low-glow, long-range IR flash mode. This makes this unit a multi-functional trail camera, great for wildlife scouting and home security purposes.

Importantly, HD video clips and photos are transmitted from its perch via a 4G LTE cellular network (Verizon or AT&T) directly to your mobile device or laptop. The data is then packaged through the SFWMS (Strike Force Wireless Management System).

And other cellular-enabled attributes include file management, mapping, GPS-tagged images, immediate or scheduled image uploads, and more. Uploads include video clips, HD photos and standard photos.

Also, infrared illumination stretches out to 80 feet. And nocturnal illumination comes in at 120 feet.

Its trigger speed is adjustable between 0.3 seconds and 0.7 seconds, shooting up to 8 rapid-fire or multi-shot images.

The recovery time us 0.6 seconds between shots and a configurable photo delay of between one second and one hour.

Other offerings include 1080P video with audio, 20MP images and color LCD display measuring 2 inches.

5. Browning Defender Ridgeline

The Browning Defender Ridgeline cellular hunting trail camera has recently been updated into a fantastic wildlife scouting device.

Firstly, it provides night illumination via invisible infrared technology. also, it can send high definition video clips and photos through a national 4G LTE cellular network from your hunting grounds to any mobile device or laptop running the SFWMS (Strike Force Wireless management System).

Its dual carrier capability allows you to pick from either Verizon or AT&T networks, with you having the choice of managing after creating footage folders.

This is easily one of the best game cameras for hunting and tracking This is evidenced by the following features:

  • its audio-supported 1080P Full HD video clips and 20MP images
  • no-glow night photography up to 90 feet
  • adjustable infrared flash (for extended range or power saving)
  • a configurable trigger speed between 0.135 and 0.7 seconds and
  • an 8 rapid fire or multi shot shooting mode.

Where Do I Get an Outdoor Time Lapse Camera?

A outdoor time lapse camera is a valuable tool that keeps you updated on activities happening in and around your home and property.

An outdoor time lapse camera has to be particularly hardy as it has to continue working in all weather conditions. It has to be smart enough too to work in different light conditions too. You want your outdoor camera to also be hardy and pretty much tamper-proof as there is always the intruder looking to dismantle it. They want all evidence that they were loitering around your place to be destroyed.

Time-lapse photography is excellent in that it captures slow processes such as deer moving into an area and grazing. With a time-lapse camera, if you watch deer grazing for the entire day, you’ll be able to watch the day’s grazing in just one minute. Time-lapse is a feature that speeds things up.

Outdoor Time Lapse Camera – Images based on an interval of time

When shooting a time-lapse video, shooting in manual can get you some good results as well as when your camera is set to automatic. Shooting time-lapse photography requires you to take into account how you want to frame your subject, lighting conditions and whether there will be any unexpected interruptions.

But if a camera is outdoor, what does time lapse mean? A time-lapse camera is one where the camera takes a picture according to the way it was set. But having said that, not all time-lapse features are the same.

You need to do research because some time-lapse features aren’t able to be customized and some don’t allow for night pictures. When you start doing research on trail cameras with time lapse video, you’ll discover that all Browning trail cameras come equipped with this time-lapse feature that allows one to take a time lapse video clip.

You can set up your camera and program it to take pictures automatically at certain fixed intervals. The Browning Dark Ops Trail Camera (shown here) has a time-lapse shooting mode that captures images at pre-set intervals from 5 sec to 5 min.

Typical image capture

To play time lapse video clips, Browning trail cameras come with the Buck Watch Timelapse for operating the camera in time-lapse mode. But of course, there are other brands that offer time-lapse cameras too. Bushnell, Moultrie, and Scoutguard are just some of these brands. 

Check the price of the Browning Dark Ops Trail Cam at Amazon

Many available intervals

The Moultrie Wingscapes TimelapseCam Pro (pictured here) will automatically take pictures at programmable intervals over a given period of time. Available intervals are 10 or 30 seconds, 1 min, 5-, 10-, 15-, 30 minutes or 1-hour intervals, or even 6 hours, 12 hours, or day intervals. TimelapseCam Pro will also erase your oldest photos and videos, freeing up space for new ones.

Then there’s the Bushnell Core S-4K No-Glow Trail Camera that allows you to have it operating day and night. Its Field Scan mode will take shots at intervals chosen by the user for time-lapse surveillance. You can set the interval between0.6 seconds to 60 minutes.

Check today’s price of the Bushnell Core S-4K Cam at Amazon

Capture weeks or months in one short clip

It can be beneficial having a timelapse camera. One of these remarkable benefits is that you can capture hours or even weeks in one short clip That is because you designated certain times for your trail camera to capture activity.

Most trail cameras have some sort of timelapse function where you can set an interval timer. If you’re particularly wanting a trail camera with this feature, many of the best time-lapse cameras will automatically process your images into a video for you.

Time-lapse photography is simply showing events over time in a flash, much like you fast-forward a video. If you have an outdoor trail camera with time-lapse features, you benefit in that the camera covers a wider area than when your camera is on trigger setting.

You’re capturing images that are beyond your camera’s trigger detection range. Another benefit of this time-lapse is that it provides timely information.

Time-lapse is an important feature that you need to think about when getting a trail camera.

What is the best trail cam under $100?

The Bushnell Trophy 20 MP Trail Camera is the best trail cam under $100. The Bushnell Trophy range has models ranging from a 14 MP camera to a 24 MP camera. Very little distinguishes one Bushnell Trophy Cam HD low-glow trail camera from the next, aside from the performance ratings. And the 20 MP model provides the best value for the money.

Are you ready to see why this is a great value camera?

Bushnell Trophy Trail Camera 20MP HD_119717CW

The 20 MP comes in at under $100, takes crystal clear photos and video, and includes night vision.

Unfortunately, it isn’t a cellular model. You have to retrieve the memory card to retrieve the footage actively. This may not be ideal if you hunt in an area where the animals are skittish.

For establishing animal movement or monitoring your backyard, however, they’re ideal. You can, alternatively, keep the settings low to allow fewer visits to retrieve the card.

See the price of the Bushnell Trophy 20 MP Trail Cam at Amazon

Features of the Bushnell Trophy Trail Cam

  • 80 ft PIR sensor and adjustable PIR
  • 80 ft, 32 LED night vision
  • Programmable trigger, image mode, and video resolution to maximize battery life
  • Photo tags include time, temperature, and date
  • It comes with a web belt to attach it to a tree
  • 20 MP Image
  • 720 P HD video with audio
  • Full color
  • Adjustable image quality settings of between 3 MP and 20MP
  • a trigger speed of 0.7 seconds
  • Weatherproof between -5° F and 140°F
  • It takes 8 AA batteries
  • Space for a 32 GB SD card


Overall, the Bushnell Trophy 20 MP trail camera is an excellent buy. Certainly its the best trail cam under $100 now available at Amazon. It’s well-made with thoughtful features to enhance your experience. Bushnell Trophy Cam problems are the exception rather than the rule. You won’t find a better deal for under $100.

See the price of the Bushnell Trophy 20 MP Trail Cam at Amazon

Is Bushnell an American company?

While it had its origins in Japan, it’s now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vista Outdoor, an American company.

Bushnell was established in 1948. It quickly built a reputation for high-quality optics and maintains that tradition today.
Bushnell’s good reputation is based on the quality optics of its products, brand support, and value for money.

Where are Bushnell trail cameras made?

Bushnell imports the optics but assembles all the other components at its factory in Kansas. Each Bushnell Trophy Cam HD game camera undergoes a thorough check before leaving as part of the quality control process.

How do I set up my Bushnell Trophy Cam?

This Bushnell Trophy Cam instructions video explains the process in great detail.

Tasco Game Camera Reviews

Many trail camera users have wondered who makes Tasco trail cameras. Tasco is well-known for making binoculars and telescopes in the United States, from its inception in 1954. It is a Bushnell Corporation subsidiary.

What is the Most Reliable Game Camera?

The most reliable trail cameras are Tasco game cameras. They are weatherproof, rugged and reasonably priced. They are your ideal hunting companion. They are simple to use, easy to install and comes with a detailed, handy manual.

The most reliable Tasco game camera is the Tasco 3MP trail camera. Its low price belies its lower megapixel count. Pictures turn out sharp and concise, with night images being particularly bright.

The reason the Tasco 3MP trail camera produces excellent night photos is the 30-feet Xenon flash. Embedded in this game camera’s images is metadata such as dates, moon phases and time, for better organization.

The wildlife camera’s sensor reaches all the way to 45 feet.

The drawbacks to the Tasco 3MP trail camera for security purposes is its low SD card support of only 2GB. While this may be not ideal for hunting, it makes it perfect for home security, as there is less traffic to photograph.

Another great trail camera option from Tasco is the Tasco 12MP Low Glow. The Tasco 12mp low glow trail camera reviews are fantastic from users. This is because it has offers all a hunter would want and nothing that they would not want.
Pictures are ultra-clear and its price is unbeatable. It shoots video in 720P and battery life is rates at about one year out of eight AA batteries.

What is the Best Cellular Game Camera for the Money?

The best cellular trail camera for the money is the Stealth Cam GXW Wireless 12MP.

Stealth Cam is a very well-regarded trail camera maker, and the GXW is among the first cellular game cameras to send both videos and photos over a wireless network.

It can run on T-Mobile or AT&T GSM networks, with setup including the downloading of an app called Stealth Cam Remote. It can be downloaded on either iOS or Android, after which you will be required to create a new account.

If you prefer AT&T, this cell cam ships as a package including a SIM card. A pre-paid data plan will need to be purchased from buyasession.att.com.

This Stealth Cam cellular trail camera model takes sharp photos thanks in part to its wide detection zone. Its less-than-0.25 second trigger response is fast enough, with videos being kept to manageable size due to wireless transfer protocols.

Is a Tasco Trail Camera Waterproof?

Tasco game cameras are not only durable and robust, you can run them in any weather. The Tasco trail camera 8MP is sturdily engineered, manufactured with solid and thick plastic. Its case is built to endure extreme rain, cold or sunshine. It is also constructed to withstand drops of up to ten feet.

How Do You Remove The Battery From a Tasco Game Camera?

Removing the batteries from a Tasco trail camera is relatively simple. Press the button labeled Battery Tray Eject which releases the battery tray. Remember to switch the trail camera off when unloading or loading batteries.

What Trail Camera Should I Buy?

The Tasco trail camera 8MP is the hunting and security camera you should buy. Its price is so amazing, it will shock you how much game camera it is for the money. For those on a tight budget, the Tasco 8MP trail camera is the game camera for you.

If you are afraid of losing your trail camera due to the trail cam theft in your hunting area, this wildlife cam is so inexpensive, it will be less of a worry.

Similarly, if you want to run multiple game cams throughout your area, this wildlife cam’s price is perfect for doing so within reasonable means.

Photos are captured accompanied by details such as temperature, time, date, and so on. The daytime image color is vibrant enough for a trail camera priced as it is.

It will surprise you how much performance you can derive from this low-price trail camera. It competes admirably with game cameras three times its price.

The Tasco trail camera 8MP is simple to use, features an intuitive control panel and can be programmed easily. It produces satisfactory videos and images, day or night.

This Tasco 8MP trail camera review would be incomplete without a pros and cons list.

  • Price
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Offers a complete and easy to use user guide
  • Well responding sensor
  • Above average performance
  • Color day images, night infrared photos
  • 32GB SD card support
  • Flash range of 50 feet
  • Sturdy body constructed from durable plastic, weatherproof
  • 8MP photos are acceptable
  • Lack of nighttime video
  • Short strap, hard to tighten buckle
  • Fast moving subjects result in blurred images
  • Lack of battery meter

Another cheap and functional game camera from Tasco is the Tasco 6MP game camera. It is one of the cheapest wildlife monitoring cameras on sale. For those who are thinking of running multiple cameras, this is a fantastic option.

It can capture images, record video, or combine the two. It is triggered by small animals while photos are reviewable by viewing the photos stored on the SD card on a computer or TV.

The infrared flash produced by this trail camera is not easily discernable, unless looking directly at it. It water resistant so can be left out in storms and work flawlessly.

Do Trail Cameras Need Wi-Fi?

Trail cameras require Wi-Fi. A Wi-Fi enabled game camera is designed to assist you control, manage and set up your wildlife camera, remotely. The best hunting cameras on amazon offer Wi-Fi connectivity.

Scouting cameras are mostly used by biologists, movie makers, wildlife monitors, hunters and homeowners. The camera trap offers valuable information on various creatures, and their habitats, without human interruption.

It is not feasible to hover in the area of the camera in order to review its contents. This is where the utility of a wifi trail camera comes in.

Photos can now be accessed without disturbing the wildlife. Remote access is also granted. Remote access is the most ideal solution for adventurers and hunters who do not want to disturb an area with their scent.

The Tactacam Bass Pro Fishing Camera – the Fisherman’s Friend

Bass fishing, just like deer hunting, is popular, exciting, and made that much easier when you have the right hunting tools – such as a Tactacam Bass Pro Fishing Camera. Photograph your catch with a waterproof Tactacam BASS Pro fishing camera.

Bass fish are found in rivers and lakes, offering anglers many opportunities to hook up with Bass on any of the local waterways in America.You typically get 3 species of Bass fish – Large- and Smallmouth and Spotted Bass. One of the biggest Bass fish caught was a 22.4 pounder Largemouth in 1932, and if you want to also enjoy success at fishing for Bass, you need the right equipment – reels, rods, lines, lures – and a camera.

Here I look at a couple of fishing cameras from Tactacam designed specifically for fish filming.

1. The Tactacam Bass Pro Fishing Camera

The Tactacam 5.0 is for hunting, shooting, and fishing. The water- and weather-resistant camera with wide lens films in 4K HD, and also comes with a low-light sensor to live-stream or capture color footage with 4k resolution.

Some of this Tactacam fishing camera’s useful features:

  • External battery indicator indicating also when the battery is low.
  • Camera battery with 2.5 hours of power.
  • Ambidextrous operation.
  • 100-foot range.
  • You have control over 5 different Tactacam 5.0 cameras. It can control many cameras with a one-button function – Pause, Power On Auto Record, and Off.
  • LCD screen shows battery life, number of cameras connected, and length of recording.
  • Image Stabilization Technology.
  • 8x zoom takes you close to the mark.
  • One-touch camera operation with vibration indication.
  • Built-in 1-100db microphone.
  • USB cable with charging adapter.
  • Camera bag and user manual.

2. Tactacam Fish-i Camera

The Tactacam Fish-i is a lightweight compact camera made with a waterproof lens system that is also replaceable. This wide lens fishing action camera can easily be attached to you, as it comes with a headband. You can also attach it to your boat or your fishing rod.

A useful feature of the Tactacam Fish-i Camera is that it interfaces with your smartphone. This is done by means of an app.

Other useful features:

  • Small and compact – 3.5 ounces and 4” long.
  • Simple, one-button recording.
  • Waterproof up to 30 feet.
  • Records in 1080p resolution at 60 feet per second.
  • Auto record with vibration indication.
  • Micro SD card slot, loop recording – you need to buy your own card – 32-128 GB
  • LCD screen shows the battery life of cameras.
  • Low-light sensor.
  • 1-year limited warranty.
  • Wide-angle lens – 170°.
  • USB 2.0 connection.
  • Comes with a camera bag and a user manual

Click to check the price of the Tactacam Fish-i Camera at Amazon.

3. Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops are recognized for their excellence and are committed to providing customers with a convenient way to shop.  They are always investing in services and products that can ensure a great experience for outdoor enthusiasts every time.

If you’re serious about catching bass, invest in one of these fishing cameras from Tactacam. They are an action camera pioneer for the outdoors, ensuring their fishing cameras give anglers the chance to record and share their most exciting memories.

They’ve ensured their cameras come with all the best features.  You’ll be setting yourself up to take advantage of the best angling moments which you can share with friends and family. They are a great fishing tool and also add a fun dimension to fishing.

Click here to check out Bass Pro products at Amazon now!

How to Find a Cheap Deer Hunting Trail Camera

You can find a cheap deer hunting trail camera at Amazon. The cheapest is the Vikeri E2.

A trail camera for deer hunting can surely bring a hunter greater efficiency when spying on the deer on their property or on public land.

There is no shortage of cheap deer hunting trail cameras on the market and some deer hunting experts even recommend having one camera on every 100 acres of land you have. The Vikeri E2 deer hunting trail camera is just that – a cheap camera, yet a quality, well-rated trail camera for monitoring game on your property.

The Vikeri low budget camera’s dark green camouflaged case ensures the camera blends in perfectly with nature and is not easily detected by animals or humans. With its IP66 weatherproofing, it copes with all kinds of weather conditions.

Some of the Vikeri E2’s features:

  • This is a 20-megapixel camera.  
  • The camera is equipped with a 120° detection area. With its wide-angle lens, you can record all animal movements, even on rainy days. Once the camera picks up movement, the fast trigger speed of less than 0.2s ensures fast, accurate capture of motion.
  • It has a 940nm night vision lamp. Comes with 48 IR LEDs to ensure quality images. Video is also excellent and it captures 1520p HD video resolution with audio.
  • The special infrared CMOS sensor chip ensures clear black and white images during the night and clear color photos or video during the day.
  • 0.2-second flash speed.  
  • Select 4 or 8 1.5VAA lithium batteries.
  • The wifi function is to view the feed through the phone and download pictures and videos without the need to remove the SD. Files can be transferred to your PC.  
  • Micro SD cards and alkaline cards are required for the trail camera but are not included. The user needs to format the memory card when using it for the first time.
  • Color LCD screen – 2.4 inches to view stills and videos.
  • The camera comes with robust anchor belts, making it easy to attach to a tree or pole. You’ll find two threaded camera mounts to make it even easier to mount. This value for money trail camera also comes with a mounting bracket for a permanent installation.


The Vikeri E2 comes with a host of useful features. If you look at these features you can’t believe that you can still get this exceptional trail camera for less than $100.

Vikeri is a professional wild trail camera brand that was established in 2019. They offer a warranty and great after-sales support. They believe that once you own this trail camera, you’ll become a loyal fan of the brand.

The camera offers great value for money, and many people opt to use it for home security. With its excellent pricing and features, it competes strongly with other cameras on the market.

To find further specials, go to Amazon

See more details about the Vikeri E2 budget trail cam at Amazon.

The Incomparable Visionner Trail Camera Review

The Visionner 4.0 Wi-Fi wireless trail hunting camera has been voted the #1 Wi-Fi game camera by users in the USA. Learn why in this Visionner trail camera review.

Hunters enjoy its effectiveness and praise its wildlife experience as the most exciting they have ever had! They cite reasons for their excitement, such as:

  • Capturing game both during the day and at nighttime through its night vision and waterproof abilities
  • Capturing clear and bright wildlife videos and images via its 1080P full HD video and 24MP photos
  • Ability to instantly receive videos and images instantly thanks to its app control and Wi-Fi connectivity

Visionner 4.0 Wi-Fi Trail Camera Review

The Visionner Wi-Fi hunting camera records, captures and detects every piece of breathtaking scenery both day and night. It records video at 1080P Full HD and takes 24MP pictures. Its Wi-Fi capability allows for instant viewing of videos and photos captured by the camera on your smartphone.

Created in 1996, Visionner has produced the most reliable and the best performing game trail cameras in the US, improving them every year. This culminated in numerous recommendations by various wildlife magazines in 2020 as the #1 hunting trail camera in Canada and the United states, as voted by wildlife scouting professionals.

This Proud American Company offers free trial and free return, a five-year warranty and a money-back guarantee of 90 days on every one of its USA trail cameras.

Is Visionner a Good Trail Camera?

The Visionner wifi camera trap offers several benefits to its users over the competition. These include:

• Instant reception of images right to your smartphone – App Control and Wi-Fi Connection

Connect to the hunting scouting camera remotely and review videos and images instantly, as well as manage storage. Using the app, view a live feed of what your camera sees.

Clear Night Images – Advanced IR Night Vision

Using low glow IR LEDs, view nocturnal animal behavior without spooking them.

• Capture at a Whole Other Level – High-Quality Video and Image Quality

The Visionner 4.0 Wi-Fi wildlife monitoring camera comes equipped with 24MP image resolution and 1080P video recording capabilities. Video recordings are accompanied by high-quality audio as well.

• Display on a New Level – 2.4-inch LCD Display

Check camera output directly through its LCD screen, measuring 2.4 inches.

Capture at a Wider Range – Capture More With Wider Angle Lens

The Visionner 4.0 boasts a PIR Sensor Sight Angle of 120 degrees, in comparison to the industry-standard 80 to 90 degrees. This allows for the capture of more vivid details and movements.

• Quick Trigger Reflexes – Trigger time of only 0.2 Seconds

Your hunt will be clearly captured by this trail camera’s lightning fast trigger response of 0.2 seconds.

• Go-Anywhere Ability – IP65 Waterproofing

Take the trail camera with you beneath the surface thanks to its waterproofing to and IP65 level.

• Applicable Anytime, Anywhere

The Visionner wifi scouting and security camera can be used in several applications, such as covert surveillance, vandalism, deer hunting and wildlife monitoring.

Visionner 4.0 Trail Camera Review Frequently Asked Questions

How can I view the images?

Images from trail cams are viewable in two ways:

  • On the camera, by linking it via Wi-Fi to your smartphone, or
  • On a computer, by plugging in the SD card via a USB or SD card reader.

Is the Visionner 4.0 wifi trail camera triggered by smaller animals such as rodents and birds?

Even small animals and insects can trigger a trail camera. This camera trap detects using a combination of movement and heat, allowing it to capture smaller animals as well. In addition, its 120-degree wide angle lens captures more animal movement and details than other trail cameras.

What is included in the package?

• One tutorial video – Camera setup and app connection instructions
• One phone app – Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection
• One user manual
• One mounting strap
• One USB cable
• One Visionner 4.0 Wi-Fi Trail Camera

An Outstanding Yet Affordable Game Camera for Deer Hunting

What game camera do you have for when deer season opens? Are you planning on having several cameras or just one? All these questions – you have to know how to make a sound choice. The best camera for deer hunting is affordable, robust, and has all the features to enhance hunting.

Is there a game camera that can cover the land you hunt? Positioning a game camera is important if you want quality photos of critters (animal and human). So which deer hunting camera should it be? Which camera for deer hunting will ensure that when a deer comes into the camera area, its sensors direct it efficiently to take photos and videos?

The Meidase SL122 Pro Trail Camera is the best game camera for deer hunting. The Meidase is a medium-sized camera with dimensions of 6.1 x 4.4 x 3.0 inches. A main plus point is that this particular deer hunting game camera is cheaper than other products with similar specifications.

The Meidase trail camera comes with a useful password protection feature. Having this prevents anyone from tampering with- and accessing the camera. It’s a simple 4-digit password.

Check Today’s Price at Amazon

A deer hunting game camera with 5-star ratings

Don’t take my word for it. Customer reviews show that those who have bought one Meidase then go out and buy more – just because they work so damned well. Customers give 5-star ratings for this camera’s excellent night vision and detection performance.

The camera has a 110° wide-angle lens. This allows one to capture more. It also has three motion sensors that are quick to pick up any motion. The middle sensor has a detection angle of 60° while the two outer sensors have 30°.

More great features of the Meidase

  • The camera captures superbly clear 16MP still images.
  • It has a trigger speed of 0.2 seconds. For its price, this is considered superb. The SL122 Pro has a recovery speed of 0.5 seconds, which works well with the camera’s fast trigger speed.
  • To work, the camera requires 8 AA lithium batteries.
  • The photos are all stamped. This is helpful when sorting through both videos and images of your deer hunting images. You will find information such as time, date, temperature, and moon phase.
  • The Meidase SL122 has a loop recording feature. It means the camera will overwrite older files if the memory card becomes full.
  • It records 1080p 30fps video complete with sound.
  • The camera features 36pcs leading-edge 940nm no-glow LEDs. People love a no glow flash camera. It guarantees that it’s a camera that won’t spook animals whilst taking pictures or recording.
  • So as to not frighten deer any further, the Meidase trail camera comes in a camo pattern. You can choose between 3 different earthy colors – olive, brown and dark gray.
  • 82-foot detection range.
  • 70-foot flash range.
  • Wide detection angle.
  • The camera has a 2.4-inch color TFT LCD screen. Making changes with the camera’s settings becomes a breeze.
  • The camera supports SDHC memory cards with a capacity of up to 32GB.
  • As a waterproof camera the Meidase is IP66 rated. It’s protected from dust and moisture.
  • Included in the box – the camera, a mounting strap, an instruction manual, and a mini USB cord.


You don’t even have to be a hunter to use a good yet cheap hunting camera. People use them to monitor wildlife for pleasure and watch over their property. For many people, they are hobby gadgets.

They come equipped with a passive infrared motion detector. It’s what triggers the shutter when an animal walks into the field of view.

The Meidase SL122 is one of these hunting cameras You must take a look at. With all its features, it’s good for any purpose you have in mind, not just deer hunting….

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What Browning Trail Camera is Best Now?

Browning has many great trail cameras so which Browning trail camera is best? That’s easy! The one that’s easy to use and set up – the one that is weather-resistant and that takes quality stills and videos.

This company’s trail cameras are made with tough weather-proof materials. You can expect high performance from the many useful trail cameras they offer.

Browning is a well-established brand and their cameras are always a sought-after choice for anyone wanting to capture details of the movements of animals.

The Browning Strike Force Extreme Trail Camera

The Browning Strike Force Extreme is the best on offer from Browning. This sturdy weather-resistant trail camera comes with a compact case that measures 4.5” x 3.25” x 2.5”. With its zero blur technology, it has a detection range of 100 feet. When the Browning Strike Force Extreme takes night pics, it makes use of this Zero Blur technology to eradicate that blurry look from movement. The camera comes with an 80-foot detection range and a 100-foot flash range.

It runs on 6AA lithium batteries which are sold separately. A trail camera like the Browning Strike Force Extreme records the activities of animals and birds by taking still images or videos of anything that enters the infrared sensor coverage area.

For the 6 batteries, the camera comes with a battery meter that alerts you to how much battery time you have.

Captures stills and videos

The Browning Strike Force Extreme captures both stills and video with sound. The camera produces quality 1280 x 720 HD video clips. With images, you get the date, time, moon phase, temperature, and camera ID on the picture info bar.

It’s a low-glow camera so when it’s taking a picture or video, a subdued red light will come on.

With the Browning Strike Force Extreme, there is a door in the front that gives you access to the backlit LCD screen and different buttons as well as the on and off switch. The nifty camera has a 4-second trigger speed that churns out 16MP HD photos of intense clarity. It is able to capture up to 8 images in multi-shot mode so that no action goes unmissed.

Easily attachable

The camera comes with a mountain strap so that you can easily attach it to a tree. With its combo brown and grey camo coloring, it blends in well with nature.

For connectivity, the Strike Extreme comes with a USB port for being able to transfer pics to your computer. When it comes to memory, videos and stills are recorded onto SDXC memory cards up to 512GB. You can also overwrite older pictures to make room for new ones.

Other features:

  • Infrared LED Illumination
  • Supports up to 512GB SDXC Memory Card – this isn’t included
  • 1/4″ -20 Tripod socket
  • All Browning trail cameras come with a warranty.

When you read customer reviews about the Browning Trail Camera, you get people saying things such as –

‘great camera, great price’.
‘a camera known for its reliability’.
‘‘image quality is excellent’.
‘a camera that works as expected’.

Browning Trail Cameras offer the outdoor enthusiast a host of trail cameras and also related accessories. They want to ensure that users capture exceptional images of wildlife.

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What to Look for When Buying a Trail Camera

Trail Cameras, also called game cameras, scouting cameras and camera traps, are used by hunters to detect animal movements and track their patterns. These camera’s “commonly have a camouflage exterior intended to blend in with its surroundings” (source: Wikipedia).

They also come with various features that can be adjusted like delay time for taking pictures and detection distances.

This article is about purchasing a trail camera to hunt animals. The primary consideration in an animal hunting trail camera is motion detection.

It’s also important to consider the flash settings and the size of your subject if possible before buying one.

Different types of hunts require different types of trail cameras as well. Deer hunting generally requires devices with a wide range and high resolution, while duck hunting might require more detailed images that will show the specific plumage features on waterfowl during sunrise or sunset hours.

Some things you should consider before purchasing any type of camera is how long the battery may last in low light settings,  the how many batteries the camera takes and battery life, how the camera  communicates with you when taking a photo or video signal, and durability in different climates or weather types.

Some models have night-time trigger (no glow) so that you can capture game without it being spooked by a flash or infrared.

Other models range just out about 75 feet which makes them perfect for scouting short distances such as around bird feeders.

Can a trail camera operate in sub-zero temperatures?

Yes, if you buy the right kind of trail camera it will easily withstand sub-zero temperatures as well as extreme heat. So the operating temperature range is important to consider when buying a particular model.

The body of outdoor cameras are usually made of metal, and no matter how powerful an external battery your camera has, it can become useless if the internal batteries don’t work as well at lower temperatures.

So before pulling out your credit card to buy any camera, take some time and research which brands excel as the winter approaches.

Does the size of a trail camera matter?

Yes, a key feature to consider when buying a trail camera is its size. Small digital cameras blend into their surroundings easier than large ones so animals won’t notice them.They also have less chance of being stolen by animals or kids playing around outdoors.

Larger cameras may have more power technologically, but you pay for this with higher visibility of the camera itself.

Do I need to buy more than one trail camera for hunting?

Yes, preferably. If there’s ample budget to purchase more than one camera, you’ll need one trail camera per game animal that will be hunted. For instance, deer (mule or white-tailed) will require 2 or 3 quality cameras whilst turkey hunters may find it worthwhile to consider 4 cameras for their area of operation.

What are good trail cameras for hunting?

              The Moultrie A900i – my top choice for hunting

Here are three good trail cameras for hunting:

Checklist of 15 points to check when buying a trail camera

If you are clear on the following, you can’t go wrong when buying a trail camera:

  • Megapixels
  • Detection range
  • Flash type
  • Flash range
  • Size and Weight
  • Camouflage
  • Camera mode
  • Trigger delay
  • Recovery time
  • Temperature handling
  • No of batteries required
  • Battery life
  • Attachment device (strap?)
  • Warranty
  • What users at Amazon say
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