Why is the Sesern Trail Camera So Popular?

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Hunters asking themselves, why is the Sesern Trail Camera so popular? And not only among fellow trail camera users, but on Amazon as well?

Trail cam users like the Sesern trail cam because it’s a good deer hunting camera in this price bracket. It’s water resistant, shoots 20MP color photos during the day, and is simple to use. Night time pictures are in black-and-white, but they are crisp and clear. Video quality is another of its strengths, as it shoots in Full HD 1080P.

Add to these specs a subtle camo finish to the casing and you have an exceptional camera – just with these features.

But there’s more.

More Great Features of the Sesern Trail Camera

The Sesern’s in-built LCD screen measuring 2.4 inches allows you to review all that it shoots and records.

When buying the Sesern from Amazon, you will receive extra accessories such as a mounting strap and threaded tripod, for use in setting it up. In addition, a USB 2.0 card aids Wi-Fi operations.

This device can shoot in either hybrid mode or at set intervals, adding to its many ways you can customize the camera.

Eight AA batteries power the Sesern trail camera, and you can extend battery life  by configuring it in stand-by mode.

The camera senses movement from up to 65 feet away, combined with half a second trigger speed means the camera misses nothing of importance.

The Sesern’s no-glow night flash assures you not only of vivid videos and photos, but not alerting your subject that they are being recorded.

  • Weather-proof
  • Night no-glow flash capability
  • Detailed and vivid images, day or night
  • Battery life is extendable via stand-by mode
  • Camouflage pattern blends in with surroundings
  • Decent detection range
  • SD memory card and batteries sold separately

Check today’s price of the Sesern Trail Camera at Amazon now!

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