What are Verizon Trail Cameras?

For hunters with a strong Verizon signal, there are a number of cellular trail cameras that work best, also known as Verizon Trail Cameras. These game cameras work best on this cellular network, for best results.

The best place to buy cellular trail cameras that work on the Verizon network is Amazon.com

Can I add a trail camera to my Verizon account?

As long as your device is compatible with the Verizon network, you can add a trail cam to your Verizon account. It will use the data that is on your data plan.

Once you have purchased the Verizon game camera, input the IMEI into their website. If the SIM card is handy, input it as well into their website.

Once compatibility is established, then the cellular wildlife camera will be activated by Verizon.

What trail cameras use Verizon?

Browning, Reconyx and SpyPoint manufacture Verizon-supported cellular game cameras.

How do I add a trail camera to my Verizon plan?

Your new Verizon wildlife scouting and tracking camera can be added onto an existing Verizon plan as a line of service. Alternatively, some cellular trail camera brands offer prepaid data services that lets you access the cellular network.

What are some Verizon trail camera plans?

There are two ways to connect your cellular trail camera to Verizon wireless. First, you can create a new plan that charges a standalone activation fee, onto which you can add more than one camera for a fee for each camera.

For those running more than one camera, this is an ideal data plan, as it is shared with every camera, decreasing its cost.

Secondly, you can add your cellular game camera to your shared Verizon data plan.

Highlights of this Verizon trail camera include outstanding battery life, extremely quick detection circuit, good videos and great photo quality. It also delivers high marks in reliability and performance.

Drawbacks include a lack of unlimited plan, lack of in-built viewing screen and not being able to send rapid-fire photos if the thumbnail is not set to By Schedule.

This cellular game camera gets over four months in battery life, is simple to set up, takes fantastic photos and is manufactured in the United States.

For serious game camera enthusiasts, this device is excellent as well as being a great investment.

Its disadvantages are not being able to send video, operating hours not being programmable and not having the option of a flat-rate unlimited images.

This Verizon cell camera is as solid as they come, with its standout feature being its no-glow illumination properties, making it ideal for both security and game purposes.

This versatile product takes excellent photos and offers great battery life.

Its main downside is its slower trigger speed of 0.85 seconds.

Affordability is this SpyPoint wildlife camera’s headline feature. Others include its ease of use and decent detection circuit.

For those that are less fussed by overall performance (not possible to program it internally, below average photo quality, inadequate battery life) this is a solid Verizon game camera due to it being the cheapest Verizon cellular camera trap.

Those dipping a toe into the world of trail cameras could do a lot worse than this trail camera. Also recommended for highly trafficked areas with higher chances of getting stolen.

This Browning model comes with fantastic battery life as well as the ability to send photos quickly. On the downside, it is difficult and clunky to set up.

Conveniently, it offers dual cellular carrier technology, whereby it ships with an in-built chipset for either AT&T or Verizon activation, along with pre-installed Verizon and AT&T SIM cards.

This top-of-the-range SpyPoint Verizon Wildlife Camera offers an in-built solar panel for additional power – the eight AA Lithium batteries combined with the internal rechargeable battery pack – for extended battery life.

This Verizon hunting camera features a nifty design and takes great daytime photos but it is hurt by its poor battery life, so-so detection circuit and below-average night illumination.
It does suffer though from reliability issues and its photo quality is average.