How to Find Trail Cam Accessories

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Some of the most important accessories for trail, game and scouting cameras are as follows…

Camera Locks

Secure a camera to a tree, post or pole with a fit-for-purpose locks when cable ties, bicycle chains, straps, ropes and wire aren’t good enough any more.

Locked Boxes

Trail cameras can be locked in metal boxes to resist theft, sabotage, or curious animals. The added benefit is extra durability against rain, sun, frost, etc.

Camera Mounts

Give stable support to stop movement. You can screw a mount into a tree, post or pole. Then there are monopods. The best ones are tripods but these are delicate in terms of security, visibility and stability.

Note: velcro camera straps usually come with the trail camera when you but it. But a strap is not always suitable for your purpose.

Solar Chargers

With a solar charger your trail camera can run for extra weeks or months on rechargeable batteries. Ascertain before buying a trail camera if you can use a solar panel charger with it.

Supplementary Motion Detectors

You can connect these wirelessly to cover a larger detection-zone. They make up for slow trigger-speed. Or you can start triggering a video, then the pictures are taken a bit later.

External Batteries

External batteries  give your camera power for longer. Also, you can plug them in quickly without having to take out the internal batteries.

Transportable Image Viewers

With one of these, you can put the SD card in and see the images. Some can even just plug in. Using an image viewer is midway between taking the SD card home to read and having a cell phone trail cam where the photos / videos go straight to your phone.

Remember: trail camera accessories make good gifts for owners of game cams.

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