What Are the Best Long Range Trail Cameras?

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The best long range trail cameras survey up to 100 or 120 feet. This article gives you an evaluation of seven models selling in 2021. All of them are available through Amazon.

Different types of long-range cameras serve different purposes. Wildlife photographers desire very high quality, color pictures, as may hunters. On the other hand, security cameras don’t need such definition, or to be in color.

This range we review covers a variety of uses.

My Pick of the Best Long Range Trail Cameras on the Market

1. The Bushnell Trophy Trail Camera 20 MP

Bushnell and Browning trail cameras have enjoyed a good reputation in America for many years. The high quality of its manufacture means that this one will be reliable.

The Bushnell Trophy Trail Camera 20MP HD_119717CW has 80ft. PIR night sensor flash distance, and every image is stamped. It records time, temperature, and moon phases for animal tracking. The excellent images are up to 20 megapixels, and video is 720p HD with audio.

The infrared is a 32 LED Night Vision flash, and it has an LCD screen. For easy fastening, you have the adjustable web belt for trees. Alternatively, there’s a socket for attaching it to a special tree clamp.


Some cameras have longer range; and this model has a slower trigger speed. At 0.7 seconds, it won’t capture animal or human movement as well as others reviewed. For close-up security, choose the highest trigger speeds.


Some of the best long range cameras have longer range; and this model has a slower trigger speed. At 0.7 seconds, it won’t capture animal or human movement as well as others reviewed. For close-up security, choose the highest trigger speeds.

Check the price of the Bushnell Trophy Trail Camera at Amazon

2. The ScoutGuard Hunting Trail Game Camera

The ScoutGuard has the longest range of the cameras reviewed, 100 ft. for triggering and lighting.

The night flash is 940nm, totally no-glow, invisible infrared. Resolution is just 1080p; bluetooth connectivity is supported.

This is the best choice for distant security monitoring, and well-priced. One drawback is that its trigger speed is as long as 0.7 seconds. You can get good distant pictures, but not such good movement-scans or photo-bursts.

For rapid succession of pictures or high-quality color images, try other among the best long range trail cameras.

Full Specs

Hunting Trail Game Camera, Scouting Camera BG960-K24W (2″ LCD, 100ft Detection Range, Black IR Spy Camera Night Vision, Waterproof, 110° Wide Angle Lens)

Check today’s price of the ScoutGuard Trail Camera at Amazon

3. The Stealth Cam GX Cellular Series 22MP

The StealthCam GX cellular series trail camera also has an excellent 100-foot detection range. It comes with 42 black-light, invisible LED IR emitters that don’t frighten animals. A plus of this model is its 0.5 second trigger speed.

It features Retina Low-Light sensitivity and Matrix Advanced Blur technology, together with wireless connectivity. This camera connects to 4G cellphone networks using a SIM card. The GXATW works on AT&T, the GXVRW model on Verizon. This is definitely one of the best long range trail cameras on sale now.

You download the special App available on App Store or Google Play for remote control. With this App you can manage everything with your phone.


You can send images once they are taken, set range, photo-burst, secure mode, etc. Choose multi-shot mode, time-lapse, manual shot, and one to nine images per triggering.

It’s true that you can buy cameras with yet shorter trigger time. The App works well but is complex to set up the first time. A good long-range camera, we say, and able to be left alone for ages.

Model Name: Stealth Cam AT&T Wireless Trail Cam STC-GXATW (22Megapixel HD Video, Grey)

Check the price of the Stealth Cam GX Series at Amazon

4. The VMOTAL Trail Camera

The VMOTAL trail camera has many impressive features regarding image quality. Photographs are to 20 Megapixels, and video with HD 4K resolution is up to 10 minutes. You can set it to 2.7K or 1080p for longer video.

The night-time IR is from powerful 800nm double lights, giving you strong illumination. Its range is a good 20m./66ft., using 8 rechargeable AA lithium batteries. You can also buy a solar charger for it.

The VMOTAL has a fast 0.2s trigger speed and 3 PIR heat-motion sensors. The range of detection is really wide: 120 degrees. The memory card (which you must buy separately) can be up to 512GB!


Excellent quality images. The VMOTAL trail camera is fully waterproof and carries a 1-year warranty. This includes free repair and a 3-month trial for return.

It can be plugged into your TV with its AV cable, or you can just check the 2.4-inch LCD screen.

Model Name: VMOTAL Trail Camera Game Camera Hunting Scouting H6P (4K Video/20MP Image Wildlife Monitoring 120° Detecting Range Motion Activated Night Vision 3 Infrared Sensors 0.2s Trigger Speed 2.4” Waterproof)

Check the price of the VMOTAL Trail Camera at Amazon

5. The ECOVOX 4K WiFi Trail Camera

The ECOVOX 4K WiFi Trail Camera has gained some excellent reviews. Image quality is outstanding, with 30MP photos and 4K video – video sound is excellent.

3 PIR sensors and 42 940nm IR black-light LEDs make it really invisible. Its trigger speed is just 0.2 seconds and the distance is 65 ft. The detection range is a wide 120 degrees.

This is one of the fully remote-controlled trail cameras. You download their free ECOVOX App to link your cellphone, or use Bluetooth, or WiFi. Everything can be controlled or viewed in real-time.


Also impressive with image quality. The ECOVOX is made to be fully waterproof and withstand extreme weather. Its battery use is rather heavy, though, and you must buy the SD card separately.

Model Name: ECOVOX Hunting Game Camera Trail Camera (4K 30MP, WiFi Bluetooth, 940nm No Glow Night Vision, 3 PIR 120° Wide 65ft Trigger, IP66 Waterproof, 2.4” LCD Screen for Wildlife Monitoring, Home Security)

Check the price of the ECOVOX Hunting Camera at Amazon

6. The Campark WiFi Bluetooth Trail Camera

The Campark Trail Camera features 20 MP picture resolution and 1296p HD video resolution day and night. Its trigger speed is 0.5 sec. and it supports SD cards up to 128GB.

As well as good memory, it has a fairly long range of 65 ft. A 2.3-inch LCD screen is included, and it uses 8×1.5V alkaline batteries.

The Campark is another WiFi- and Bluetooth-enabled camera that works with most cellphones. Note that it works with most iOS devices but isn’t compatible with iOS 14.


The Campark models have a 1-year after-sale experience and are fully waterproofed. Their No-Glow LED IR light is 940nm, so invisible. We do think that the batteries could last longer; and the memory card must be bought separately.

Check the price of the Camparkcam Trail Camera at Amazon

7. The Wildgame Innovations 360 Degree 12 Megapixel Trail Camera

The Wildgame Innovations trail camera stands out for one feature: 360-degree photo and video! With this full view one can survey fields, farms and prairie.

Its infrared flash range is 70 feet so not the furthest, the images are 12MP.

The video is 720p which is quite good, and it includes a viewing screen. However, trigger speed and recovery time is slow at 1.5 seconds. For home security or fast-moving animals, other models would be better.

Plus points are its waterproof and weather-resistant manufacture. It is supplied with a T-post mounting bracket system so that mounting is easier. We believe that it’s a bit expensive for what you get.

Model specs

Wildgame Innovations 360 Camera, Bark

Read more about trail cameras here.

Check the price of the Wildgame Innovations Trail Cam at Amazon

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