What is the best trail cam under $100?

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The Bushnell Trophy 20 MP Trail Camera is the best trail cam under $100. The Bushnell Trophy range has models ranging from a 14 MP camera to a 24 MP camera. Very little distinguishes one Bushnell Trophy Cam HD low-glow trail camera from the next, aside from the performance ratings. And the 20 MP model provides the best value for the money.

Are you ready to see why this is a great value camera?

Bushnell Trophy Trail Camera 20MP HD_119717CW

The 20 MP comes in at under $100, takes crystal clear photos and video, and includes night vision.

Unfortunately, it isn’t a cellular model. You have to retrieve the memory card to retrieve the footage actively. This may not be ideal if you hunt in an area where the animals are skittish.

For establishing animal movement or monitoring your backyard, however, they’re ideal. You can, alternatively, keep the settings low to allow fewer visits to retrieve the card.

See the price of the Bushnell Trophy 20 MP Trail Cam at Amazon

Features of the Bushnell Trophy Trail Cam

  • 80 ft PIR sensor and adjustable PIR
  • 80 ft, 32 LED night vision
  • Programmable trigger, image mode, and video resolution to maximize battery life
  • Photo tags include time, temperature, and date
  • It comes with a web belt to attach it to a tree
  • 20 MP Image
  • 720 P HD video with audio
  • Full color
  • Adjustable image quality settings of between 3 MP and 20MP
  • a trigger speed of 0.7 seconds
  • Weatherproof between -5° F and 140°F
  • It takes 8 AA batteries
  • Space for a 32 GB SD card


Overall, the Bushnell Trophy 20 MP trail camera is an excellent buy. Certainly its the best trail cam under $100 now available at Amazon. It’s well-made with thoughtful features to enhance your experience. Bushnell Trophy Cam problems are the exception rather than the rule. You won’t find a better deal for under $100.

See the price of the Bushnell Trophy 20 MP Trail Cam at Amazon

Is Bushnell an American company?

While it had its origins in Japan, it’s now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vista Outdoor, an American company.

Bushnell was established in 1948. It quickly built a reputation for high-quality optics and maintains that tradition today.
Bushnell’s good reputation is based on the quality optics of its products, brand support, and value for money.

Where are Bushnell trail cameras made?

Bushnell imports the optics but assembles all the other components at its factory in Kansas. Each Bushnell Trophy Cam HD game camera undergoes a thorough check before leaving as part of the quality control process.

How do I set up my Bushnell Trophy Cam?

This Bushnell Trophy Cam instructions video explains the process in great detail.

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