Woodlens H6 from Rexing Trail Cameras Review – and More

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The Woodlens H6 from Rexing Trail Cameras is of service if you are

  • a hunter on public land
  • you want to keep track of wildlife such as deer, foxes and turkeys on your own property
  • or if you want to scout for trespassers.

But most owners of the Woodlens H6 game camera from Rexing use it to plan for the next hunt.

Rexing is an American company that design and manufacture trail cameras for hunters that are guaranteed to be reliable and long- lasting.

Rexing Woodlens H6 Trail Camera

The khaki green Rexing H6 Woodlens trail camera is ideal for monitoring wildlife – and human beings. The H6 features a dual-camera setup – a 4K Ultra HD for clear daytime shots and the FHD Infrared cam for super nighttime images.

It senses motion within its 110° angle of detection of PIR sensors. The camera records in many different modes, so it’s a case of choosing a photo resolution of 20MP, 16 MP, or 12 MP. You can also choose 3, 5, and 8-megapixel photos.

Supported memory card types with the Rexing H6 are Micro SD cards up to 512GB. The card isn’t included. It’s easy to get the Rexing H6 all rigged up against a tree or on a pole. It comes with an included strap or mounting bracket – whatever you like. The screws for mounting it are included. The trail camera can also be mounted on a tripod as the bottom is threaded.

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Easy camera set-up

In fact, the Rexing Woodlens H6 Camera comes with mounting screws, an installation tool, and a screw mount to help with getting it set up. This is a robust IP66 waterproof designed camera, so it continues to work in the most extreme weather conditions.

The Infrared Night Vision LED flash is totally quiet and animals can be captured when they are 115 feet away. Activity is captured regardless of the prevailing light conditions.

Rexing Woodlens Trail Camera

Beautiful images

Clear, bright pics are the basis of every good Trail Cam

If you’re looking for trail cams with excellent day and night vision and other helpful features, consider the Rexing brand.

Customer reviews at Amazon are useful as they come from those who have already used the Rexing trail cameras. According to customer reviews, you can buy any Rexing camera model with confidence.

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