How to find out if trail cameras are waterproof

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Trail cameras are weather resistant and water resistant, but they are not totally waterproof. It’s okay for a little bit of water to get on the camera but it will leak if you leave it in a pool of water or submerge it altogether beyond a few minutes. Normally water damage is not an issue if you just use trail cameras outside in the light rain, fog, or snow.

Deer in Rain

How to Protect a Trail Camera Against Rain

The best protection a trail camera has against water damage is the plastic casing to hold in all of the electronics that make it work. The casing is part of the trail camera you buy but in some instances you can buy an additional protective case.

The standard casings, if they are not made from metal, rarely offer total prolonged protection from water and moisture because they cannot stand up to a endless assault by rain. So if you plan to operate the trail camera in a rainy area, consider getting an extra water-resistant shell or cover for the device such as the ones shown here.

Weather Guard for a Trail Camera

Does rain affect the operation of a trail camera?

It only takes one drop of rain on your lens before you start getting spots on your photos or footage. Make sure to set up the camera vertically or even facing slightly downward to avoid total assault by rain.

If you want to protect yourself against water damage in more than just isolated events then use reputable trail cameras when hunting in wet environments like swamps or marshes. If you are worried about rain impairing your shots, then get a protective shell such as the one shown here.

Protective Casing for Trail Cameras

                    CreativeXP Protective Casing for Trail Cameras

What trail cameras are water resistant and weather resistant?

Trail cam manufacturers generally say in the options menu, the packaging material or the marketing details just how water resistant they are. Here are statements by major manufacturers of trail cameras:

  • Bushnell says their trail cameras are “waterproof for conditions up to 25 feet of water”.
  • Browning says theirs are waterproof up to 2 meters.
  • Spypoint says theirs has an IP67 rating, which means it’s dustproof and “fully protected against powerful jets of water from all directions.”

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