Is the Spartan Ghost Trail Cam Next Level?

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The Spartan Ghost is the ultimate in covert operation, blending seamlessly into any environment.

Producing 10 still-shots per seconds and full HD video with sound, this wifi trail camera sends images wirelessly to phone, PC or tablet in a 75 yard range.

The Spartan Ghost is suitable for hunting, observing wildlife or securing a home property.


Hunters and wildlife enthusiasts are often eager to find ways of catching elusive animals without disturbing their natural habitat. Spartan’s Ghost Trail Camera doesn’t disrupt the surrounding environment with its human-made, unnatural presence.
It uses wireless connection so you’re not limited by cords that can be seen or tripped over. The camera has an extended detection range of 75 feet, so it captures all movements happening inside your target area.
The Trail Camera batteries are hidden in a place where there isn’t much heat activity: the base station. This low-activity location provides stealthy power usage while also gathering useful information about temperature changes and light levels at night.
The durable housing makes this trail cam suitable for any area of the country.

Home Security

When you need to keep an eye on what’s going on right outside your doors, the new Spartan Ghost trail camera is the answer.

This affordable camera has a detection range of 75 yards, and it is wired with 20 infrared LEDs that allow you to take clear snapshots in low light and at night so you never have to worry about missing anything important.

It provides clear video without any blurring or distortion that might compromise security; perfect for close-range surveillance all day long as well as covert missions through dusk.

Observing Wildlife

There are several features within this durable little machine that make it perfect for scouting out whatever wilderness pursuit takes your fancy: from animal trackers and photographers to hunters of all stripes who want a foolproof way to find their prey at night.

The Spartan Ghost trail camera has a Detection range of up to 75 feet and Wireless capability. You can also use this rainy areas, with its IP65 waterproof rating. The battery will last about a month, so even if you use it every day so you won’t have to charge it very often.


The Spartan Ghost trail camera is made of durable, waterproof material. This surveillance tool is hardy and made for any terrain or environment; record anything from birds in the sky to animals and people on earth.

Includes a wireless connection with live streaming capability so you can see what’s happening at all times near the hunting hide or inside your home with the camera mounted outside.

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