What is the Best Value Trail Camera?

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When people look for a value trail camera there are still a few things about the best value trail camera they refuse to compromise on. It’s no good buying a cheap trail camera from the so-called bargain counter and then sitting with a camera that falls below par.

A cheap camera is good and well but then it must offer you value, Speed still counts as most important with the best value trail camera. This is because when an animal walks into the detection zone, the camera has to react in time, otherwise you just get the rear end of the animal leaving the detection zone.

Some Good Value Trail Cameras at Amazon

1. The Wosoda Trail Camera (2 Pack) 16MP

For a camera that comes under $100, the Wosoda Trail Camera (2 Pack) comes with plenty of features and a well-written user guide. It is quite likely one of the least expensive cameras on the market. This best value trail camera is waterproof, has a 65 ft range, captures 16 MP images, LED night vision, and 1080p video resolution.

  • People like the small, compact size
  • Wide detection angle
  • Affordable prices
  • Comes with IP54 waterproof certification
  • Low glow flash that animals may notice

2. Wildgame Innovations Terra Extreme Megapixel IR Trail Camera 14MP

This is another best value trail camera with an assortment of amazing features. The Wildgame Innovations Terra Extreme is a good overall value-for-money trail camera. The video camera can record in HD quality with excellent night vision capabilities.

The camera detects moving objects up to 65 feet. Comes with 21 infrared LEDs for capturing images and video without frightening game off. Comes with bungee cords for attaching to a tree.

  • Clear pictures, easily triggered
  • Energy efficient
  • The manual doesn’t give direct steps as to how to set it up

3. Vikeri E2

With its 2.4” color LCD screen, the Vikeri E2 comes with a no glow flash and plenty of high-end features. No wireless connectivity keeps the price down with this budget trail camera with its photo resolution of 20 MP. The camera is also able to record 1520p resolution videos complete with audio.

  • Good resolution on pics and videos
  • Fast trigger speed of 0.2 seconds
  • Wide-angle camera
  • Wide detection angle
  • No wireless connectivity

4. KUFA Mini Trail Camera 20MP

Such a small camera is always easy to conceal. Small it may be but the KUFA Mini trail camera is IP65 waterproof and has lots of features to ensure top performance. The 32gb memory card can hold many pictures. The 120° wide-angle detection range ensures superb images and the IR motion sensor has a detection range of 65ft.

  • Clear audio/video quality
  • Only requires 4 AA batteries
  • Easy to understand user manual
  • None worth mentioning

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