Is there a Good Trail Camera for Security?

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Many people know that a game- or trail camera is mounted to a tree for filming the comings and goings of animals, but not many know that they work well for home security too.

The features that make the best trail cameras so good mean they can double as excellent home surveillance cameras. But will the budget-friendly options also work for security? We take a look.

1. Primos 6MP Bullet Proof

What makes the Primos 6MP low glow trail camera for security a good buy is that it’s a simple, budget-friendly camera. It comes in as a good trail camera for security as it’s quick and easy to come by. Set-up is easy enough not to even have to refer to the manual.

You simply install the batteries and the SD card and then turn the camera on. Those who want to get something rigged up quickly choose the affordable Primos 6MP.

The BulletProof camera has some useful features –

  • Color pics for daytime and infrared night images.
  • 8 AA batteries with 9-month battery life.
  • 30-foot night range.
  • 14, 850nm low glow LED’s
  • 1-second trigger speed.
  • Camo coloring hides the camera well.
  • Compact trail camera – dimensions 4.8×2.2×4.2 inches and a weight of 5.6 ounces.

The Bullet Proof 6MP is first and foremost a trail camera, and for its price, it does an excellent job. While it’s not the greatest security camera, people who have had a security issue and are looking for something cheap and readily available to watch over their property, make do with this affordable trail-cum-security camera.

The low-priced Primos 6MP is a great solution for homeowners who don’t want a sophisticated camera with all the bells and whistles. They want to avoid a costly price tag but still get a good camera.

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2. Foxelli Trail Camera 14MP

Foxelli is an outdoor gear company and the Foxelli Trail Camera 14MP is their first trail camera and a popular one at that. They’re excellent for capturing the activities of trespassers, giving you the chance to make use of facial recognition technology to nab the person.

  • Photos taken by the game camera offer superb image quality and clear infrared night images.
  • The camera’s 14MP image sensor ensures quality pictures and video.
  • The no-glow camera offers 42 Led illumination.
  • For home security, it comes with a wide-angle lens, with the field of view being 120°.
  • You can get a good idea of trespassers with this camera ‘keeping guard’ over such a large area.
  • 2.4” color viewing screen.
  • Trigger speed 0.5 seconds.
  • Detection range 65 feet.
  • 8 AA batteries.
  • Micro SD card – up to 32GB.
  • With IP65 it can withstand extreme weather conditions.

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3. Browning Defender 850 Trail Camera for Security

This is a fantastic trail camera, and with its passive infrared motion sensor and detection range of 80 ‘, your property is under excellent surveillance. The Browning Defender 850 Trail camera has a fast 0.4-second trigger speed for capturing video with sound and 20MP stills when it detects subject movement.

You can install the camera’s mobile app on your smartphone or tablet and benefit from the Bluetooth and wifi capabilities. Without the need to even touch the camera, you can change the camera settings and view and download photos from 60 yards away.

Other features include –

  • The ability to use SDXC memory cards up to 128GB. You get a 16GB micro SDXC card with the camera.
  • The infrared LED flash offers different settings and a maximum range of 120′.
  • Useful for home security is the fact that the camera’s Time-Lapse Plus shooting mode takes pictures at pre-set intervals over a certain period.
  • Can also take as many as 8 images in Multi-Shot or Rapid Fire modes.
  • Uses 4 included CR123A batteries.

You’ll be glad when you discover the capabilities of game cameras and how they can be used for home security. These quick cameras with their stealth capabilities make them great for not only animal detection, but human detection.

With no shutter click, they are quiet and discreet, capturing images and storing footage quietly when they sense movement. With motion sensors, they are ideal for capturing footage of unwanted trespassers on your property.

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