The Most Versatile Suntek Trail Camera Out There

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What you’re looking for in a trail camera may not be what the next hunter or conservationist is looking for. The best Suntek trail camera (in my view) might be the solution.

Which trail camera should you buy? Which one has the features you need and comes at a price you can afford?

A Suntek trail camera review will tell you that you can get some good deals on Suntek game cameras. Whichever Suntek trail camera model you settle on, you’ll see they are sturdy and made with robust waterproof, camouflaged materials. You can also follow Suntekl trail camera instructions from the user manual that is included.

Regardless of size, trail cameras from Suntek come with advanced technological inventions that allow them to monitor animal movements on the darkest of nights. The 24MP, 1080P Suntek 801A trail camera with premium optical lens guarantees clear images and clear audible videos.

The above image is from a video taken with a Suntek 801A camera posted at Vimeo by Kalle Pihelgas.

Review of Suntek 801A

While you also get the small, feisty Suntekcam Mini Trail Cameras, I really like the Suntek 801A. Here are the details:

  • The Suntek 801A with its 2.4-inch screen is a no-glow 940nm infrared LED camera and known as a value-for-money trail camera.
  • Its 120°detecting range allows you to catch a wide spectrum of wildlife movement.
  • The camera is IP66 waterproof. Your camera is protected from rain and dust damage in the harshest of environments. Its brown-colored leafy camo pattern assures it can be placed against a tree and barely be seen. It comes with a durable strap for easy mounting to a tree trunk.
  • The camera is easy to operate. Apart from using it as a hunting- and wildlife monitoring camera it can easily be used for home security as well.
  • The color LCD allows you to easily set up the camera and view photos instantly.
  • The camera has a 0.3S trigger speed with 3 PIR sensors. You can be sure that with this camera, you’ll miss nothing. When you check customer reviews of the Suntekcam 24MP, people want to know if the camera can record the activities of quick, flighty birds. It can, but the camera’s position just needs to be adjusted. When the camera is set correctly, it can record anything.
  • Images come marked with the time, date, and temperature.
  • Great night vision – 42pcs no glow 940nm infrared LEDs, making sure animals aren’t frightened off. Black and white nighttime pictures are clear and bright.
  • The Suntek is a 75-foot Infrared Night Vision camera.
  • 4 or 8 lithium AA batteries are required. Batteries are not included.
  • In the Suntek box, you get the Suntek camera, USB cable, bracket, screws, attachment strap, a 16GD card, and user manual.

A Trail Camera Brand That’s Full of Surprises

The best way to make sure that you find the best trail camera for your needs is to check out trail camera reviews. A brand like Suntek comes out with various models.

A Suntek Trail Camera review will provide you with the basics of what you can expect from your trail camera.

You don’t have to sit and wait for your camera to work, it gets down to work according to your settings and will take something to surprise you in your absence.

Check today’s price of the Suntek 801A Trail Camera at Amazon

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