Meyer Trail Cameras Capture Hunters’ Attention

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One upcoming deer tracking manufacturer in particular has caught the eye of many enthusiasts, namely Meyer Trail Cameras.

More About Meyer Trail Cameras

Many deer hunters have embraced the use of trail cameras as a valuable asset in pre-season deer scouting.

Property owners as well have increasingly seen the worth of game cameras for property security and surveillance. And this means numerous entities have come into the trail camera market in recent years.

Owner Scott Meyer and his trail camera outfit Meyer Trail Cameras are based out of Festus, Missouri. Significantly, he has always had a fascination for the outdoors, and particularly hunting.

Prior to launching his company, he used many trail cameras from different manufacturers before deciding to make his own.

Meyer says he aims to become every hunters’ go-to game camera provider, where he specializes in reliability and quality, saying he is proud of his products and stands behind them. He backs this up by offering a 2-year warranty. Importantly, success in the wild is what he says he wants to bring his customers.

Meyer hunting cameras are not only compact, but are designed to be undetectable, featuring complete ‘no glow’. Meyer game cameras are made to be reliable with extended battery life for perching in secluded spots that don’t require constant interference. The company also focuses on exemplary customer service, ensuring the satisfaction of every customer.

The Meyer wildlife cameras team have all delighted in the outdoors for lots of years, trying out and using a host of different hunting cameras. Their collective ideas on what makes a great trail camera is distilled into Meyers trail cameras products.

Presently, Meyer trail cameras offers three models:

1. Meyer HL-2

This Meyers deer tracking camera model features 34 LEDs, no-glow illumination and extended battery life. In addition, its 10MP sensor shoots super clear photos, the camera can be set up very fast and is designed compactly. It is no bigger in size than a cell phone.

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2. Meyer HL-1

This Meyer Wildlife Monitoring Camera also features 48 no-glow infrared LEDs, extended battery life and takes super-clear 12MP pictures night and day as well as 1080P video with audio.

Rounding out its standout features are a 2-year warranty and a 2.4-inch color display.

3. Meyer X-9

The range-topping camera from Meyer Hunting and Scouting Cameras is the Meyer X-9. On top of being compact, it is also waterproof and offers a super-wide 130-degree wide angle lens, useful in shooting video and images with additional width of coverage.

Its detection range stretches out to 78 feet, with sound. It comes with a camo cover in tree bark color, 2-ft color screen and a 0.7 second trigger time.

Final Thoughts

In closing, there are numerous trail camera companies that have failed after attempting to breach the sector. Their products at times did not meet expectations, customer service goals and longevity targets. Meyer trail cameras have the reliability, quality and design attributes to be one of the ones that make it.

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