What Browning Trail Camera is Best Now?

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Browning has many great trail cameras so which Browning trail camera is best? That’s easy! The one that’s easy to use and set up – the one that is weather-resistant and that takes quality stills and videos.

This company’s trail cameras are made with tough weather-proof materials. You can expect high performance from the many useful trail cameras they offer.

Browning is a well-established brand and their cameras are always a sought-after choice for anyone wanting to capture details of the movements of animals.

The Browning Strike Force Extreme Trail Camera

The Browning Strike Force Extreme is the best on offer from Browning. This sturdy weather-resistant trail camera comes with a compact case that measures 4.5” x 3.25” x 2.5”. With its zero blur technology, it has a detection range of 100 feet. When the Browning Strike Force Extreme takes night pics, it makes use of this Zero Blur technology to eradicate that blurry look from movement. The camera comes with an 80-foot detection range and a 100-foot flash range.

It runs on 6AA lithium batteries which are sold separately. A trail camera like the Browning Strike Force Extreme records the activities of animals and birds by taking still images or videos of anything that enters the infrared sensor coverage area.

For the 6 batteries, the camera comes with a battery meter that alerts you to how much battery time you have.

Captures stills and videos

The Browning Strike Force Extreme captures both stills and video with sound. The camera produces quality 1280 x 720 HD video clips. With images, you get the date, time, moon phase, temperature, and camera ID on the picture info bar.

It’s a low-glow camera so when it’s taking a picture or video, a subdued red light will come on.

With the Browning Strike Force Extreme, there is a door in the front that gives you access to the backlit LCD screen and different buttons as well as the on and off switch. The nifty camera has a 4-second trigger speed that churns out 16MP HD photos of intense clarity. It is able to capture up to 8 images in multi-shot mode so that no action goes unmissed.

Easily attachable

The camera comes with a mountain strap so that you can easily attach it to a tree. With its combo brown and grey camo coloring, it blends in well with nature.

For connectivity, the Strike Extreme comes with a USB port for being able to transfer pics to your computer. When it comes to memory, videos and stills are recorded onto SDXC memory cards up to 512GB. You can also overwrite older pictures to make room for new ones.

Other features:

  • Infrared LED Illumination
  • Supports up to 512GB SDXC Memory Card – this isn’t included
  • 1/4″ -20 Tripod socket
  • All Browning trail cameras come with a warranty.

When you read customer reviews about the Browning Trail Camera, you get people saying things such as –

‘great camera, great price’.
‘a camera known for its reliability’.
‘‘image quality is excellent’.
‘a camera that works as expected’.

Browning Trail Cameras offer the outdoor enthusiast a host of trail cameras and also related accessories. They want to ensure that users capture exceptional images of wildlife.

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