Top Quality Ctronics Game Camera Reviewed (It’s Superb)

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Products out of China get a bad rap but they shouldn’t. Taking trail cameras for instance: just about every “US-made” trail camera – make that EVERY trail camera with “US’ on the label – has components made in China. The Ctronics trail camera is made totally in China – with the US market in mind. And it’s an excellent – and affordable product.

Why I Recommend the Ctronics Trail Camera with Wifi Capability

It’s ticks all the boxes and more. Here’s how a Ctronics trail cam differs from other game and scouting in the same class.

  • Wifi
    The manufacturer had a vision: you want to hide within 100ft of your target and view on your cell phone what your trail cam is seeing. The Ctronic game camera delivers. Just download the app, connect, and your are can view immediately up to 98 ft away. (And you can watch the action on your TV, PC or tablet if the camera is in your yard.)
  • Extraordinary Motion Sensor
    Built-in H885 with (8 million CMOS) motion sensor ensures fast, sharp outdoor monitoring with 0.25 second trigger speed.
  • Night vision
    The CTtronics Game Camera comes with with a 120°detecting range, 65ft trigger distance and double 850nm high power Infrared light so you don’t miss any night action.

More Features I Like

  • Year-round recording
    20MP photo and 4K video capability – more than enough, all recorded to 32SD card.
  • Battery use: Unlike other cameras in the same feature and price class, the CTRonics game cam takes 4 AA batteries (not 8 like most others).
  • Solar panel / extra power input
    The cam supports external power supply and can be connected to a solar panel (6V 1.5A).
  • Finish
    The solidly protective camo casing has a pleasant olive appearance that blends into the foliage or anywhere you care to place the camera.
  • Waterproof
    Rated IP66 to protect against rain and dust.
  • Price.
    A top contender in the $100 – $150 class

MThe Ctronics game Camera is made in China
with the US wildlife scout in mind

One Way the Ctronics Game Camera Could be Better

I’m waiting for a Ctronics trail cam version with full cellular capacity, i.e. linked to Verizon and/ or AT&T so I can watch what’s going on in the hunting grounds even when I’m outside the country…..

Meanwhile I’m enjoying my cam for elk hunting.

And ladies: the Ctronics game camera is an ideal gift for your man –  for wildlife monitoring, hunting, farm security, business or garden observation.

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