The Incomparable Visionner Trail Camera Review

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The Visionner 4.0 Wi-Fi wireless trail hunting camera has been voted the #1 Wi-Fi game camera by users in the USA. Learn why in this Visionner trail camera review.

Hunters enjoy its effectiveness and praise its wildlife experience as the most exciting they have ever had! They cite reasons for their excitement, such as:

  • Capturing game both during the day and at nighttime through its night vision and waterproof abilities
  • Capturing clear and bright wildlife videos and images via its 1080P full HD video and 24MP photos
  • Ability to instantly receive videos and images instantly thanks to its app control and Wi-Fi connectivity

Visionner 4.0 Wi-Fi Trail Camera Review

The Visionner Wi-Fi hunting camera records, captures and detects every piece of breathtaking scenery both day and night. It records video at 1080P Full HD and takes 24MP pictures. Its Wi-Fi capability allows for instant viewing of videos and photos captured by the camera on your smartphone.

Created in 1996, Visionner has produced the most reliable and the best performing game trail cameras in the US, improving them every year. This culminated in numerous recommendations by various wildlife magazines in 2020 as the #1 hunting trail camera in Canada and the United states, as voted by wildlife scouting professionals.

This Proud American Company offers free trial and free return, a five-year warranty and a money-back guarantee of 90 days on every one of its USA trail cameras.

Is Visionner a Good Trail Camera?

The Visionner wifi camera trap offers several benefits to its users over the competition. These include:

• Instant reception of images right to your smartphone – App Control and Wi-Fi Connection

Connect to the hunting scouting camera remotely and review videos and images instantly, as well as manage storage. Using the app, view a live feed of what your camera sees.

Clear Night Images – Advanced IR Night Vision

Using low glow IR LEDs, view nocturnal animal behavior without spooking them.

• Capture at a Whole Other Level – High-Quality Video and Image Quality

The Visionner 4.0 Wi-Fi wildlife monitoring camera comes equipped with 24MP image resolution and 1080P video recording capabilities. Video recordings are accompanied by high-quality audio as well.

• Display on a New Level – 2.4-inch LCD Display

Check camera output directly through its LCD screen, measuring 2.4 inches.

Capture at a Wider Range – Capture More With Wider Angle Lens

The Visionner 4.0 boasts a PIR Sensor Sight Angle of 120 degrees, in comparison to the industry-standard 80 to 90 degrees. This allows for the capture of more vivid details and movements.

• Quick Trigger Reflexes – Trigger time of only 0.2 Seconds

Your hunt will be clearly captured by this trail camera’s lightning fast trigger response of 0.2 seconds.

• Go-Anywhere Ability – IP65 Waterproofing

Take the trail camera with you beneath the surface thanks to its waterproofing to and IP65 level.

• Applicable Anytime, Anywhere

The Visionner wifi scouting and security camera can be used in several applications, such as covert surveillance, vandalism, deer hunting and wildlife monitoring.

Visionner 4.0 Trail Camera Review Frequently Asked Questions

How can I view the images?

Images from trail cams are viewable in two ways:

  • On the camera, by linking it via Wi-Fi to your smartphone, or
  • On a computer, by plugging in the SD card via a USB or SD card reader.

Is the Visionner 4.0 wifi trail camera triggered by smaller animals such as rodents and birds?

Even small animals and insects can trigger a trail camera. This camera trap detects using a combination of movement and heat, allowing it to capture smaller animals as well. In addition, its 120-degree wide angle lens captures more animal movement and details than other trail cameras.

What is included in the package?

• One tutorial video – Camera setup and app connection instructions
• One phone app – Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection
• One user manual
• One mounting strap
• One USB cable
• One Visionner 4.0 Wi-Fi Trail Camera

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