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Why search for the best trail camera for night pictures? Whatever the purpose for purchasing a trail camera, it is important that it performs great at night.

If the wildlife camera is for security reasons, night time surveillance will be of the utmost importance. This means accurate and detailed pictures of thieves or interlopers is crucial.

If the game camera is being deployed for hunting reconnaissance, taking clear and crisp photos of nocturnal animals is key, in order to learn their movements and tendencies.

Getting night photos with a trail camera

There are several factors that are important when judging a great nighttime trail camera. For example, an extended flash range will be important when taking pictures of animals that are some distance away. Also, a game camera that captures video in high definition will aid you in making better informed hunting decisions.

Game cameras for security purposes work best when combined with no-glow IR sensors, also known as imperceptible flash. This ensures potential thieves are not spooked by your camera’s presence, if they even notice it. This means pictures will detail their actions, as they happen.

This also extends to wildlife cameras for the purposes of wildlife monitoring. Similarly, a no-glow IR flash will ensure your potential targets are not spooked as you document their behavior.

Which are the best examples of night time trail cameras?

1. Browning Strike Force Pro XD Wildlife Camera

2. Bushnell Core Trail Camera, 30MP, No-Glow

3. Browning Strike Force Apex Game Camera

4. BlazeVideo Camera Trap with Night Vision

Do trail cameras take color pictures at night?

A best trail camera for great nighttime performance is fitted with what is known as Interline Transfer CCD. This type of sensor is more sensitive to light in comparison to CMOS sensors. This results in brighter and clearer low-light color shots, making for easier animal identification before dawn or at dusk.

Can you see a trail camera at night?

If you are looking into bolstering your home security with a wildlife camera, game cameras that come with invisible flash or no-glow/low-glow IR sensors are the way to go. This ensures potential thieves are not alerted to the presence of surveillance trail cameras. Similarly, nocturnal animals will not give away their presence as they are camouflaged, making them imperceptible.

How do trail cameras take pictures at night?

When the trail camera’s sensor is tripped, an infrared flash is emitted by the camera. This flash allows for nighttime photography without producing any visible light.

Why does my trail camera take black pictures at night?

The first place to check is the batteries. Consider their type and voltage.

Voltage: if the voltage being provided by the batteries is less than it should, this could lead to problems. 2 problems in particular could occur due to insufficient voltage.

First one is the camera stops working completely, shutting itself off. The second could be the camera will work in a sub-par manner. Some features may be affected, such as the IR flash, which is at the heart of nighttime photography.

Batteries: the battery type you use will affect camera performance.

Lithium batteries provide the most constant voltage, leading to consistent trail camera performance.

Alkaline batteries start off providing optimum voltage, but levels soon drop throughout their life cycle. They require more frequent changing, when compared to their lithium counterparts.

Rechargeable batteries feature the least amount of voltage of all. This has led to leading trail camera makers such as Bushnell trail camera, Campark trail camera, Stealth Cam trail camera and Browning trail camera discouraging their use.

The next place to check is the game camera’s flash.

Depending on the type of flash (No-Glow Infrared, Low-Glow Infrared and White Flash) fitted on to your wildlife camera, there could be several reasons leading to your camera taking black night pictures.

If your trail camera is fitted with Low-Glow illumination, place the camera in a completely darkened room and pass by it, looking out for the faint glow of it LEDs.

No-Glow illuminated game cameras will require either another camera, a video recorder or a smartphone to test whether it is working properly.

Walking in front of the trail camera in a dark room with one of the aforementioned devices will reveal the truth.

Another reason your trail camera would be taking black night pictures is issues with its infrared LED flash emitters. While made to last, they do fail sometimes.

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