What’s the Best No Glow Trail Camera for Security?

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A no glow game camera repurposed for security can bring you and your family great comfort, knowing that your property is under constant surveillance from anyone who would wish to do you or your possessions harm.

The best no glow trail camera for security ships with prolonged battery life, excellent quality of images and offers above-average infrared range.

My Pick of the Best

1. Best Overall – Reconyx HyperFire 2 Covert Infrared Trail Camera

The Reconyx HyperFire 2 is a superb no glow security trail camera (nestling in a tree above)  is highly regarded by industry insiders as a device for those who are serious about home security surveillance.

Its nighttime abilities are outstanding thanks in part to is infrared flash range of 150 feet, as well as its amazing battery life. It can capture forty thousand photos, equating to about two years of battery life.

SD card support is excellent at 512GB, making this the best no glow trail camera value proposition. Its only drawback is its mediocre daytime videos.

  • Brilliant detection
  • Image performance is best-in-class
  • New photo sensor
  • Infrared flash range of 150 feet
  • Trigger speed of 0.2 seconds
  • Full HD photos
  • High price tag
  • Not intuitive to use
  • Mediocre daytime photos

Check the price of the Reconyx Hyperfire 2 Camera at Amazon

2. Best Splurge Model – Reconyx UltraFire Covert Infrared Home Security Trail Camera

The UltraFire Covert IR trail camera by Reconyx raised the game. Its standout ability is video recording in full HD at 30fps with audio.

A TFT display gives you access to a user-friendly interface, along with video and image playback. This blackout camera can be connected very easily for image viewing via a screen thanks to its USB and Micro HDMI ports.

80 feet is the limit of its detection range. The camera is designed to make sure that its operations are carried out in complete silence, due to having no moving parts, along with its dual-lens.

  • 512 GB SD Card support
  • USB and mini-HDMI ports
  • Image/video playback
  • Intuitive
  • Above-par audio for a trail camera
  • Expensive
  • Average software
  • Lower than expected infrared flash

Check price of the Reconyx Ultrafire Covert IR Camera at Amazon

3. Most Popular – Browning Defender 650 Home Surveillance Trail Camera

The Browning Defender 850 is a very popular trail camera among buyers of property security solutions.

This invisible camera provides excellent performance because of its detection range of 80 feet and its flash range of 120 feet.
When the sensor is activated, it takes only 0.4 seconds to react and take a picture.

Its weather-resistant design means outdoor placement will not affect its effectiveness.

Negatives include a poorly performing app interface and battery life that is below its contemporaries.

  • Basic connectivity
  • Trigger speed of 0.4 seconds
  • 20 MP pictures
  • Silent lens
  • Flash range of 120 feet
  • Weather-resistant design
  • Great detection
  • Lack of cellular option

Check the price of the Browning Defender 650 Trailcam at Amazon

4. Most Stealthy No Glow Game Camera for Security – Wildgame Innovations Silent Crush Security Trail Camera

The innovative Wildgame Innovations Silent Crush brings a lot to the table, namely, an image resolution of 30MP and a video resolution of 1080P.

Its dual camera design ensures exceptional performance both day and night.

Night pictures are further improved by the lessened photo blur feature.

Its Silent Shield mode is so quiet intruders don’t hear it snapping away in the background.

If being hung outdoors, its weather protection is top notch, aided by its climate-resistant housing and its anti-fog lens.

This device would be a higher best no glow trail camera for security pick if it had better battery life and storage support.

  • Detection up to 80 feet
  • Flash range of 110 feet
  • Silent Shield Mode
  • Reduced blur on nighttime pictures
  • Dual camera
  • Exceptional video and photo
  • Lack of wireless connectivity

Check price of the Wildgame Innovations Silent Crush at Amazon

5. Most Silent No Glow Trail Camera for Security – Moultrie MOU MCG-13036 PAN150i NoGlow Home Security Trail Camera

The Moultrie MOU home security trail camera excels at stealthy detection thanks in part to a no-moving-parts design, making it deathly silent while taking pictures of nefarious deeds happening on your property.

Its detection range of 50 feet is aided by its tri-lens setup, making it a triple threat to those who would wish you harm. Its field of view is a very wide 180 degrees, optimal for canvassing wide open areas.

This device comes equipped with a 70-ft infrared flash range provided by its 108 infrared LEDs.

However, its 32GB storage limit is less than ideal. Additionally, for a product that needs 12 AA batteries, its battery life could be better.

  • Robust build quality
  • Stealthy
  • 180-degree field of view
  • No moving parts
  • Silent shutter
  • Three lenses in one camera
  • Limited 50-ft Detection range
  • Flash range is low

Check price of the Moultrie MOU Trail Camera at Amazon

6. Best Model with Detachable Viewing Screen – Bog Blood Moon Infrared Trail Camera

The Bog Blood Moon property protection trail camera features a detection range of 80 feet, making it ideal for spotting intruders immediately.

In addition, its trigger is lightning-fast at o.2 seconds, ensuring any malfeasance is recorded in real-time.

High-quality pictures are assured by its 22MP sensor, as is video with its 1080P Full HD output.

Nighttime performance is another highlight, due to its infrared flash range of 120 feet.

This device’s multi-shot mode can capture up to eight photos, giving you the upper hand in criminal identification.

Unfortunately, it lacks wireless connectivity, but in spite of that, it is one among the best security trail cameras around.

  • Simple-to-transfer
  • Generous SD Card storage limit (512GB)
  • Ideal viewing screen
  • Quick trigger, extensive flash and detection ranges
  • Lack of wireless connectivity

Check price of the BOG Blood Moon Trail Camera at Amazon

7. Best Browning No Glow Trail Camera for Security – Browning Trail Cameras Strike Force Gen 5 Game Camera

Browning is a well-regarded name in the trail camera market, so it is no surprise that they make a great security trail camera option.

It certainly has the number: 0.2-second trigger speed, recovery time of 0.6 seconds, 22MP photos and 1080P video. All this adds up to never missing an intruder while capturing them in the act.

Infrared flash range and detection range of 120 feet and 80 feet respectively means detection is accurate and anything or anyone that sets of the sensor is immediately photographed.

SD card storage support is generous at 513GB, while battery performance is more than adequate out of a set of 6 AA batteries.

  • 512GB SD card support
  • Detection range of 80 feet
  • Illumination range of 120 feet
  • Trigger speed of 0.22 seconds
  • 1080P video
  • 22MP images
  • Lack of wireless connectivity

Check price of the Browning Trail for Security Camera at Amazon

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