Where Do I Get an Outdoor Time Lapse Camera?

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A outdoor time lapse camera is a valuable tool that keeps you updated on activities happening in and around your home and property.

An outdoor time lapse camera has to be particularly hardy as it has to continue working in all weather conditions. It has to be smart enough too to work in different light conditions too. You want your outdoor camera to also be hardy and pretty much tamper-proof as there is always the intruder looking to dismantle it. They want all evidence that they were loitering around your place to be destroyed.

Time-lapse photography is excellent in that it captures slow processes such as deer moving into an area and grazing. With a time-lapse camera, if you watch deer grazing for the entire day, you’ll be able to watch the day’s grazing in just one minute. Time-lapse is a feature that speeds things up.

Outdoor Time Lapse Camera – Images based on an interval of time

When shooting a time-lapse video, shooting in manual can get you some good results as well as when your camera is set to automatic. Shooting time-lapse photography requires you to take into account how you want to frame your subject, lighting conditions and whether there will be any unexpected interruptions.

But if a camera is outdoor, what does time lapse mean? A time-lapse camera is one where the camera takes a picture according to the way it was set. But having said that, not all time-lapse features are the same.

You need to do research because some time-lapse features aren’t able to be customized and some don’t allow for night pictures. When you start doing research on trail cameras with time lapse video, you’ll discover that all Browning trail cameras come equipped with this time-lapse feature that allows one to take a time lapse video clip.

You can set up your camera and program it to take pictures automatically at certain fixed intervals. The Browning Dark Ops Trail Camera (shown here) has a time-lapse shooting mode that captures images at pre-set intervals from 5 sec to 5 min.

Browning Buck Watch Timelapse
Typical image capture

To play time lapse video clips, Browning trail cameras come with the Buck Watch Timelapse for operating the camera in time-lapse mode. But of course, there are other brands that offer time-lapse cameras too. Bushnell, Moultrie, and Scoutguard are just some of these brands. 

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Many available intervals

The Moultrie Wingscapes TimelapseCam Pro (pictured here) will automatically take pictures at programmable intervals over a given period of time. Available intervals are 10 or 30 seconds, 1 min, 5-, 10-, 15-, 30 minutes or 1-hour intervals, or even 6 hours, 12 hours, or day intervals. TimelapseCam Pro will also erase your oldest photos and videos, freeing up space for new ones.

Then there’s the Bushnell Core S-4K No-Glow Trail Camera that allows you to have it operating day and night. Its Field Scan mode will take shots at intervals chosen by the user for time-lapse surveillance. You can set the interval between0.6 seconds to 60 minutes.

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Capture weeks or months in one short clip

It can be beneficial having a timelapse camera. One of these remarkable benefits is that you can capture hours or even weeks in one short clip That is because you designated certain times for your trail camera to capture activity.

Most trail cameras have some sort of timelapse function where you can set an interval timer. If you’re particularly wanting a trail camera with this feature, many of the best time-lapse cameras will automatically process your images into a video for you.

Time-lapse photography is simply showing events over time in a flash, much like you fast-forward a video. If you have an outdoor trail camera with time-lapse features, you benefit in that the camera covers a wider area than when your camera is on trigger setting.

You’re capturing images that are beyond your camera’s trigger detection range. Another benefit of this time-lapse is that it provides timely information.

Time-lapse is an important feature that you need to think about when getting a trail camera.

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