What is the Best Bluetooth Game or Trail Camera?

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A good Bluetooth game camera should be an essential part of your hunting repertoire if on-demand footage review is a factor you deem important.

The best Bluetooth wildlife cameras offer a lengthy battery life, quality photos and decent infrared range. Below are my recommendations.

What is the Best Bluetooth Game Camera?

1. Browning Defender 850

The best Bluetooth trail camera is the Browning Defender 850.
This model provides High Definition video recording at a 1920×1080 output resolution. The recordings can last five seconds to two minutes per shooting.

Photograph resolution stands at 20MP. In addition to being a Bluetooth-enabled trail camera, it also offers in-built Wi-Fi technology. Using its long range, it can also be used as a surveillance trail camera.

Its flash range extends to 120 feet while 80 feet is its detection range. It uses 4 lithium batteries.

Videos and photos can be saved locally using an SD card and video content is recorded by its Smart IR mode.

Finally, its recovery time is quick and its trigger speed is fast, making this our favorite Bluetooth game camera.

  • Infrared flash
  • Compact construction
  • 20MP sensor
  • Sound recording mic
  • HD video recording
  • Bundled with mounting bracket
  • SD card supported
  • Lack of 4K video recording
  • Rapid Fire shooting is limited

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2. Runner Up: CamparkCam Wi-Fi Bluetooth trail cam

The best Bluetooth trail camera runner up is the CamparkCam Wi-Fi Bluetooth trail camera.

This CamparkCam model connects via a free downloadable app called the Hunting Camera Pro. You can opt to connect through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to the camera. Both work similarly within the app.

When at home, you will need to disconnect your phone from the home Wi-Fi and reconnect using the Wi-Fi hotspot emitted by the camera.

Between the two, the longer range is noticed with the Wi-Fi connection, but may consume more camera power. In a case like this, options are great, so having both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to pick from is a bonus.

The connectivity between app and phone is impressive overall. It quickly connects without hassles.

Unfortunately, the app displays photos as thumbnails.

The versions that contain the full resolution will have to be downloaded to your phone. However, the thumbnails will approximate what is saved.

CamparkCam Wi-Fi Bluetooth Trail Camera Picture and Video Quality

For its price, this Bluetooth trail camera is impressive, both in picture and video quality and its Bluetooth connectivity.

Video resolution is configurable to either 1920×1080, 30fps or 1728×1296, 30fps.

Unlike many other trail cameras that accept up to 32GB SD cards, this model accepts a mighty up to 128GB, for added storage.


Its modern chipset makes this Bluetooth game camera truly mighty. Its higher SD card capacity is also welcome, as it not only stores more pictures, but means you don’t have to visit its mounting place as often. Combined with its excellent Bluetooth connectivity, this device is ideal for monitoring game or for property security.

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