Expert Checks Out a Cool Digital Game Scouting Camera

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Scouting trail cameras provide wildlife enthusiasts, conservationists, and hunters with all the information they need on what animals are moving through any designated space. A digital game scouting camera is perfect for the purpose.

They’re useful too as they are often placed where a photographer can’t be for various reasons. A digital game scouting camera is robust and weatherproof, designed to work unsupervised in all kinds of weather conditions, taking images when the trail camera senses motion.

The Covert NBF30-B Trail Scouting Camera

The Covert NBF30-B Trail Scouting Camera with dimensions of 5.1 x 4″ x 2.9″ can also do duty as a home security camera when it turns into a surveillance device.

Digital trail cameras are triggered by human or animal movement detected by a highly sensitive Passive Infra-Red motion sensor.

That means you can always keep track of anything that moves in your particular neck of the woods. The Mossy Oak Country camo look ensures your Covert camera looks like it is part of its natural surroundings.

The construction quality of the camera is solid and it comes with waterproof sealing.

Notable Features of the Covert NBF30-B Trail Scouting Camera

  • The Cover NBF30-B is highly reliable.
  • Covert digital game scouting cameras have a solid reputation having brought out several scouting cameras, including cellular cameras.
  • The Covert NBF30-B scouting camera captures 30MP photos and 1080p video with sound. In fact, the NBF-30-B comes with what is known as Smart Video. This means that the camera stops its automatic recording when an animal or human goes out of range. It saves you from having to sort through a whole lot of photos that are useless to you.

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More Features

  • Preview images and video with the 2.4″ color viewer.
  • The camera offers 3 modes to choose from – photos, photos, and videos, or just video. You can capture photos, videos, or both whenever animals or birds visit your property.
  • Excellent detection range of 100 feet. Triggered in 0.2 seconds, the camera uses a 40-LED invisible infrared flash that guarantees bright images, without frightening game. Animals emit some IR radiation and your scouting camera picks up these signals, being used in thermal sensing applications.
  • All images come with a timestamp, date, temperature, and moon phase.
  • All your videos and images are saved on an SD memory card up to 32GB. A 16GB SD card comes with this camera.
  • With its advanced Maximum Silence Image Capture technology, you get action but without giving away the camera’s presence.
  • The camera runs on 8 lithium batteries which aren’t included. There is also a battery indicator at the top of the user screen of this scouting trail camera, looking much like a battery indicator on your cell phone.
  • A reasonably priced scouting trail camera.
  • Burst photo mode with up to 10 images per trigger.
  • 16GB SD card included.
  • Easy to navigate menu and settings
  • The lack of automatic shutter speed is disappointing

A ‘Hung and Ready-to-Go’ Camera

Those who have used the Covert NBF30-B Trail Scouting Camera agree: this is a great digital game scouting camera for the price.

Reliability is a big thing – you can rely on the camera to do what your intentions with it are.

Credit: FeaturedPhoto of a Deer Fawn in Texas Wilds by Scott Carroll

Check today’s price of the Covert NBF30 camera at Amazon now

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