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Do you live some distance from your hunting grounds? Would you like a trail camera with added cellular functionality to aid in your monitoring of your property? The Moultrie XV 6000 cellular trail camera is the device you need.

With its lower price, affordable data plans and easy to use mobile app the Moultrie  XV 6000 is an outstanding cellular wildlife camera option for your consideration.

How do I install my Moultrie XV 6000?

The Moultrie XV 6000 game camera requires the user to install a mobile app on a  cell phone in order to receive photos. And then it allows the user to configure preferences.

Among the information you can view on the Moultrie smartphone app are battery status, cellular network signal strength, amongst others.

The Moultrie mobile app is lightweight, meaning your device’s storage will not be filled by it. Importantly, the app is downloadable both for iOS and Android.

Are Moultrie game cameras any good?

If you are looking for a well-priced method to monitor your feeder or food plot, the a Moultrie cellular trail camera is a good option.

With its range of data plans, feature-rich mobile phone app, great price and cellular connectivity, this device should be considered by all trail camera enthusiasts. (Here are instructions on how to set it up.)

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How do I activate my Moultrie camera?

In order to get images sent to your tablet or phone, you will need to download the Moultrie Mobile App. This app simplifies image viewing in a straightforward way, with the help of several features:

  • Interactive mapping, handy for those that have hung several cameras in various locations
  • New feature announcements
  • Payment and data plan management
  • Custom notifications
  • Automatic image filtering
  • Remote camera access
  • Settings toggling

All cellular game cameras come with two main expenses – the camera itself and the data plan charges that make it work.

With both the Moultrie 6000 models – XA 6000 works on the AT&T network while the XV 6000 works on the Verizon network. Please pick the model that works best in your area of coverage. Also, you don’t have to pick the model that is on the same provider as your phone.

On both networks, every plan include:

  • No contracts
  • Advanced photo recognition
  • On demand HD image downloads
  • Unlimited free cloud storage
  • Pay annually or monthly

Currently, there are five plans from which you can choose:

  • Monitor plan – One hundred monthly images
  • Standard plan – One thousand monthly images with the option of adding five hundred more images for a nominal fee
  • Large plan – One thousand five hundred monthly images with an option of adding five hundred more images for a nominal fee
  • Unlimited plan (our recommended plan) – unlimited monthly images
  • Pro plan – (ideal for those with more than three Moultrie 6000 cellular trail cameras). Unlimited monthly images with the option of adding multiple cameras for a nominal fee per camera monthly

As we can see, there are a range of great options from which to choose, any of which are bundled with perks like advanced photo recognition, high quality photo downloads and cloud storage.

How many batteries do Moultrie XV and XA cell cams take?

Cellular game cameras consume more power when compared to regular camera traps. The Moultrie XV and XA 6000 cameras are powered by twelve AA batteries. When using batteries of high quality, this should translate to about 3 months of undisturbed use.

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