Here is the Best Trail Camera under $50

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I have worked with trail cameras for the last decade and I would NOT recommend any trail camera selling for less than $50. In my experience these are (understandably) unreliable – generally a cheap import.

Can I Get a Trail Camera Under $50?

There are several trail cameras available for under $50, but make sure it is a new trail camera with a warranty or some other type of guarantee.

Beware of  pre-owned trail cameras. They could be out of date, be a faulty clearance trail camera, have missing parts or functions. Or they could even be stolen and that applies particularly you buy it on classifieds website. Tip: if there is no warranty then be sure that you are buying a lemon.

Another tip: the more information there is online about any given make or model, the more likely you are buying a tough, reliable and long-lasting trail camera.

If you absolutely can’t afford a trail camera above $50 then take a look at these models at Amazon. At least they are new and you have some kind of recourse if they turn out to fall short on promise:

UsogoodWosports MiniWildgame Innovations SuntekcamBZK

Best Trail Camera Under $100

Having said that, you should rather go for the best low cost wildlife camera for game hunting or security for less than $100.

I suggest the following makes at Amazon to find the best cheap wildlife camera on a budget between $50 and $100:


Buyer’s Checklist

Ten features to check when choosing a trail camera:

  • Image resolution
  • Video capability
  • Response speed
  • Is the camera body waterproof
  • How is the camera powered? (Usually AA batteries but sometimes solar)
  • How long do the batteries last?
  • Is the manufacturer well-known and reputable?
  • Do you get a warranty with the camera
  • Are the online reviews favorable?
  • Does is come with a user manual?
  • Price, compared to similar models

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