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The cellular trail camera space saw a great addition with the sale of the Tactacam Reveal cellular trail camera. This dependable, high-quality cellular trail camera can be found on sale here.

Tactacam Reveal Cellular Trail Camera Features At a Glance

The Reveal by Tactacam works with two cell networks, AT&T and Verizon, along with data plans for a low monthly fee. It uses twelve AA batteries to power its operations, with a photo resolution of 24 MP.

Quick Glimpse at Features

  • Detection activates at 96 feet
  • Flexible night lighting at 96 feet
  • Trigger speed of less than ½ second
  • 8 MP/12 MP/24 MP photos
  • Verizon and AT&T models

Trail Camera Advancement

In this review article, we would like to broaden your appreciation of this feature-rich cellular game camera, the Tactacam trail camera for sale at Amazon.

It’s a bang for your buck model and an excellent choice in the entry-level wildlife camera market. (Tactacam is also known for its Bass Fishing Camera.)

Which Cellular Network Providers Does the Tactacam Reveal Trail Camera Work With?

Most importantly, cellular game cameras require adequate cell coverage to function to their full potential. The recommendation is finding the most remote location of the area you plan to set up the cellular wildlife cameras and checking the coverage.

The Tactacam Reveal cellular deer scouting camera works with both Verizon and AT&T.

This device has no activation or set up fees while offering three plans of monthly or yearly data. They charge according to the volume of photographs taken on a given month, as well as the plan’s length.

Every plan of the Tactacam trail camera for sale at Amazon further breaks down into two options, monthly and annually. The annual plan is activated upon full payment whereas the month-by-month plan is payable every month.

While the monthly plan is more expensive on a monthly basis in comparison to the yearly plan, you can deactivate it whenever you like.

The highest annual Pro Plan includes an unlimited volume of photographs monthly sent to your cell phone for the yearly fee of $120. Similarly, the monthly Pro Plan also gives you unlimited photographs, with the cost being $13.

Additional cellular trail cameras can be added to a plan, with each additional trail camera on the annual plan costing $96 while the charge is $12 for every additional camera on the monthly plan.

The mid-tier plan has a 500 photo limit per camera per month for $85 annually.

Every additional cellular deer tracking camera adds $75 to the cost. The mid-tier monthly plan will cost you $8 with every additional trail camera costing you $7.50.

Finally, the Starter Plan has a 250 photograph limit and costs $55 per year or $5 per month. Unfortunately, additional cameras do not attract any discounts.

Check the price of the Tactacam Reveal Trail Camera at Amazon

Advantage to any plan, any length of subscription?

The yearly plan is cheaper but has to be paid in full, upfront. The advantage with this is year round uninterrupted service. The monthly plan, while slightly more expensive, gives the freedom of suspend the service at any time. This means coverage can be suspended at the conclusion of the hunting season and picked back up at the beginning of the next.

Image Resolution

The Tactacam Reveal cellular trail camera can be configured to capture photographs in three resolutions: 8, 12 or 24 MP.

Not only do higher resolutions capture greater detail, nighttime photos are blur-free thanks to the Night Mode feature.

When uploading pictures via cellular, only a thumbnail image is uploaded, and not the picture with the full resolution. The reason for this is to reduce transmission costs.

Once a resolution is picked, the image captures is stored on the SD card. The camera can overwrite older pictures once the SD card fills up, although the phone app will always alert you of available memory.

Once the photo is stored on the SD card, the ‘send’ setting will allow either immediate uploading to your phone or send a group of photos captured over a certain period, usually 12 hours or an entire day.

Once the plan photo limit is reached, photos will stop being sent, but will continue to be stored on the SD card. Videos are saved on the SD card while photos are sent to the phone app.

Tactacam Reveal Cellular Trail Camera Battery Life

Lithium batteries are recommended for use with this trail camera due to their long life and ability to remain operational in inclement weather. Additionally, this model offers a weather-resistant port for a solar panel or external battery.

Tactacam Reveal Cellular Trail Camera Trigger Speed

With a trigger speed of half a second, this trail cam’s trigger speed is acceptable.

Other Prominent Features:

2.4” Viewing/Setup LCD Screen

The LCD screen, which measures 2.4”, can be used for both viewing saved photos and configuring the settings. Included are an OK button, arrow keys, menu button and an activation button.


This feature allows for the taking of up to five photographs following the triggering of the sensor. Of the five, just the second one is pushed to your phone, while the rest are saved onto the SD card.


Also known as recovery time, it can be configured for a broad range of time.

Work Timer

Photo capture can be started and stopped during the day, making it possible to only operate during pre-determined times only.

Motion Sensitivity

Three amounts of movement determine motion sensing, High, Middle and Low. It is recommended you set it on High in open fields where distances can be further, Middle for paths or trails that deer frequently pass through and Low for feeders and licks.

Phone Interface

The Android interface is simple to use and allows for camera changes on the fly. Using the menu, specific details to the camera such as temperature, status of the SD card, strength of the cellular signal and battery level can all be reviewed.

All camera settings instituted through the app are relayed within 24 hours. This allows the camera to check for updates once a day if no pictures are taken or motion detected.

Photographs can be saved to folders and each camera you are running (if you are running multiple) can be configured individually. When accessing the app, you can review the photos captured by each individual camera, in each created folder, in the order of their capture.

Whenever a photo is captured and uploaded, you will receive an alert. Any configuring that can be managed on the physical camera can be accomplished of the app to. It also allows for the sharing of specific pictures with friends or family.

  • Customizable settings
  • Battery life
  • Suction cup nesting
  • Simple-to-navigate phone app
  • Value-for-money price
  • Lack of website portal (for now, only phone app available)
  • Limited to AT&T and Verizon versions

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