What is the Best Wosports Trail Camera?

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The best Wosports trail camera always have the wildlife on your property – or on public land – covered. Manufacturers have designed trail cameras that are perfect for eliminating the frustrations that photographers have – not being able to be there.

These cameras can capture images of wildlife on your property when you’re not there. The best Wosports trail camera will take photos and videos which capture what you love best about the hunting grounds – and that’s the wildlife on it.

My Pick: the Wosports Mini 12MP Trail Camera

Wosports offers several different trail cameras My favorite is the Wosports G100-A Mini Trail Camera 12MP. And that’s because it’s practical, affordable and simple to operate.

When you look at customer reviews and see how trail cameras are rated, the Wosports  Mini Trail Camera, 12MP comes across as being one of the best hunting game cameras.

This camouflaged camera will require 4 AA lithium batteries which aren’t included. It will also require an SD card up to 32GB and this is not included in the package.

Being an IP54 waterproof camera means that it can stand up to some heavy downpours without being affected.

Whether using this trail camera for monitoring wildlife, hunting, or home security, nothing will be overlooked.

Hunters appreciate that the lightweight Wosports LY-121 Mini Trail Camera will fit into places that a larger camera couldn’t fit into. It measures 3.94 x 3.94 x 0.24 inches.

It’s an amazingly affordable trail camera and that’s a huge drawcard. It may not have every feature that other more expensive cameras have, but its features are sufficient to do the job.

Features of the Wosports Mini 12MP Trail Camera

  • It takes 12-megapixel photos with video resolution being full HD 1080P. It can record 10-second video clips.
  • A PIR sensor with a 49 foot detection range and 50° detection angle. Perhaps its this 49 foot detection that is a bit disappointing as most other trail cameras as well as some mini cameras have a 65 foot range.
  • You get date, time and camera number stamped on photos.
  • Time-lapse mode allows you set the camera to take pics at certain intervals.
  • Trigger speed between 0.5 and 1.1 seconds. Because of its slower trigger speed and smaller flash- and detection ranges, it is advised to place the camera where you know there is wildlife activity.
  • 17 piece 850nm low glow flash.
  • This waterproof video cam from Wosports comes with a small text display LCD screen which is useful for changing the camera’s settings.
  • Easty to operatate and install. The camera comes with default settings that are already set for all your wildlife applications. The camera comes with a mounting strap.
  • It’s an inexpensive trail camera.

A trail camera that gets the thumbs up

With its small size, hunters appreciate the Wosports G100-A – a trail camera that easily blends into its surroundings. Its smallness doesn’t stop it being able to perform a host of tasks.

On reading customer reviews, you’ll discover a few cons such as one or two people complaining about the trigger speed. Picture and video quality is always a big factor and this camera ensures a thumbs up in that area and most other areas.

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