Is Tactacam Coming Out With a New Cellular Camera?

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The Gen 1 Tactacam Reveal cellular trail camera was introduced in 2020 and turned out to be a hot seller, with stock dwindling by mid-year because of its affordable price and its feature-rich offerings.

The Tactacam Reveal comes out in two versions:  Verizon and AT&T.

In mid-2021, Tactacam released the Reveal X cellular trail camera, to universal praise.

Only slightly more expensive than its forbear, it offered industry-leading cellular trail camera features at a very worthwhile price.

Also launched in October 2021 was the TactaCam Reveal XB Cellular Game Camera – AT&T and Verizon

The main differences between the TactaCam Reveal XB and the TactaCam Reveal X are:

  • Ability to switch between cellular networks on demand
  • Video requests
  • Operates on Verizon or AT&T LTE/4G networks
  • HD photos on demand
  • Visible flash is eliminated through no-glow infrared technology

Later in 2021, TactaCam unveiled the TactaCam Reveal SK, which features:

  • No glow infrared flash
  • Lockable front housing
  • Test photos can be scheduled
  • Photo bursts
  • You can request high-definition video from the app
  • Rechargeable solar

What is the best game camera on the market?

Creative XP GlassRaven 4G LTE Cellular Trail Camera


  • 0.35-Second trigger speed
  • 65-foot night flash range
  • 12MP photo resolution
  • 4G technology
  • AT&T and T-Mobile Networks
    • 12 AA batteries

This cellular trail camera AT&T grants you admission to a free online version, with extra journal editing features and custom mapping tools.

The Creative XP 4G LTE Cellular Game Camera offers night vision in Full HD up to 65 feet and records sparkling 12MP photos/1080P video, day or night.

Its Wi-Fi cellular capability allows for instant transmission of videos and photos captured to any US based email or phone.

Included in the purchase of this AT&T cellular trail camera is a 32GB SD card and SimHero SIM Card pre-loaded with 500 free pictures!

What cell service does Spypoint use?

How do cellular trail cameras work?

Cellular game cameras capture images in the same way traditional game cameras do. The difference is they then transmit the captured images using 4G cellular connectivity to a server. Depending on the cellular game camera, the two most common services are Verizon and AT&T.

A cell trail cam requires a data plan, much like you do with your smartphone. This is used to transmit captured images to your account from your device. Service providers offer monthly images, ranging from 100 to unlimited, depending on your usage and budget.

Does Spypoint use AT&T?

Yes, SpyPoint uses AT&T as well as Verizon.

This Nationwide trail camera model can hook up to the best signal from US cellular, Sprint and AT&T.

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