What Are the Best Trail Cameras for Security?

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Whether your property regularly suffers from trespassing or you would like to enhance its security, a great solution would be one of the best trail cameras for security.

Remember, the success of the scouting camera for security will hinge on how well it is hidden. The best game cameras for security provides lengthy battery life, is accessible remotely and offers decent image quality.

In this wildlife security camera buying guide, I’ll highlight my best trail camera for security favorites.

Best Cellular Trail Camera for Security --->Spartan GoCamMORE DETAILS
Best Unlimited Battery Trail Camera for Security --->SpyPoint Solar-DarkMORE DETAILS
Best Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Trail Camera for Security ---->Stealth Cam STC-XV4WF 30MP Bluetooth Trail CameraMORE DETAILS

More About These Cameras

1. 1. Spartan GoCam Trail Camera – 4G/LTE Verizon

Spartan GoCam
Image: Spartan

This device that highlights how important trail cameras have become when talking about home security.

The Spartan GoCam provides cellular connectivity, as well as the convenient Spartan App.

Its design interface is clean and is easily downloadable from both Android and iOS.

If you would prefer, it also comes with an online portal, which allows for access to features, just as the app does.

Its durability ensures that it lasts a long time and its design aids its admirable performance, any situation.

When you encounter any issues with this home security trail camera, a 2-year warranty is offered by its manufacturer.

  • Great trail camera for security
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Spartan App
  • Decent battery
  • Incorporates modern technology
  • Remotely accessible
  • Expensive
  • Cellular provider may limit range

Click here to check the price of the Spartan GoCam at Amazon.

2. SpyPoint SOLAR-DARK Solar Trail Camera – A Prime Low Glow Trail Camera

Image: SpyPoint

The Spypoint SOLAR-DARK game camera for security offers expansive performance, highlighted by its 0.07-second trigger speed.

Its incorporated solar panel gives this trail camera for home security an unrestricted battery life, which recharges it effectively. In addition, a rechargeable battery of 12 volts is also provided.

While hunting is its primary design brief, it also excels at home security.

Its compact nature translates to the flexibility of placing several cameras that enhance coverage from multiple angles.

  • Invisible LED technology
  • AI tech
  • 12V secondary battery
  • Unlimited battery
  • Easy setup procedure
  • Exceptional video output
  • Robust quality
  • Dim lighting conditions produce mediocre results

Click to check the price of the Spypoint SOLAR-DARK at Amazon.

3. Stealth Cam STC-XV4WF 30MP Bluetooth Trail Camera

Image: Stealth Cam

This brilliant game trail camera for security offers high-resolution pictures, as well as being Bluetooth enabled, making sharing pictures between trail camera and smartphone quite easy.

Wireless image transfer is given another option of Wi-Fi, making sending footage captured on the camera to a compatible device even simpler.

Due to its climate-proof outer shell, it can capture images even in inclement weather, with precision aiming offered by its infrared capabilities, meaning subjects can clearly be spotted and photographed when in range.

  • In-built security functions
  • Range control mode
  • 1080P video capture
  • Smart illumination feature
  • Forty-two infrared emitters
  • Adjustable PIR
  • Climate-proof construction
  • Limited burst mode
  • Insufficient warranty period

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4. BONUS REVIEW – Browning Dark Ops Pro XD Dual Lens Trail Camera

Browning Dark Ops
Image: Browning

This trail camera for home security by renowned wildlife camera makers Browning offers a 24MP image sensor that also provides infrared illumination.

It also combines all-weather and high-quality performance, especially its dual trail camera lens capabilities making shooting in low-light conditions especially excellent.

Video playback can be viewed on its 1.5-inch color display, as well as easy menu access for photography modes. Its trigger speed of 0.15 seconds is plenty fast and its flexible flash range makes photo capture extremely vivid.

Click to check the price of the Browning Dark Ops Pro at Amazon.

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