Why Trail Cameras with Bluetooth are the Best

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If you want to view wildlife images from your smartphone you want to make sure you have a decent Bluetooth trail camera. The best Bluetooth trail camera always comes with quality images and a decent IR range. But how does a Bluetooth camera work?

What does Bluetooth do?

Bluetooth, a wireless technology, allows for the exchange of data between various devices. Its short-range transmitters are a drawcard, using very little power. They don’t travel far, so are more secure than wireless networks that operate over longer ranges.

Wifi is just another wireless technology for connecting devices, but Bluetooth transfers data across electronic devices over short distances. This makes things convenient and keeps power usage low.

There are a few of these trail cameras that come with Bluetooth technology such as the Econox. The 24MP trail camera from Ecovox is a hunting game camera with Bluetooth capabilities and it connects directly to your smartphone.

The advantage of this is that you can send the pictures to your mobile device for easy viewing. Game cameras like this are synced to your phone by turning on the Bluetooth function on your smartphone.

The Ecovox 24MP trail camera will ensure you have crystal clear images by day and by night. With its 850nm IR night vision, the LEDs emit such a little bit of light that they won’t alarm any animals. The night vision is up to 65 feet.

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Download the App

It can record up to 4K Lite videos complete with sound. For wifi Bluetooth connection, with this 24MP trail camera from Econox, you want to download the free app on your phone so as to connect with wifi.

You’ll be able to preview your videos and still images that your camera shot earlier. So in other words, this trail camera comes with built-in Bluetooth and wifi. Bluetooth is always on as it is low power consumption. Remember to download the correct APP. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you simply click on the App ‘turn on Bluetooth’ and select the camera in the device list.

For more information on How a Bluetooth camera works, refer to the user manual. Pages 13 to 15 provide information on connecting the camera with Bluetooth and wifi.


Apart from this trail camera’s excellent Bluetooth abilities, it also comes with other useful features such as being an IP65 waterproof trail camera. This makes sure that the Bluetooth-enabled hunting camera from Ecovox is protected from rain and dust.

When you take possession of the Bluetooth Ecovox camera it will require 8 AA batteries and U3 SD Card up to 128 GB. When you receive your camera you’ll get the actual camera, a user manual, a mounting belt, screws, threaded tripod, and USB cable.

View footage immediately on a smartphone

Capture footage on your property of all kinds of wildlife with the Ecovox trail camera. It works with an app on your phone. The app lets you download and also playback  images to your mobile device. You can also delete images stored on the SD card. 

Bluetooth is such a useful feature for the Ecovox trail camera. It allows you to take  photos and videos from a distance and to view the footage immediately on your smartphone.

Ecovox informs their customers that if they have any trouble with the wifi trail Camera, to let them know. They promise that within 24 hours they aim to fix any issue you have.

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