Four Ways to Tree Mount a Trail Camera

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While trail cameras are much needed tools for monitoring wildlife, if you want to use them to their full potential, you must know where to mount them. What are the various types of trail camera mounts and where do you mount them?

If you’re monitoring birds in your garden or wild animals an obvious place would be near to food and water sources. The next thing is knowing what type of trail camera mounts to invest in.

There are many ways to mount your trail camera – ways that allow you to get the ideal angle. Do they all offer the same features?

My Pick of the Four Best Trail Camera Mounts for Trees (or Poles)

1. WildGuarder M1 Trail Camera Tree Mount

This durable mount is easy to install and great if you are specifically wanting to mount your camera far out of reach. The WildGuarder M1 also puts the device a bit further from the tree or pole. This is useful for decreasing the PIR triggers from close-hanging branches.

This tree mount for trail cameras fits a pole or tree with its 1/4-20″ thread. The robust metal construction complete with a 3cm screw ensures the contraption installs with ease.

The WildGuarder has a water-resistant finish to stand up to different weather conditions. The bracket can be swiveled in all directions, offering different mounting angles.

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2. Highwild Trail Camera Holder Tree Screw Mounting Bracket – Pack of 3

Highwild manufactures top-quality accessories for hunting season. They are constantly perfecting their products to ensure you get accessories that can be of benefit to you. This pack of 3 Highwild tree screw mounting brackets are bound to work well as they’re sturdy. They’re made with durable steel complete with a powder coat finish.

The tips of the screw are super sharp to ensure easy installation. They work perfectly for trail cameras with the 1/4″ x 20 thread insert on the bottom. With this pack of 3, you can mount your trail camera in different positions.

Check the price of Highwild 3 Pack Mounting Brackets at Amazon

3. WingHome Trail Camera Holder

This useful trail camera mount can be mounted on a tree, pole, fence, or even on a ceiling. With its ¼” -20 threaded insert it supports all trail cameras. In fact, most trail cameras come with this standard universal ¼” x 20tpi threaded insert.

When you order the Winghome camera holder you get the security tree mount, a 6-foot long mounting strap, screws, and Allan key. The Winghome Trail Camera Holder comes with a 270° tilt and a 90° swivel allowing you to point the camera in any direction.

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4. HME Ground Trail Camera Mount

People want to know why you should use a ground trail camera mount like this when you get a tripod. But tripods aren’t designed to stand day and night in all kinds of weather such as this olive green HME Ground trail camera mount.

This trail camera mount’s dimensions are 6.7 x 1.78 x 35.04 inches. It is easy to insert into the ground for quick setup. It’s a case of taking the stand out of the ground and placing it somewhere else where it’s required.

You can adjust it to the height you want too – from 26-inches to 36-inches. It has a 360° rotational camera head. As with other trail camera mounts from Amazon, it is compatible with all trail cameras using the 1/4-inch x 20 thread insert.

Check the price of the HME Ground Mount for Trail Cams Amazon

Trail Cam Mounts support your specific trail camera

There are lots of different trail camera mounts, and each type comes with its own unique features and prices. Each one works well and each one can be depended on to support your specific trail camera. (Here is my pick of the best trail cams on sale now.)

Some are more heavy-duty than others, some are geared towards budget buyers and some rotate the camera at 360°. They’re all designed to complement your trail camera and ensure that between the two, you benefit from superb photography and a collection of valuable data.

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