What is the Best Trail Camera for Surveillance?

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Trail cameras have an ability to detect motion and record the image, making them excellent cameras for surveillance. This article zooms in on the best trail camera for surveillance.

If you are considering a trail camera as a reconnaissance tool, we are here to assist you. We have tested most of the best trail camera for surveillance models and compiled a detailed review, comparing quality, durability and design to help you purchase the best game camera for observation.

Below is a ranking of the best game cameras for stakeout use, along with a best surveillance trail camera buyers guide that will illuminate the security features provided by wildlife cameras.

Browning Strike Force 850 Extreme Surveillance trail camera• Zero-Blur function
• Flash range of 120”
• Detection range of 80”
Stealth Cam No-Glo Triad G42 Game and Trail Camera• Video recording in HD
• Range of up to 100 feet
• Option of multiple megapixels
Foxelli Hunting Scouting Wildlife Camera• Set it and forget it
• Outstanding features
• Enhanced night vision

More About These 3 Trail Cameras for Surveillance

  1. Best Overall Scouting Camera for Surveillance – Browning Strike Force 850 Extreme

The Browning Strike Force 850 Extreme hunting security lookout camera is by our testing the best trail camera you can buy for the purposes of surveillance. Images are snapped by its 16MP sensor and video are recorded at a resolution of Full HD 1080P.

On the other hand, its 0.4-second trigger speed detects motion from a distance of up to 80 ft. in addition, its night vision capabilities are headlined by its smart IR LEDs.

Its battery life is decent, while its setup process is uncomplicated, as it can be mounted easily onto tress with the strap it is included with.

Night photos are great, as is its waterproof build quality.

  • Fast triggering
  • Triggers from a distance of up to 80 feet
  • Video resolution is not the highest we have ever tested
  1. Best Value Hunting Camera for Security – Stealth Cam No-Glo Triad G42

This solid home security game camera option is manufactured by one of the leading surveillance game and trail camera makers.

When it comes to trail cameras for security, few can beat this Stealth Cam for resolution options. It can shoot in 4! That is, 2MP, 4MP, 8MP and 12MP.

This no doubt accelerates its burst mode function that can take up to 9 shots one triggered.

Clear photos and footage are managed thanks in part to its blur reduction mode.

  • 100-ft triggering distance
  • High quality video
  • Premium reflex trigger
  • Can be a battery hog
  1. Best Affordable Trail Camera for Reconnaissance – Foxelli 57047

The Foxelli premium wildlife camera for surveillance features 14 MP photo sensor and 1080P video recording with audio capabilities. Its impressive wide-angle view lens spans 120 degrees and motion is detected from a distance of 65 feet.

A 0.5-second triggering time and 8-month battery life are also standout features, while its flash does not glow as it records video or snaps pictures. Night operation is described as stealth, due to its forty-two infrared LEDs.

Setup is simple; a front-hinged, 2.4-inch display allows for settings toggling, while mounting is accomplished by an included strap. Its case enclosure is water and climate resistant.

  • Easy setup and installation processes
  • Excellent night vision and video quality
  • Battery life of 8 months
  • Some might fault its motion capture

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