How to Find a Cheap Deer Hunting Trail Camera

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You can find a cheap deer hunting trail camera at Amazon. The cheapest is the Vikeri E2.

A trail camera for deer hunting can surely bring a hunter greater efficiency when spying on the deer on their property or on public land.

There is no shortage of cheap deer hunting trail cameras on the market and some deer hunting experts even recommend having one camera on every 100 acres of land you have. The Vikeri E2 deer hunting trail camera is just that – a cheap camera, yet a quality, well-rated trail camera for monitoring game on your property.

The Vikeri low budget camera’s dark green camouflaged case ensures the camera blends in perfectly with nature and is not easily detected by animals or humans. With its IP66 weatherproofing, it copes with all kinds of weather conditions.

Some of the Vikeri E2’s features:

  • This is a 20-megapixel camera.  
  • The camera is equipped with a 120° detection area. With its wide-angle lens, you can record all animal movements, even on rainy days. Once the camera picks up movement, the fast trigger speed of less than 0.2s ensures fast, accurate capture of motion.
  • It has a 940nm night vision lamp. Comes with 48 IR LEDs to ensure quality images. Video is also excellent and it captures 1520p HD video resolution with audio.
  • The special infrared CMOS sensor chip ensures clear black and white images during the night and clear color photos or video during the day.
  • 0.2-second flash speed.  
  • Select 4 or 8 1.5VAA lithium batteries.
  • The wifi function is to view the feed through the phone and download pictures and videos without the need to remove the SD. Files can be transferred to your PC.  
  • Micro SD cards and alkaline cards are required for the trail camera but are not included. The user needs to format the memory card when using it for the first time.
  • Color LCD screen – 2.4 inches to view stills and videos.
  • The camera comes with robust anchor belts, making it easy to attach to a tree or pole. You’ll find two threaded camera mounts to make it even easier to mount. This value for money trail camera also comes with a mounting bracket for a permanent installation.


The Vikeri E2 comes with a host of useful features. If you look at these features you can’t believe that you can still get this exceptional trail camera for less than $100.

Vikeri is a professional wild trail camera brand that was established in 2019. They offer a warranty and great after-sales support. They believe that once you own this trail camera, you’ll become a loyal fan of the brand.

The camera offers great value for money, and many people opt to use it for home security. With its excellent pricing and features, it competes strongly with other cameras on the market.

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See more details about the Vikeri E2 budget trail cam at Amazon.

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