Hunting Cameras with Live Feed

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Finally, a trail camera option that live streams exists! Just like regular game cameras, hunting cameras with live feed detect motion, followed by sending an alert to your phone that a picture has been taken.

However, a camera trap with live streaming capabilities also allows its owner to view live video directly on their phone. Game camera with live feed to phone wildlife cameras are a superb option both for monitoring wildlife and for security purposes.

Some Hunting Cameras with Live Feed

Is there a trail camera you can watch live?

The best trail cameras take pictures and record video once motion is detected, allowing for the monitoring of animals and the identification of trespassers. They humbly began with plain memory card storage, evolving into the newly-introduced live streaming trail game cameras.

With the introduction of the Spartan GoLive, which does not require electricity or Wi-Fi, this revolutionary trail camera is the first truly mobile trail camera solution.

Can a game camera be used for security?

In a security use case, home owners will now be able to tell apart actual break-ins from false alarms, responding accordingly.

Trail camera industry-leading data plans and live-feed capability make the Spartan GoLive the best option for serious property managers and hunters. View instant live-feed data. When the live feed feature is turned off, the GoLive operates like a traditional game camera.

Can game cameras send pictures cell phone?

The Spartan GoLive is seen as a technological breakthrough. Hunters are now able to receive an alert on their cell phone the instant motion is detected by their trail camera. Once this happens, the user can log into to the mobile app and watch the real time live feed.

The Spartan GoLive is GPS enabled as well, making it simpler to locate should it be misplaced or stolen.

An additional Spartan GoLive trail camera live stream deer hunting camera feature is its external power jack. Easily affix a portable solar panel and this best live stream trail camera can function indefinitely given sufficient sunlight. Battery life is a perfectly respectable 9 months or so using twelve Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries.

How do I enable Spartan GoLive?

The Spartan GoLive’s live feed capability is enabled via either an AT&T or Verizon data plan that is provided through Spartan. Various data plans are on offer depending on your intended streaming frequency.

Easy reference is provided by the Spartan GoLive’s backlit buttons. The user experience is optimized and simplified through the user friendly mobile app, Spartan Camera Management App.

What are the best cellular game cameras?

The best live feed trail cameras for sale is the Spartan GoLive Cellular Live-Streaming Trail Camera. It is a model with terrific trail camera reviews as being the most innovative cellular hunting game camera.

Its innovative technology allows for the watching of a live feed with the touch of a button. Definitely my choice as the best trail camera for hunting, the camera takes photos and records video on demand while simultaneously capturing and sending for faster video and image delivery.

Paired with the Spartan Camera Management App, its capabilities include remote settings updating and video and photo transmission. Whether for security or land management, this live streaming trail camera is the one for you.

Do trail cameras alert your phone?

The Spartan GoLive live-feed trail camera sends a notification to your phone when motion is detected. You then have the opportunity to log into is associated app to view a live feed of what your camera is shooting, in real time.

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