How to Take Trail Cam Pictures in Open Areas

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The best way to take trail cam pictures in open areas is to use an adjustable camera stand or a threaded rod where there are no trees or none is suitable. You can buy these, with special threaded rods that allow you to adjust the height. They are made to stand firmly, tripod-style. That’s the optimum way to take trail cam pictures in open areas.

Or buy ¼ inch diameter, 20 turns-per-inch threaded rod from a hardware dealer. Screwed into the housing, and pushed into the ground, it will hold up a camera. Likewise, it can support a trail camera on a stand.

You can’t change the tilt unless you push it in again, obviously. You might see more movement in wind. However, it’s far cheaper, and you can cut different lengths to make different heights.

Other ways to take pictures on a trail camera include:

  • conceal the game camera in a tree trunk out in the wild;
  • make a cairn of stones and rocks, then place the camera among them
  • plant a wooden post in the field and then attach the trail camera to the post with a trail camera mount.

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