Snyper Trail Camera – An Affordable Game Camera

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Finally, there is a cellular wildlife camera that bucks the high-price trend, the Snyper Trail Camera.

Price is one factor that dissuades many hunters from enjoying the convenience brought about by wireless trail cameras. Trail cameras can cost several times the price of a traditional game camera.

The Snyper wireless hunting camera is both affordable and a very good camera trap.

Snyper Trail Camera Overview

  • Trigger time of 4 seconds
  • Blackout flash
  • Stand-alon or wireless use
  • 12MP pictures
  • 12V power plug not included
  • Average battery life

How do you set up a Snyper trail camera?

This device operates on all Canadian and American carriers. Through the SIM Hero SIM card, it will choose automatically the carrier with the best reception. This improves upon regular cellular trail cameras that are deigned to work on a particular carrier.

Camera setup can take some time, and it involves downloading the Snyper smartphone app onto your smartphone, then configuring setup settings in the trail camera itself and activating the SIM card on a website.

Once setup is complete, there will be data charges to pay, not on the app but on the website (

Two issues with this this camera are it cannot be configured to send in ‘batch’ mode, it only sends them as it takes them. Secondly, on the fly settings changes cannot be carried out from your phone, due to it not incorporating two-way communication.

While not exactly a cheap trail cam, this model is certainly cost-effective.

Check the price of th
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How do I connect my trail camera to my phone?

Included with your Snyper scouting camera is a SIM card, which will require activating in order to send photos. Once activated, the camera is ready for setup. Ensure the antenna, batteries SD card and active SIM card are all installed into the camera.

Once the camera is powered on, it will search for the most established cell network. Once the cellular signal is established, go into the menu and find ‘send to’, then pick ‘email’ then clock on ‘email1’. Into ‘email 1’ enter the email address that the photos will be sent to.

For photos to be received through the Snyper phone app, the number to the SIM card will be entered into ‘email 1’.
Take a test photo and you should get it within several minutes on your smartphone.

Are cellular trail cameras illegal?

Certain states are in advanced stages of implementing wireless trail camera restrictions, while one has so far banned them year-round and statewide.

The apparent origin of the debate was the hanging of wireless trail cameras over waterholes located on public land, which apparently resulted in disagreements between wildlife officials and hunters over excessive wildlife disturbance.

What are some Snyper trail camera plans?

To choose a Snyper trail cam plan, follow the SIM card setup instructions:

  1. At, sign up and enter the required information. The registration code to the SIM card can be found under the package’s SIM hero card.
  2. Select your preferred data plan and enter billing information. You can pay for your new plan after checking out (select auto-renew if you do not want to go through the process on a monthly basis).
  3. The data should be activated in ten minutes or so.

Snyper Game Camera Summary

Similar in many ways to the Snyper General 3G Wireless, the Snyper Commander 4G Wireless sends photos faster to your email address or mobile phone due to its 4G connection.

Its wireless functionality makes it ideal for security purposes, for example at a vacation home and for remote area observation, such as a bird’s nest.

You can send the camera a text message for confirmation that it is working as it should.

Check the price of the Snyper Trail Camera at Amazon

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