Is There a Solar Powered Trail Camera?

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Trail cameras come with many features that will determine the camera’s price. But is there a solar powered trail camera and is this an important feature?
There are many solar trail camera models,totally rigged up with solar energy capabilities built into the game camera.

One example of a solar powered trail camera is the Solar-Dark camera from Spypoint with its integrated solar panel technology (pictured here). You don’t have to be bound to your camera keeping an eye on its battery life.

The camera’s lithium battery is powered by a solar panel, and this means an unlimited supply of battery power.

Solar power means a much longer battery life

Solar powered trail cameras – such as the 12 MP My Animal Command Powered Solar Trail Camera – come with 1080P video resolution. The Animal Command Solar panel is highly sought after as you don’t have to be constantly checking the battery. People are inclined to think that a solar powered trail camera and a solar panel add-on are one and the same, but they’re not.

The solar powered trail camera comes with a small solar panel. If you use a solar panel as an add-on to your trail camera, you get a boost in your battery backup. You can increase the battery time of your trail camera which isn’t possible with a trail camera that comes with an integrated solar panel.

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Great features of the My Animal Command Solar Trail Camera

You can expect wonderfully clear pictures because of the Auto IR Filter. The camera has a 2.4” LCD color screen which is a benefit as the screen allows you to view pictures there and then, providing immediate feedback on animal or human activity.

The camera and its solar power pack bundle mean you won’t have to fret about the camera running out of power. There’s no need to worry about its battery power dying on you as it can last for more than 6 months.

It’s an IP66 rated trail camera, meaning the camera’s protection level of 6 will protect it from dust and water entering the camera case.

The trail camera’s dimensions are 3.5 x 2.5 x 5.5 inches, and its trigger speed is 0.5s. The camera covers a 90° PIR sensing angle. It’s the Passive Infrared Sensor that recognizes motion and heat and causes the camera to trigger.

People also make use of the camera for surveillance purposes. The camera uses infrared night vision technology to see in the dark. The My Animal camera can capture images up to 65 feet in the dark by means of its IR Sensors.

My Animal Command Solar Trail Camera

No need to constantly change batteries

The My Animal Command comes with its own solar panel. This allows the camera to run independently for long periods without the need to be changing the batteries. You can actually manage the power usage of the camera thanks to the different settings.

You can change the times to take either night or day footage and also change the amount of time the camera takes to continue taking images after it has sensed movement.

Robust in extreme weather conditions

With a strap and a mounting ring, you have different options for securing your solar powered trail camera from My Animal. With its waterproof rating of IP66, you don’t have to worry about your trail camera getting wet and not working. As a solar powered option, this is a robust camera that can stand up to extreme weather conditions.

The My Animal Cam with its solar power pack bundle takes care of the issues one faces with animal monitoring and security. With outstanding battery life, clear quality day and night images, this superb solar-powered camera can also be used indoors.

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